Special Episode of The Sonny Thomas Show on Southern Nationalism


Dr. Hill and I along with Olaf Childress of The First Freedom were guests this evening on The Sonny Thomas Show. We discussed the Southern Nationalist movement and various other topics like the essence of Americanism:

Note: Is modern America crazier than Rome under Caligula? Some of the topics discussed in this radio interview include:

Rock-solid love: Australian woman marries a bridge in France – and even gets the mayor’s blessing

Houston Mayor Forces All To Open Girls Rooms To Men

The Transgender Tipping Point

Yes, Chelsea Manning Should Get Hormone Replacement Therapy on Our Dime

Veterans Affairs Scandal: What You Need To Know

Victories propel gay-marriage movement

Married lesbian trio from Massachusetts expecting first child together

Judge strikes down part of Utah polygamy law in ‘Sister Wives’ case

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West first wedding photos revealed

USDA gay-sensitivity training seeks larger audience

Here’s a List of 58 Gender Options for Facebook Users

Fincher: Ruling against Alabama Accountability Act is ‘a political stunt’

Also relevant:

US Navy’s new gender-neutral carriers won’t have urinals

Hagel: Military should review transgender ban

Gay and Straight Couples Married Live During 2014 Grammy Awards

The Green Lantern Is Gay

National Cathedral Rings Bells to Cheer Gay Marriage

Episcopal Church Votes to Allow Transgender Ministers

Robert Gates Backs “Gay” Leaders In Boy Scouts

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  1. Sounds good. This is the type of media we need to do, not corrupt, insulting national MSM like Hannity and Colmes.

  2. Jack, both are good. Doing more mainstream media gets people attention. It’s gets us exposure. Doing things like this reaches out to those more intensely interested in our issues.

  3. Sonny Thomas is a Liberal, what? He seemed pretty pro-South and anti-multi culti to me.

  4. The woman DID NOT marry a bridge. It was symbolic. I don’t know her reason for doing it, but if I had to guess, it was to mock people such as yourself who think its ok for straight people to marry but yet feel gay people can’t. Brad is using this story as evidence of the slippery slope with marriage when in fact the woman did not factually marry a bridge. It was not a legal ceremony. That doesn’t matter to Brad though because it doesn’t fit his narrative.

  5. Historical references:


    “According to the ancient historian Suetonius, the Roman emperor known as Caligula loved one of his horses, Incitatus, so much that he gave the steed a marble stall, an ivory manger, a jeweled collar and even a house. Another chronicler, Cassius Dio, later wrote that servants fed the animal oats mixed with gold flakes. Famous for his madness and brutality, Caligula allegedly committed incest with his sisters, fed prisoners to wild beasts and had conversations with the moon—so coddling a beloved horse might seem among the lesser of his various evils. But did he really plan to make Incitatus a consul and only fail to do so because his assassination happened first, as Suetonius would have us believe?”


    “Examples of his insanity focus on a handful of episodes in his life, notably Caligula’s military activities on the northern frontier, and his religious policy. His northern campaigns are derided, with accounts of Gauls dressed up as Germans at his triumph, and Roman troops ordered to collect sea-shells as “spoils of the sea” and indicative of his victory against Neptune.”


    “For a range of nonfictional southern spokesmen as well, civilization itself rested on appropriate gender roles and relations. While the slave South was maintaining the proper order of things, the North and sometimes the rest of the Western world, was not. In his 1856 graduation address to the Virginia Military Institute, George Rumbough explained that free society was foolish to question the natural, divinely ordained order of things. Listing the dangerous “isms” he saw to the north, Rumbough included women’s rights, Bloomerism, and Free-Loveism, along with socialism, atheism, and abolitionism. The North’s distorted ideas about slavery were not only tied up with its misguided ideas about religion, liberty, and government, but also with its foolish misconceptions of manhood and womanhood. Rumbough contrasted the South, “where woman, the most powerful, the purest, noblest element of society, is considered as an object of love,” with the North, “where woman “is viewed as an object of distrust, and far from beautifying, transcends the boundaries of modesty and decency, and sighs for an MD suffix or the transcendent reputation of a philanthropic lecturer.” One of many advantages of basing a society on slavery rather than free labor, according to Rumbough and others, was that the institution safeguarded hierarchies of gender as well as of race.

