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  1. Or is that what the marxists want people to believe?

    I personally don’t know, except for these points:

    No way did the mother call the therapist, who then called the cops, who missed the video entirely. The mother would have called Elliot’s therapist and together they would have called the police and given the psych screeners the evidence. In a nation where schoolboys get suspended, expelled, and even arrested for making gun motions with their fingers to their teachers or classmates, I’m surprised more people haven’t narrowed in on this huge hole in the story (some I’m noticing are, but not many).

    Elliot bought and registered the guns way before the incident, so why didn’t the cops do a gun check on their computer? The knowledge that he had a gun would have enabled them to search and seize, I think. It’s so absurd that people think cops would make the decision to commit someone. California law actually calls for screeners to come to the scene.

    One slight guy with a knife would have a hard time totally dominating three guys. The murders in the apartment happened before 9:30pm so the two roommates and their visiting friend wouldn’t have been sleeping, and they disliked and distrusted Elliot (one had been accused and prosecuted for stealing candles from Elliot).

    The woman who wrote Hunger Games lived in Newtown, Connecticut…the connections go on…Elliot’s stepmother’s father had CIA espionage connections…

    Whatever. I’m suspicious part of the event happened, ie, he killed the girls and the rest was stage-managed. Never waste a crisis, Rahm Emmanuel, whose father was part of the Irgun, said. In the act of covering up for hyper-indulgent messed up rich parents (if any of this was real), the cops and media also get to further their gungrabbing agenda. This kid had no criminal record and no one apparently, even his ‘therapist’ or ‘the cops’ were able to detect his sociopathology/homicidality. There’s just no way of knowing, they want us to believe, about our friends, loved ones, neighbors, etc., until they’ve been interned.

    Plus, in singling out blonde women as victims, a bunch of pro-white faithfuls or sympathizers (aren’t most pro-2nd Amendment types white?), including myself, buy into the notion that this isn’t a hoax and in the process, start to point fingers at each other, instead of at Diversity Cult which is raping and murdering blonde and white women by the hundreds or even thousands every week.

    Instead of calling me names, or for me to be banned, posters should try to address at least one of my points, or else you’re just demonstrating that you *can’t.*

    There’s a war going on. It won’t end until our basic freedoms have been completely abridged or, until we stop tyrants from eradicating them. It’s that simple. People in my family, in my lifetime, have died defending those freedoms and I don’t intend to dishonor their sacrifice.

    Interesting timing:


  2. I had two, and maybe three or more ancestors who were with George Washington at Fort Necessity. Later they bought, or were given property, adjoining Fort Necessity, and, also near by at Mt. Braddock which is a couple of miles away.

    Those who took part in the campaign got property in proportion to their ranks, or whatever deal they made with Washington or his agents/neighbors.

    Washington was primarily a real estate agent & “surveyor” with a home schooled 6th grade education. If you went along with young Washington, you were going to get some land, if you didn’t lose your scalp.

  3. If my above comment ever gets approved, readers can see how successful the angle towards re-igniting gender wars among whites is proving:

    People should note that the ‘feminist’ movement basically died by the late 80’s and then another wave began in the early to mid 90’s as the theme – and reality – of sexual violence became paramount. The 70’s feminist movement had never really addressed dating or even non-dating sexual violence, as when it was underway most colleges were either single sex, or, segregated by dorms and regulated by traditional dating norms which offered women some protection from the chaos and male advantage (in that most men were assumed innocent since a female victim ‘knew’ her assailant).

    But by the time the late 90’s had come, most people were so aware of the problems and colleges, which were the contexts for much to most of these assaults, had evolved policies to deal with and prevent them.

    Now we’re in the year 2014, and the frontier for women who are white is more one of race than gender equality, and whatever vestiges of the feminist movement still exist are dominated mostly by Diversity women – jews, blacks, some hispanics increasingly, a token lesbian, and some token italians. Italians are a much more patriarchal and sexist, imo, culture than northwestern europeans, so leaders like Jessica Valenti and some others I know hang around trying to work out their latin daddy issues, while northwestern european women mostly abandoned the ‘movement’ a long time ago. Northwestern european women are also shit on everywhere (as are their men) in a way that Diversity women are not, and in a way even italian women aren’t, as mediterraneans are often passed over for hate crimes like sexual gropings, harassment, and even more serious violations. This holds true in some jobs as well, as Diversity (or italian) men climb the ladder but feel no benevolence toward the fair northwestern european ‘white bitch.’

