Ain’t That America: Obvious Child

New York

Culturally, I have nothing in common with people who enjoy romantic comedies about abortion:

“She lives in New York City, where no one questions her right to make her own decisions about her body. The procedure is safe, uncomplicated and undramatic, more like a visit to the DMV or the dentist than like major surgery.

If people who sincerely believe that abortion is equivalent to murder are outraged by the way Donna’s decision and its effects are presented in this movie, they probably should be. From that point of view, “Obvious Child” can only be a testament to the total depravity of our society. …

On one hand, Robespierre is simply capturing the reality of lived experience: For thousands of women in metropolitan areas and the coastal states, abortion is the result of a personal error in judgment and no doubt something they would rather have avoided…

Note: Like a visit to the DMV?

I’ve spent all day watching my little boy make the same peculiar motions with his hands that I have been seeing for months on the 4D ultrasounds. Am I supposed to believe that he wasn’t in some sense “alive” a month ago?

I’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking about how sick, morbid, and degenerate America has become while the health and safety of my child has been at the forefront of my mind. How do we live in a country where people believe that they have the “right” to rip their their baby into shreds in order to maintain a certain lifestyle?

We live in a perverse country where people have been deadened to the natural instincts of motherhood and fatherhood and robbed of the traditional restraints on wild and anarchic individualism which is part of our religious and cultural inheritance.

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  1. Haven’t you heard? Obvious Child types could be the next great WN constituency, only if we would get over our cult obsession with the fetus. I know that because some of my favorite bloggers and regular posters on some of my favorite websites tell me so.

  2. Geordie’s great-great grandfather is from Slocumb which is about 15 minutes from this hospital in Dothan in Southeast Alabama. Renee and I went over there and took some photos a week ago because we are so close to where my dad’s family is from.

    My son is already born into “privilege”: he will always know, for example, who is father is because I don’t subscribe to values of American culture where it is commonplace for men to “drop a child” and women to abort their own babies as casually as going to the DMV office.

  3. HW

    I’m sure you already know by now that George William Griffin is eligible for membership in the Sons of the American Revolution. Knowing your editorial position on the wisdom of that set of circumstances, is this something you’re going to be anxious to tell him?

  4. I’ve never had to think much about abortion until the pregnancy. When I saw and held my son, I had the most intense emotional reaction of my lifetime.

    It really shed a whole new light on that issue. We’ve pointed out all the failures of Americanism, but I never written much about abortion in that context.

    I’ve written about zany things like the Pentagon paying for Chelsea Manning’s hormore therapy, but abortion and particularly late term abortion – the results of which often pop up in my Facebook newsfeed – is probably the most depraved practice going on in this country.

  5. I’m pro-life for whites and East Asians and pro-choice for the other racial groups.

    But anyway, I have a question for Hunter and the other pro-white people here. Do you believe there is a right reason to want to reproduce? Since becoming a race realist I’ve noticed that pro-whites who are interested in having children usually say that they want to reproduce mainly to raise the number of whites. Replacing themselves genetically seems to be the purpose.

    I’m asking this question because I’ve always thought that if people want to reproduce it should be because they want to give love to another person, not because they want to raise an army. God forbid that a white nationalist couple should lose a child, would they mourn the child or just decide to have another so as to reproduce above replacement rate?

    I hope nobody here is offended by my question.

  6. I think we reproduce because it is a natural instinct of our species, and caring for our children is also a natural instinct, which is why when the decision is made to have an abortion you see people trying to rationalize it with the conscious part of their brain.

  7. I don’t believe it has much to do with race.

    The instinct to reproduce is instinctual and primordial and evolved long before racial differences. It is much more hardwired into our behavior than conscious decision making.

    I think abortion is an unnatural behavior like suicide that is much harder to explain. What’s even more bizarre is that society in general would embrace such a morbid behavior.

  8. Completely agreed Hunter. I hope you will move more toward pro-life activism and away from racial activism. Most of the pro-life movement is not racialist, and we need all the help we can get, but we can never be persuaded to adopt your racial views. And congratulations on the birth of your son.

  9. Christians and those bearing witness to the sanctity of life every year march for life and state their opposition to abortion and the whole raft of anti-life and marriage laws emanating from D.C.

    This year the annual March for Life in D.C. was over 1/2 million people. Bet you didn’t see anything about it on the JewMSM.

    In the video link below, the traditional Catholic apostolate Tradition Family Property takes the anti-abortion debate to Washington University

  10. Brad says: “but abortion and particularly late term abortion – the results of which often pop up in my Facebook newsfeed – is probably the most depraved practice going on in this country.”

    If you really think that you have no place in any white liberation/nationalist/yada yada movement.

    If one were to take out the ‘late term’ phrase it gets even more difficult to square your comment. In the first three months the fetus has no central nervous system.

    Every White man, woman and child who is being enslaved and murdered has one. All the White women who are being raped, tortured and burned to death, or sexually enslaved, does too.

    Those who subsume ‘racialism’ in whatever various forms it takes on in the ‘movement,’ under social issues crusades that have nothing specifically to do with the rights of White people are only attempting to aggrandize their own egos and install a supremacism, of some kind or another, of themselves over less ‘worthy’ Whites.

    It doesn’t really matter because those guilty of this will lose the war for Whites anyway, as a direct function of their crusading.

    Brad, you allowed some ‘Tamer of Savages’ to call me a ‘dry paddy witch’ and to make references to ‘passing the sauce, extra mayo.’ after I welcomed your son into the world.