    Southern fears about gender proprieties illustrate how urgent the sectional conflict could become when it appeared to enter the realm of the home and family. One Virginia farmer, writing to a local newspaper in 1854, expressed just such fears. Responding to rumors that a female preacher had been plying her trade in the area, the farmer expressed disbelief then sharp anxiety. “Some hundreds are right uneasy about their wives,” he wrote. “They are afraid that some of them women’s rights folks, from the N., are traveling among us, and that some wives are encouraging them.” Even an antislavery fanatic would be more acceptable than a feminist, though the letter-writer. “One would spoil our negroes, but the other would spoil our wives and sweethearts, and either, would be made a bad piece of property.” Perhaps intending that his readers should take the loaded word “insurrection” with a grain of salt (the word was strongly associated with slave revolts in the antebellum South) the farmer concluded: “It is feared that there will be an insurrection among the women, and that they will begin to chew tobacco and drink whiskey.” Likewise, the North Carolina congressman David Outlaw recoiled at the apparent immorality of the society he encountered in Washington, D.C. In Outlaw’s eyes, it was the behavior of northern women there that caused moral deterioration. “There is a boldness,” he wrote to his wife, “a brazenfacedness about Northern city women, as well as a looseness of morals which I hoped may never be introduced south.” In this way white southerners who worried about such matters sectionalized anxieties about moral decline, projecting those anxieties onto their image of the North.”

  6. “Though the new couple’s union is not legally recognized in France, Rose said it’s just as strong as any other marriage.”

    That was a very powerful comeback, Spelunker. Really can’t argue with that. Nothing abnormal going on here at all.

  7. A few decades ago, it would have been considered ridiculous that interracial marriage would lead to something as absurd as gay marriage, or that “women’s rights” would lead to 50 million abortions.

    The North’s fondness for “novelties” has been a persistent theme throughout its history. All this was discussed in George Fitzhugh’s book, Sociology for the South, Or the Failure of Free Society. The Southern Nationalists of the 1850s had the same mindset that we do today.

    Back then, “Bloomerism” and “Free Lovism” were on the horizon. The North was already notorious for its “-isms” in 1850 before racism, sexism, nativism, homophobia and all kinds of other bogus sins were concocted in the 20th century.

    “Free Love” is now so mainstream that the concept has been fell out of popular usage.

  8. “it was to mock people such as yourself who think its ok for straight people to marry but yet feel gay people can’t.”

    top kek, you’d think it would be the other way around. Making fun of queers marrying each other, by saying “you might as well marry a bridge” hahaha

  9. “Is modern America crazier than Rome under Caligula?”
    Examine the evidence:
    “Our problem is that liberal ideas, by converting us into a social group of free agents, have destroyed the notion of civilization itself and replaced it with obligations to social pressures. And social pressures reward appearances like money and politics, making a world where we can’t speak the truth and must go along with illusions, even as we see them destroying all that we love.” – Brett Stevens
    “The good guys lost the War Between the States.” – Eddie “The Bombadier” Miller, The Political Cesspool
    We need a new set of four freedoms: freedom from brainwashing, freedom from non-white domination, freedom from cultural Marxism, and freedom from Jewish power and influence.

  10. How is it abnormal to be homophobic? I can understand that you believe it to be stupid, but that is a value judgment on your part. However, the question of normalcy is not a value judgment. You can argue that homosexuality occurs in a small percentage of human societies. However, this homosexuality generally is not productive from an evolutionary-biological perspective. It does not aid in the survival and advancement of the species. An anti-homosexual bias is probably natural in our species as a reaction to a trait which is counter-productive. This is not uncommon. For example, generally speaking, men and women select for healthy partners over non-healthy ones when mating. There is a clear evolutionary-biological basis for this bias. And many other similar examples could be given. The point is that an anti-gay bias is probably natural and helpful in human society.