    Think back on Hollywood movies that have come out in the last 15 years; the evil white male character is always a northwestern european guy, often a blond, and either semitic, mediterranean, or black or hispanic characters, both male and female, are the heroes.

    And now in real life we have the feministas reaching out to the orphaned anathematized blond girl or woman and her anglo celt sisters. Come back to us, they beckon, evil rich ‘white’ men are out to get you but we are your savior. I literally believe TPTB read these blogs and are very troubled by this defection from the left by more and more white women, and by how many pro-white women have brought into focus the hatred Diversity has for northwestern european women with blondes as the symbolic sacrificial lambs. I’m starting to think the whole effing thing was fake.

    Here’s a message for the jews:


  4. NYYankees, I always keep such hypotheses in mind, but was his interaction with the police for breaking his leg fake (not to mention the metal plate in his leg)? (according to his auto bio: his leg snapped after being thrown from a wall at a party by the white people he hated and had just tried to throw from a wall). I would be the first person to call a psyop a psyop, but this fellow appears to be the anti-Glenn Miller, hated whites, killed Jews and Asians.

    He strikes me as having elements of exceptional intelligence, with some glaring lacunae that are most likely due to biological flaws.

    I consider him an Aryan alpha male trapped in an autistic Asian beta’s body. A living hell, one must agree.

    Things I sympathize with Rogers about: patriarchy, Honor culture

    Things I profoundly disagree with: vigilante justice, sadism, extra marital sex

    The real villain of the piece is his father who is an Illuminati recruiting specialist. The book he gave his son “The Secret”, one of the few interactions detailed by the son in his bio, is a book about magical thinking, and the killer’s “I am God” “I will be God” verbiage is in line with Luciferianism.

  5. The French Roman Catholic empire in America, like their Spanish Roman Catholic co-religionists to the south were encouraging miscegenation with the Indians. That was no doubt a cause of the French & Indian War. Also, the French & their Indian allies had driven the White Protestant settlers out of the area claimed by Virginia.

    If you fast forward 260 some years, we now have 1/2 Chinese miscegenations, and we really don’t know what the other 1/2 is, massacring White people.

  6. @ Afterthought –

    All the articles in the first few days said that the cops had gone ‘some weeks before’ to Elliot’s apartment, at the behest of a mental health clinic, which had been called by Elliot’s therapist, who had been notified by Elliot’s mom that she’d seen some disturbing videos, although the reports specify that the retribution one had not been uploaded at that point.

    So we’re to believe that Elliot’s mom called the therapist (who has yet to be identified either by proper name or by qualifications), told him/her about the disturbing videos, and then the therapist…called a mental health clinic, or what some reports claim was a hotline?! Hello? This little diffuse-responsibility-tactic is used by cops frequently to diffuse accountability so no one really has any, as no one person is in the full ‘know.’

    Elliot’s therapist allegedly called another mental health clinic or hotline so that they could call the police, and the storyline is that that is where the knowledge of the videos got lost as that person didn’t notify police about them. Yeah, right. No way did that happen. Elliot’s therapist would have called the police directly, and notified them that Elliot needed to be committed, or at the least screened. He/She and Elliot’s mom would have taken the videos, if they were truly concerned by them, straight to the screener, who would either have decided on site if Elliot needed to be taken to a psych ward, or, waited while the cops took Elliot to an ER where a corporation can hold someone for 72 hours before a decision is made by a screener as to whether someone should be sent to an upstairs psych ward, or transferred to a hospital that has one.

    I’d say in real life when a person’s therapist has information and proof (or even without it) that their ‘patient’ is homicidal or suicidal, the cops would just pick up the person and then they’d be taken directly to a psych ward and committed officially.

    So no way did this happen. Cops don’t make these decisions, and because they aren’t officially committing someone by dropping them at an ER for a psych evaluation, they tend to err on the side of dumping anyone and everyone off there to let ‘the experts’ make the larger decision. I had a co-worker friend who was literally picked up at work for a) having a bipolar diagnosis and b) making a melodramatic remark of some kind by the cops and sent to a psych ward, where she was just committed without any screener. She was a 20-something being dramatic, and the experience taught her a lesson about who is really mentally ill. Her friend had reported her.

