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  1. I just googled the show, to see what they were about, and the SPLC hates them. Lol, they must be on the right track 😉

  2. James may be a CofCC member but that was a League billboard. TheCofCC still thinks that we can “reform” this Godforsaken mobstrosity (that is not a typo, I just coined that phrase) known as America.

    • We’ve had many conversations about that. It would be more accurate to say the CofCC is a pro-White organization that is inclusive of all Whites, North and South.

      There are lots of CofCC members who are secessionists. The subject was discussed at length at the 2013 conference.

  3. Well, according to the Political Cesspool’s beliefs, they agree with secession. So, for what it’s worth.

  4. How do you listen to this show on an Apple IPad ?

    This is a huge problem with WN, alternative right, patriots, we can’t seem to use current standard technology. It’s always something obscure or from the past – Ham radio, 8 track tapes etc.

  5. Hopefully it’s being tapped, because it’s a good episode. I’m listening to it right now, and the host is great.

  6. Hunter, what were you saying about an even larger SECEDE bill-board? You mind elaborating?

  7. Nice work on the show Hunter. Hopefully it will be the first of many Cesspool appearances for you. I know that other pro-South secession advocates such as Dr. Hill have appeared numerous times over the years.

  8. Spelunker says:
    May 31, 2014 at 11:41 pm
    Jack I agree. It’s 2014. Do I really need to call in to listen on my phone?

    Jack replies.

    Agreed. And it is sad that I tend to agree so often with Leftist opponents to Conservatives, patriots. Why can’t our side get things right? Be current, up to date? Why can’t we dress, act in the real world this year, just use the technology everyone else is using now.

    Our side seems to be always old, out of date, not really aware of what’s going on now. Do I need a DOS IBM computer to access this show?

  9. Palmetto Patriot says:
    June 1, 2014 at 1:58 am
    I was able to hear it on my phone. Thought you did a good job, HW.

    Jack replies:

    oK, good. But most people aren’t going to access an Internet radio program through a phone. Why can’t our side have basic technology so that anyone using a current computer, IPad etc can access an Internet radio show?

  10. Jack Ryan, for some odd reason, the internet is full of atheists and Liberals. I have no idea why.

  11. My Windows Media Player worked fine tonight. Sonny Thomas was having some problems the other night…

  12. I listened to the majority of the show and you did a great job! I,too, believe that we as the most creative race must strive to utilize current technology. Our message resonates well with the healthy segment of our Volk,but we need to improve our outreach.
    Forward into the storm,a world lies beyond.

  13. It’s a good question, Jack. I’ve been doing what I can to move us forward in the areas of technology, PR, appearance, etc. The more people pushing us in that direction, the better.

  14. Yeah, Michael, you’ve done a lot of work. SNN looks top notch, and I’m sure the work you and Hunter are doing with the new LS website will be refreshing. Without you, SN and the LS would probably be stuck in 2004.

  15. I did manage to listen this show.

    Very good.

    James Edwards and Hunter Wallace are great spokesmen for our great kinsmen in the South.


    The North is a direction

    But the South is a place

    A very special place

    A great place.

    God bless the South

  16. Meh- You guys are all kvetching over not being able to use your ‘toys’ in an appearance on a very small, inefficient show, (PC) and that, in a captive groid market (Memphrica).

    HW, don’t get a swelled head. James is good as far as it goes, but he used to (and maybe still does) ‘interview’ [sic] Brother Nathanael, who isn’t even a) Orthodox, or b) a monk, but is, more and more, the flip side of John de Nugent- a well meaning man of little to no account, pretending to be legitimate, espousing many of the right things, but seeking to make a living off his website, and videos, without doing any ‘real’ work, and veering more and more, (as time goes on) into the vagaries of Rense-like demagoguery.

    You’re not going to change minds, constantly thinking you can reason with folks, especially when you are appealing to IQ’s under 100, about your minority p.o.v. And ‘talk radio’ is all about the masses- the ‘hoi polloi’ that truthfully, are little more than stomachs with legs. Talk radio consistently shows me that a stratified, caste-based society is not only beneficial to all, but necessary. I mean, look at what ‘democracy’ gave us- two terms of the Obamanation@!?

    You’re going to need a war- what Limbaugh used to say was about ‘smashing things and people getting killed.’ Like how Generation Identitaire did this past week, for starters. Like your protests and posting of videos of the ‘queer folk’ that think they have a legitimate reason for continued existence on OUR planet; (hint- they don’t)
    like engaging the ‘Anti-fa’ few in overt battles, as the Ukranian nationalists are doing in Donetsk, and other places.

    At least James Edwards wrote a small, but effective, book. How about a return (if you want to appeal to thinking minds) to reviews of books you have read, starting with Wade’s new book, that is all agog with the liberatti out there?

    But, speaking on Political Cesspool? Eh, I’ll pass, even without the latest gadgetry….

  17. Fifty-two years ago, when I was eighteen, it was lawful for persons eighteen years old to buy and own handguns in my state. Since I believe that pistol practice is the best fun a man can have while standing up and with trousers on, I had my expert rating before I was twenty-one — on indoor ranges where no one cared a rap about ear protection. At the same time I indulged the college-student vice of concert-volume in a single-person dorm room (though in my case it was Prokovieff, Hindemith, Brahms, Mahler, etc. rather than rock or other music of like ilk); and I disdained hats or ear protection in sub-zero weather.

    Today, I am legally “deaf,” though I can hear slightly with electronic assistance.

    I think I am hardly the only reader of this site, who has significantly reduced hearing. To such as us, both pod-casts and videos without closed captions are U S E L E S S! With respect, Sir, I protest.

  18. Yeah, can you let us know some ‘tantalizing tidbits’ about the Wade book?

    I’m having my son and I read this over summer, as ‘light recreational reading,’ for H.S.


  19. Hey Hunter, can you possibly speak to James Edwards and present me as a guest for the political cesspool?



  20. I was going to do World Cup racial coverage, but OD has been down for about 3 weeks after the birth of Hunter’s son, so I haven’t been able to post.

    Also, I am sort of trying to keep a lower profile. LS likes my PR/ press relations work, but I am not sure I have many, any loyal readers.

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