  11. I don’t even care if you like homosexuals, but why do you think you have the right to deny them the same benefits you are entitled to? Before you go go on a God rant, not everyone believes in your Christian God. All humans are not bound to your self imposed Holy law. My family does not go to Church and we are not “immoral” people.

    Gays could have had Civil Unions, but no, you just couldn’t let them have that, could you? Well, I hope you’re happy.

  12. I hated the introduction to this show:

    Ron Paul Libertarian Constitutionalist cult – complete with some Black woman stating with unyielding conviction that Ron Paul was uniting all people of all races, all classes ad nauseum. The reality was/is that American Blacks vote 99% against Ron Paul, Rand Paul and this race denying Constitutionalist Libertarian cult.

    The show even had a very a Old Ronald Reagan ranting and raving about some nonsense “Liberal elites” – Ronnie wasted the 1980s signing the first of many mass amnesty for 3rd world illegals, wasting the rest of the 1980s funding nasty Muslim Jihadists in Afghanistan fighting our kinsmen the a Russians. Why are we doing media with these old and out of it types?

  13. I actually think the government should stay out of marriage.

    If you see two children fighting over a toy, just take the toy away. It’s that simple. Marriage goes back to being solely a religious ceremony, and homosexuals can’t complain that married couples have extra rights or whatever. Either that or just loosen up visiting laws, so friends can see you in the hospital.

    On the tax issue, the whole reason married couples get tax cuts is because they have children. If you don’t have children, you shouldn’t get any benefits meant to help raise children.

  14. Equality is abnormal. It was not found in societies prior to the French Revolution – which ended in the bloody deaths of thousands and wars waged to spread its ideology (which killed millions of people). We see from the way that equality has destroyed Haiti, Detroit, much of the Black Belt and many other places that it does not work. Equality must be rejected by society for there to be order, stability and peace.

  15. Palmetto,

    Have you read the new Nicholas Wade book? Talk about an uncomfortable subject for the Left!

    Human equality is a fanciful idea. It makes utterly no sense in the context of evolution and natural history. All of this is known, but I have rarely seen it stated so powerfully.

  16. Re: Spelunker

    “Civil unions” were a stepping stone to “gay marriage” which is a stepping stone to forcing “anti-discrimination laws” on to churches. The recent spike in laws against pedophilia, polygamy, and bestiality is evidence that the fight for “equal rights” is far from over. Also, let’s not forget about “reparations” for slavery and “white privilege.”

    At the end of the day, “Americans” will have to decide whether they want to continue to go along with each new innovation. The United States collapsed over one such innovation – abolitionism, and the larger social threat posed by “Black Republicanism. As I said in the podcast, the same process is happening today as disaffection grows in the South and other conservative parts of the United States.

    In 1848, Southerners were patriotic Americans who were celebrating July the 4th, and secessionists were a small marginalized minority. By 1861, the South had seceded and was fighting for its independence. The Union, which was far more racially and culturally homogeneous than it is now, fell apart in less than 10 years.

  17. The audio wasn’t very good, and I have an excellent high speed connection. Also, during the last 1/2 of the second hour you kept getting dropped.

  18. “Gays could have had Civil Unions, but no, you just couldn’t let them have that, could you? Well, I hope you’re happy.” – status whores(of any orientation) need no excuse for their behavior, and they are going to keep up their behavior until mother nature has something to say about it.

    “I actually think the government should stay out of marriage.” – Society will go back to promoting marriage because this promotes the fitness of said society. That is probably a non starter for that reason.

  19. Anon, we don’t need the government forcing us to go to Church for us to know we need to go to Church, do we? In the same way, we don’t need the government dictating marriage, for society to support marriage.