    The gun stuff just makes a lie that much more transparent; cops have computers in their car which I’m fairly certain can bring up whether someone is a registered gun owner, at least in their state. So the cops would have checked that on the way over and at the least have seized his guns, as is standard MO in any domestic violence call even if neither party is arrested (my friend is an retired cop). Elliot had allegedly started buying and registering his guns in late 2012.

    Elliot allegedly hated blondes, women and to some extent men, but that’s part of the psyop perhaps. It gets the white, northwestern europeans who will go down fighting like the Bundy’s, and the ‘white rights aware’ types, to go along with how the MSM is spinning it – everyone is a possible mass murderer until they’ve been interned and ‘checked’ and their guns have been taken away. It’s a way to gain our sympathy for this final ‘stab’ at grabbing our guns, and to get out in front and control the narrative about not just ‘mental illness’ but also the victimization of white ‘blonde’ women that’s becoming harder for them to keep repressing the truth of. Problem is that it’s not white men who are raping white women 50 times a day, or home invading aka lynching them all over America, etc. Some people even think it’s a way to prevent any potential alliance between whites and asians, given that they are the two groups most targeted by Diversity. I don’t know what to think about that, but I do know that it’s the perfect narrative antidote to the gaping holes in the shadowy nebulous profile and case of Adam Lanza that ‘truthers’ have elucidated. And that it’s also being used as a way to try to lasso white women back into the feminist tent, so that white men and women divide, especially the northwestern europeans, who in my view are the only europeans poised to go down fighting with their guns for their land and the nation they built on it (with help from some of the other europeans).

  7. LMAO at dupes.


    There has been a huge push coming out of NYC to try to get the increasing numbers of homeless categorized as ‘mentally ill.’ I’ll look some of the articles up tomorrow and post them. Guess what de Blasio is building? Section 8 housing facilities in the midst of the middle and upper middle class NYC neighborhoods. Does anyone realize how hard it is for whites to get Section 8 housing in NYC and NJ? In NJ Section closed in 2010 or ’11; the vast majority of residents are hispanics and blacks.

    So it’s whites who have become the masses of homeless, both in NJ and from what I’m hearing, all across the country. What comes from that? Uprisings. How does the government repress those? By declaring all these ‘homeless’ who are really mostly white poor people ‘mentally ill,’ and having them interned, chemically lobotomized, and even killed. Remember that death certificates are not public since 9/11. This is what happened in the Soviet Union.

    Another problem for the psych system is that when everyone has ‘bipolar’ or what used to be called the very real disease of manic depression (which is genetic and should be able to be scientifcally provable), there is no need for long term facilities for the ‘mentally ill,’ which are mostly state-run and taxpayer-financed institutions. The private hospitals have taken over short term care of these ‘bipolar’ masses, as ‘mania’ can be treated very easily and quickly by simply sedating a sufferer. I suspect schizophrenia is a more complex and challenging disease to treat, but it’s harder to label everyone and their brother with it so the psych system has gone with ‘bipolar.’ There have been movements in NJ to close down these antiquated old-treatment-model institutions which cost the taxpayers incredible amounts of money to keep open.
    Christie has closed down at least two in the last few years that I know of.

    Bureaucracies never shrink without a fight, however, and so the system is finding dual purposes to declaring all these inmates and homeless people ‘mentally ill;’ prepare to imprison and chemically control whites who would otherwise rise up and who would also play on the guilt of wealthier whites, and keep the psycho shrinks and the swollen bureaucracy happy. Some blacks will get processed along with what will mostly be whites as well.

    It’s no laughing matter. We’re in the last throes of freedom in the US.

  8. http://tentcitynj.org/

    I’m letting this stuff go for the moment, more on NYC’s campaign to call all poor whites mentally ill tomorrow…

    But I just want to give Brad this example of jewish machinations. This particular tent city in Lakewood, NJ, is run by a white protestant pastor or reverend, Steve Brigham. Lakewood, NJ is a mostly orthodox jewish town in Ocean County, NJ, which is sort of coastal and central NJ. It had never had any homeless facilities until the jews moved in and decided to play their racket. First they ensconced themselves there, then they maneuvered to have the county’s only homeless shelter built in the town, with what is both some private (I think) *and* public monies. The catch is only orthodox jews can live there, as they had the apartments designed for only very large families, with at least four kids.

    Some of the orthodox jews support themselves there and elsewhere, but in NY and NJ there are whole elements of them who believe it is the goyim’s responsibility to fund their ‘repopulation’ after the Holohoax. So they finagle ways to have the taxpayers support their huge families. Lakewood’s building is posher than many private apartment buildings for the middle class for NJ standards; I’ve seen it.