  20. “Anon, we don’t need the government forcing us to go to Church for us to know we need to go to Church, do we? In the same way, we don’t need the government dictating marriage, for society to support marriage.” – force is different from promote. churches get tax free status and other considerations that fall under the promotion metric even today. it is not that government will use society, but that society will in all likelyhood use government.

  21. Absolutely nothing prevents gays from having marriage ceremonies, but what they want is the same societal promotion/standing/status as the more fitness producing variant.

  22. Re Logan Smith; government out of marriage:

    Government is in marriage because it is a contract. True, if government got out of it, marriage would continue, but then you would have widespread private enforcement of contract (dad’s shotgun, brother’s fist, local don’s car bomb, you name it).

    I’m more or less fine with that, but the state isn’t.

    In terms of social conservatives squandering an opportunity to thwart gay marriage by getting government out of marriage; gay marriage is just a foot-in-the-door to the following goal – total leveling and elimination of all differences. Once they have gay marriage in the bag, they move on to the next achievable target. So yes, it would be possible to buy time against the madness, but it is not the solution.

    Only a cordon sanitaire between the followers of Truth and the followers of the Lie will work. I liken it to containment against communism. We just need to redraw the maps, and they will collapse under their own weight.

  23. However, this homosexuality generally is not productive from an evolutionary-biological perspective. It does not aid in the survival and advancement of the species. An anti-homosexual bias is probably natural in our species as a reaction to a trait which is counter-productive.

    There are a million and one examples of things in our lives that are not truly productive from a biological and evolutionary standpoint. Having an anti-homosexual stance to one degree or another does no more to advance our species than it does when someone is completely indifferent to homosexuals. If you are a Man, your “natural” reaction is to welcome a reality where you can thin out the pool of competing males so that you have a larger selection of females. How it’s done is really irrelevant at a primal level. If you are a female, your natural reaction is to find those Men who stand out to you for whatever reason. We aren’t so pathetic and stupid that we have to be taught how to procreate or coerced into doing it for humanity. The fact that some people will rail about homosexuality being detrimental to procreation of our species AND turn right around and talk about millions and millions of abortions being detrimental kind of shows some of the ill-conceived and contradictory arguments against homosexuality within society.

    Natural homosexuality(I’m sure those two words together are heresy to some people) isn’t necessarily harmful if it doesn’t interfere with the natural Male/Female roles in society. My problem isn’t with homosexuals on an individual basis or micro level, but rather how the homosexual agenda has tried to morph the rest of society into something alien and unnatural at a macro level. But this was only really pushed because of religious zealotry which tried to completely control nature and replace parts of it that it didn’t like with it’s own brand of unnatural conditioning and perversion. You crown yourself supreme ruler of all things moral and stigmatize parts of nature that you don’t like or don’t completely understand, then those natural elements will metastasize in unnatural ways to compensate. I’ve been around enough homosexuals to know that there is a definite biological trigger that makes them that way. It’s not something that was taught to them or something that we can cure. We find a way to address that biological reality in a rational and productive manner, or we have to address it when it becomes more forceful and belligerent.

  24. Sodomites are the nadir of any civilization. They are an abomination against the created order, and their legitimacy is largely, if not totally derived from, the amoral and antichrist Jews, who, along with the Hagarenes, have long countenced infantile sexual perversion, in a two-faced denial of the very law codes (whether Talmud or Shari’a) they claim to uphold.

    HW, to even allow such scum as ‘It’s gay to be homophobic’ or ‘Spelunker’ on this sort of forum, merely distracts from the purpose of this site. Your readers are a very mixed lot, and need re-education. Allowing perverted minds to sow their seed (polluted, at that! [ Jer. 49:10]) can only result in some being led astray.

    ANY capitulation to Jews, Fags, or Niggers, is a deathwish for our civilization. I have not posted here on a regular basis for a very simple reason. I find the more masculine, hard-line stance of Daily Stormer to be far more ‘self-actualized’ than OD.