    This set of orthodox jews picked Lakewood knowing they could go into the town and control things. Ocean County had no homeless shelters, until the jews had some made – but only for the jews. Steve Brigham set up his tent city in the large wooded park and situated it right across from this posh building, right up in the jews’ face. It had more than a hundred almost all white residents for years…I think it was founded in 2008. Blacks are largely taken care of in NJ by Section 8.

    The biggest lawfirm in NJ, Lowenstein, came in at a certain point and defended Tent City’s right to exist for a few years (some pro bono work for big law firms I think is a requirement in NJ, or maybe a tax write off). It’s a jewish-founded firm and it had to do major damage control for the disgusting parasites in Lakewood, but the orthodox jews scam the taxpayers all over NY and NJ (just as their wealthier co-religionists do in other dimensions), and no progress whatsoever was made for the rights of white people, who are left in tents all over the country.

    Laugh all you want, southron, but consider stepping aside when it comes to analyzing what’s going down in the jewish-dominated coastal regions. Better white men than you make real stands for white people.

  9. NYYankees is complaining that there’s a push to label homeless people as mentally ill. I got news for her. It’s been known for years that most of the homeless people are mentally ill. When the push to deinstitutionalize the mentally ill began back in the 60’s, there was no support system for these people once they were released. Many of them weren’t able to cope with life outside an institution, and they ended up on the streets.

  10. Let’s just start with the most pivotal point: why would Elliot’s therapist have called a totally different, unfamiliar ‘mental health clinic’ or ‘hotline’ to handle reporting Elliot’s videos to the police?

    When someone can answer that I’ll cop to being paranoid or at least hyper-vigilant. Until then, people have to face that all is not as it appears in this case.

  11. Given that this shooting has turned into a chance to smash the “Patriarchy” by the femenists, may I suggest we go with this Latin & Greek fad.

    The word for black in Latin is Negro.

    We live in a Nigocracy, complete with Nigtropolis and so on and so forth.

    We also have a Gynocracy dominated by Gynopolitan politics.

    There I fixed it.

  12. If I were Peter Rodgers is ask for my money back from the Therapist.

  13. Elliot’s therapist didn’t even broach the possibility that Elliot might be a repressed gay.

    I don’t think we are dealing with anything but a HACK therapy regime in Elliot’s case.

  14. Technically I meant “cognate with” Negro.

    Niger would have worked too.

  15. Captain John, what distinguishes a ‘hack’ therapist from a ‘legitimate’ or ‘competent’ one?

    To date, we have not been told what this therapist’s name is, or what their ‘qualifications’ are. Was this person Elliot’s social worker, or psychiatrist, or psychologist, or counselor? Was Elliot seeing this person voluntarily? One article I’d read mentioned the proper name of some sort of group home type organization that Elliot had allegedly been staying in, but then all mention of the name was dropped.

    The idea that any ‘practitioner’ of ‘mental health’ would have any reason or even justification to somehow pass Elliot’s case onto a strange, random unrelated ‘practitioner’ in this moment of probable and potential crisis is simply on its face ridiculous. To address Captain’s assertion, all ‘therapists’ are hacks in that there is nothing scientific about the whole psych system’s ‘diagnosing’ or ‘treatment’ of it’s ‘consumers.’ All these hack artists are ‘trained’ to call the cops at the slightest hint that someone could be a danger to themselves or others; most exult in this control trip they’re on. So this part of the story didn’t happen. A cover-up is being perpetrated. The question is, what are the full dimensions of what’s being covered up?

    I’ll repeat that the cops’ alleged behaviors are similarly incredible. We’re supposed to believe they went to his house on the advice of some random hotline receptionist with no specifics as to why? They’d want to know who was telling them to go check on this person: what’s their relationship to Elliot and what has this Elliot Rodger done to cause concern? From there it would be an issue of either getting a warrant to commit directly or, of simply getting Elliot physically so that he could be taken to an ER to be screened for committal. I know people who’ve been picked up by police to be dumped at a psych ward or ER for getting drunk! It’s that easy in NJ to get sent for an evaluation and even committed in that process.

    So it’s all BS, this part of the narrative. Let’s say the cops did go to Elliot’s apartment. Reports have varied, I think, from claiming the cops went into the apartment where they allegedly were conned by Elliot to accounts that claim they only spoke to Elliot on the apartment steps. Well, guess what? Once the cops are in someone’s physical presence they are allowed to take the person by force if necessary to the ER for a psych evaluation.

    We’re supposed to believe that the cops hear from a ‘mental health clinic’ that this guy, Elliot Rodger, has to be checked on. But the cops don’t screen people; it’s not their legal decision to make to commit someone. If a mental health clinic had told them that this person needed to be screened they’d have grabbed Elliot and taken him to have just that happen. He’d have been dumped in an ER for up to 72 hours till ‘experts’ made the decision as to whether to commit him.

    Another inconsistency in this part of the narrative is how easy it was for psycho Elliot to ‘con’ the cops. Some reports claim he managed to do this three times. So we’re now to believe that this guy who felt so sure he was Mr. Charming and Attractive never even tried to talk to girls? He had convinced himself that they didn’t want him, according to the videos and manifesto. But how would he know that if he hadn’t even tried to talk or flirt with any? The ‘evidence’ clearly ‘proves’ that Elliot believed himself to be worthy, and it also ‘proves’ that he had no problems stepping up to the seemingly scary plate of having to con the cops of how okay and ‘normal’ he was when pressed.

    But in spite of all that horniness and yearning and frustration, and cockiness, he couldn’t summon the wherewithal to even attempt to talk up a girl at a party? He was an okay looking guy, maybe a bit metrosexual but that’s quite in these days especially in southern California (think Justin Bieber).

    Just taking a closer look at this one part of the story reveals how full of glaring contradictions the entire narrative is.

  16. So the manifesto names the psychiatrist to the rich and famous, Dr. Sophy, as having prescribed Elliot Risperidone in 2013:

    And then Sophy allegedly turned Elliot over to some sort of ‘socializing counselors’ specializing in asperger’s sufferers. Who prescribes a powerful drug to someone and then turns them over to mere ‘counselors?’ Maybe the ‘team’ of ‘therapists’ worked in conjunction with a psychiatrist and were allowed to prescribe medications. Some nurse practitioners are allowed to depending on the state.

    But there still several problems. Why would these counselors who ‘treated’ Elliot call a totally different mental health clinic to call the cops?

    Not buying it. I think the parents’ wantonly negligent indulgence is being covered for. Rodger’s father’s attorney alluded to a ‘number of therapists.’ That’s lawyer-speak for there’s no one person to nail responsibility on. Who’s to say if Elliot was even seeing this ‘team of therapists’ in the first place?

    If this is real at all, in any dimension, the parents are clearly 100% responsible and should be sued. They funded and enabled Elliot’s lifestyle and sense of entitlement. If the videos are to be taken at face value, I doubt his mother saw them or called anyone over them. One wonders what Elliot did with his days. Had he been attending classes? Was he actually passing any? Most college kids in the midst of severe emotional problems completely fail at least two or three classes that semester, or all of what in my era was typically five.

    Did either of Elliot’s parents even check on this? They knew he had a ‘history’ of emotional problems and aspergers yet they just kept funding his indulgent lifestyle with zero monitoring, apparently.

    If any of the story is real then they’re the ones who need to be held accountable, not congresspeople who aren’t supposed to violate the Bill of Rights. We may never know all that’s being covered up, unfortunately. I do find it odd that there are videotapes of random shoppers in a deli hitting the ground but none that feature either Elliot or Chris Martinez in them. Also lacking are videos from the cameras on most traffic lights in urbanized areas. Surely at least one would have captured some footage of Elliot in his car…

    It’s all very odd.

  17. http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2014/05/elliott-rodger-psychiatrist-mental-health-hunger-games/

    The latest is Elliot saw Sophy three times in 2013 and at the time of the murders was seeing ‘two psychologists;’ one in Santa Barbara and one in southern California. WTF? Who sees ‘two psychologists?’ I don’t think most psychologists would even agree to that as it’s unethical for them to do’ psychotherapy’ on a ‘patient’ while a different psychologist is also ‘treating’ the same person independently.

    Which one was allegedly confronted by Elliot’s mother about the videos?

    Pure BS. Rich decadent degenerate parents don’t justify abolishing our Constitution. Peter Rodger’s favorite subject to photograph for artistic as opposed to commercial purposes is women’s naked butts.