    While you have begun well, your posts, and your stances have changed over the last two years. Unless you are willing to deny it, I feel part of it comes from your recent marriage, and listening to your wife – rather than teaching her what she needs to know; and, from her, gaining counsel from her amillennialist ‘non-interventionist’ LCMS father- who, while good folks, both, come from a ‘go along to get along’ tradition, mired in the pietism of Nordic Lutheranism. It’s that sort of myopia that has destroyed the state I live in, with the largest number of ‘go along’ Loooterans in the USA; namely, Minnesota.

    We now rank(le) with Assachusetts and Californicaiton for mind-numbing acquiescence to sin and perversion, due to the liberalism entrenched here. Just last night, at an ecumenical non-religious event, I was speaking with a member of the staff of this inner-city RC church, (woman) who calmly, logically, and without any SHAME, mentioned that “HER WIFE” had to deal with such and such a things, and they then did, x & y. And this DYKE is on staff at the church, in a MAJOR capacity, and I bet EVERYONE knows that she is an accursed bitch of hell!

    My spouse, the mother of our children, and I checked our auditory equipment some minutes later, and realized that, with the ‘passage’ of this BULLSHIT ‘gay marriage’ law in our state, the faggots and has-beens are ‘coming out of the closet’ and SHOVING THEIR SHIT LIFESTYLE in everyone’s feces/faces!

    And, for the record Stephen Dalton, this was a CATHOLIC CHURCH. That same ‘beacon of grace’ so many of you deluded idiots think is still the ‘one true church’!!!

    So, HW, if you truly want to augur for White rights, self-determination, and the training in righteousness of minds too long mired in the crap of Judaized Marxism, you better start putting up some fences, and holding the wolves ‘outside the gate/beyond the pale’ to enable those of us who desire our own Lebensraum, to effect change without these Agents provocateurs. Perhaps even within our own homes, even….

  25. Or, to put it another way, “Spelunkstein,” and “I’m Gay” are both spawn of hell… like Rudel, on a bad day….

    as Cambria so easily clarifies for us in his post this week.

    “The utopians promise that if the great unwashed mass of humanity will follow their guidance, a new paradisiacal state of existence will be the permanent lot of mankind. And when the paradisiacal state fails to materialize, what happens then? That’s easy: you blame the recalcitrant reactionaries, whether they be unborn babies, aristocrats, monarchists, Christians, white people, old people, or some other scapegoat, for impeding the march to utopia.

    ****This is why the utopian is never fazed when aristocrats, white people, or unborn babies are slaughtered.***

    Such creatures are in the way of utopia, which is always about to come into fruition but somehow always eludes us.”


    ANY ONE who denies Christ, His Law, or His Realm over Mankind, is an ‘anti-Christ.’

    It’s that simple, Hunter. ‘Choose ye this day,’… etc.

  26. Homosexual behavior is sterile and therefore extremely unlikely to be heritable. Sure, it happens in nature, but so does suicide, which is also maladaptive.

  27. All sinful behaviour is sterile. And the wages of sin is death. People want sin. They just don’t want the consequences of sin in the natural, moral and spiritual orders.

    That is why technology is recruited against the order of nature and against God. People never have to accept the consequences of their sins if they have bio-tech, abortions, sperm banks, artificial gestation, fiat credit institutions, weather worx like HAARP, drone warfare etc.

    But the sulphur at the ancient location of Sodom and Gomorrha on the Dead Sea is still the purest form of that element found above ground. And it still burns hot and blue.

    Sodomy is a sin that cries to Heaven for Divine vengeance. It is against God and nature. The nation that institutionalises it / persecutes marriage is not long for this world.

  28. Fascinating essay, Fr John. Thank you for posting the link.

    I would add that by the holy faith, those who communicate in the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the God man, the Lord Jesus Christ – the Head of His Body, the Church – also communicate in the powers of the age to come.

    Grace perfects nature.

    The power of intelligence itself (and all its faculties) is also being superceded in process of theosis or grace perfecting nature. It does not yet fully appear what this supercession will look like, but when it does appear in the saints – it will look like Him.

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