  18. http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/sheriff-calif-shooter-rodger-flew-under-the-radar-when-deputies-visited-him-in-april/2014/05/25/88123026-e3b4-11e3-8dcc-d6b7fede081a_story.html

    They’re claiming the first interaction with Elliot and cops was when he had gotten into a fight at a party in July 2013 and broke something in either being pushed off a ledge after trying to push others off, or during a fight on the ground under the ledge. Some reports have said he broke his ankle and somehow walked home. The above link doesn’t specify what body part was broken or where this fight took place exactly except that it was in Isla Vista, nor does it indicate what hospital treated Elliot. It claims he told the cops at this unnamed hospital that others had started a fight with him, and that when the cops investigated they couldn’t decide who had started it so no charges were filed.

    I am skeptical that there were a bunch of people to bear witness to Elliot’s alleged aggressions while he had only himself and his busted body part to support his version of a fight which landed him in a hosptial, yet the police/hospital didn’t think the injured loner without a single friend or defender of his actions was suspicious enough to have a psych evaluation performed right then and there. And as all these people are coming out of the woodwork to say they were a friend of Elliots’ or his roommates’ family members, or his victims’ friends, we still aren’t given one single name associated with this alleged ‘yellow flag’ that went up.

    Quote: “Then ‘Rodger crossed paths with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office again Jan. 15, when he accused his roommate of stealing three candles, valued at $22. Rodger tried to make a citizen’s arrest.”

    So what became of that incident? Some reports say the roommate plead guilty to petty theft after the candles were found in his room. Are we to believe that the roommate, who is now being reported as having wanted to leave even before the murders because he was scared of Elliot, didn’t try to convince the cops that Elliot was nuts? I had a college roommate who was so depressed she cried practically every day and I reported her to my RA for possible suicidality. She was totally annoying and everyone knew she was deeply depressed. Both her boyfriend and our RA called her parents and alerted the school ‘authorities.’

    Quote: “By April 30, when sheriff’s deputies met with Rodger for a third time, his plan for his ‘ultimate showdown in the streets of Isla Vista’ was well underway. When several deputies arrived at his apartment to interrogate him after the call from mental-health officials, Rodger wrote, ‘the biggest fear I had ever felt in my life overcame me.”

    What the hell is a ‘mental health official?’ And which exact one or even organization performed this call? Were neither of the two roommates home to further inform on Elliot?

    Quote: “Sgt. Mark Williams of the sheriff’s office defended the deputies, saying the law would not have allowed them to confiscate Rodger’s guns unless he had documented mental-health problems or a record of violence.”

    Quote: “He had some emotional trouble,’ Williams said in an interview. ‘He was upset. We all get upset sometimes. .?.?. We have to have a pretty strong belief to take someone’s rights away — the right to bear arms, the freedom.”

    Why didn’t they just take Elliot in for a psych evaluation or call in a screener? This is the third time county deputies are interacting with a guy and they still haven’t figured out he’s a crank or worse? Neither roommate was there to give his input?

  19. It’s total system failure. Just like the black crime weekend we just went through.

    Cops twiddling thumbs awaiting pension.

  20. What insurance would pay for someone to see two different psychologists at the same time?

    Captain John what you’re not grasping is that the whole storyline about cops even ‘checking on’ Elliot is a lie. I doubt either psychologist will ever be named because the likelihood is neither existed.

  21. Tyranny is here: http://blogs.rollcall.com/218/elliot-rodger-mental-health-bill/#comments

    The bill that’s being pushed through as we speak, that has 84 co-sponsors, calls for committing people not because they’re deemed an imminent danger to themselves, but because they’re ‘in need of treatment.’

    This is radical shit. Forced internment of anyone and everyone with no criteria to be met other than someone wants you interned and force-medicated. It also means there are no limits to when a ‘patient’ has to be let out of an institution.

    Senator Markey, the totalitarian who is determined to repress free speech on the internet has linked preventing gun violence through committing people based on all the infractions of PC which now qualify as ‘mental illness.’

    Remember that racism has been defined as a mental illness in the last two years by the psych system.

  22. Rodger’s own autobiography describes being pushed off the ledge and beaten up when he went back to retrieve his sunglasses, and it also describes the cops paying him a visit after he posted some of his videos. Then again, maybe the whole autobiography is fake too – you always want to be hyper-vigilant, you know.

  23. @ Silver

    You don’t need to be anything, because your constitution isn’t being dismantled, guiseppe.

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