    I don’t think fetusists (fetishists) really give a shit about *life.* Or that they, or you as the case may be, will fool the masses who do.

  11. Southerners have deep roots in Christianity. We can’t have a Southern Nation, without our Christian morals, including being pro-life.

    You have no business telling us Southrons what we can and can not believe, being a Yankee.

  12. I wasn’t telling southerners what you can or can not believe; I was merely pointing out that Whites won’t win freedom through that kind of advocacy, regardless of what region they defend.

    Europe might win because they don’t do that.

  13. Abortion is one of the greatest forms of self negation. As HW said it is right there with suicide. Being anti-white is also a form of self negation when the anti-white is white. If you are truly pro-white you must be self affirming. You can’t be pro-abortion for whites and be pro-white. But then that leads to a different question as to whether morality is universal.

  14. Diversity never divides along social issues, or makes them the top priority in any context where their racial interests are at stake, and they have won over us by observing this practice.

    My Christian god taught me to love the living every bit as much as the unborn, and more than any mass of cells that cannot feel.

  15. Well that’s between you and God, but we ain’t fixing to go back on our traditional beliefs.

  16. So you band of Jew Worshiping savages would force a White Woman RAPED by a non-White such as a Kike to bear her rapist’s child? And you would let White RAPISTS get away with reproducing more RAPISTS to torment our community?

    Are you out of your minds?

  17. Brad is now officially speaking on behalf of the CofCC, as well as the LoS, and he places this article in ‘New York.’

    We Whites up here are struggling for our survival and won’t go back on our traditional beliefs, either – or our right to be free from subjugation, rape, maiming, and genocide.

    There will always be this clash and recent comments on here, Tamer the Savage’s specifically, and this thread’s article reveal once again that it is not solely ‘the yankees’ who engage in imperialism towards their kin from across that Line…

    Make me a sandwich, some southern guy says, with extra sauce?

    Eat me.

  18. PGRT: If you oppose abortion, then why do you condone the abortion of the white race? Yes, abortion is odious. So is treason.

  19. For the exact record and those who didn’t read it yesterday, I wrote on little George’s birthday thread ‘Precious little bundle of blessings.’ To which Tamer of Savages responded, “Make me a sandwich, nyyankees. Extra mayo, you dry paddy witch.”

    And do you idiot southerners really wonder why the irish in the northeast make deals with the blacks?! Are you anglos that effing stupid?

    Tauntng irish women with rape and wondering why we turn on you…

    And calling yourselves ‘southern gentleman.’

    And wondering why we don’t exactly buy it…

  20. Most of the pro-life movement is not racialist, and we need all the help we can get, but we can never be persuaded to adopt your racial views.

    Racialism – a concern for the life of your race – is the most ‘pro-life’ position there is.

    I support abortion and a woman’s right to choose 100%. Privately, I support infanticide too, but I generally keep quiet about that since it appalls people much more readily than abortion. But what’s the big deal? If the mother doesn’t have any real attachment to the baby it’s hard to understand how anyone else could. People who have to abort (or who’d choose the path of infanticide) are quite likely more deficient in planning for the future on average so society benefits if they have fewer offspring.

  21. Traitor

    So what? I know that the pro-life movement has swallowed the cultural Marxist / cultural Taliban zeitgeist big time. The 2A movement has, lots of groups and causes and movements have. Like I said in the Cliven Bundy thread, that doesn’t mean we can’t have tunnel vision and analyze things on their own merits.

    Aborticide is almost always wrong for whites, but should be readily and easily available for non-whites.

  22. At 06/06/14/1210 Harold Crews wrote, “… ?But then that leads to a different question as to whether morality is universal.”

    Our English words, moral as an adjective and morals as a (plural) noun, derive from the Latin noun, mos (plural, mores), meaning way as in the way to act; Latin spoke of the mos maiorum, the way most people act (literally, the way of the greater number), and more Romanorum, (in the) way of the Romans. It is not inaccurate to render the word as custom, with the particular connotation that it is the kind of custom which binds together those who practice it. What is (adjective) moral, then, is that which conforms to a community’s collective sense (un-conscious and/or sub-conscious inventory) of what is right, from whatever source derived; and what is immoral is that which offends a community’s sense of what is right.

    The connotation of custom that binds together those who practice it, becomes stronger when we consider the English (plural) noun, ethics, and the adjective, ethical. Both words derive from the classical Greek. There, the noun, ethnos, means upper-case-“P” People (Latin, Populus; German, Volk; Russian, Narod; Hebrew, Leum), in the sense of one People as counterposed to all other Peoples of the world, in modern academic high-tongue English an “ethnic group” — a tribe. A People’s ethos, then, is that body of customs, both of overt behavior and of intrapsychic behavior, which bind together those who practice them, into a People: One treats another ethically when one acts toward that other as if he or she were of the same ethnos — hence of the same ethos — as oneself. Conversely, one acts unethically in two different ways: The first is by treating another, who is of the same ethnos as oneself, as if that other were not of the same, an outsider to the ethnos. The second way of acting unethically, is to treat another, who is not of the same ethnos — an outsider to one’s own ethnos — as if that other were of the same ethnos as oneself: Where such treatment is detrimental to the interests of one’s own ethnos, it becomes treason. (The Latin verb which means [to commit] treason is tradare, [to] give across. Across what? Across that boundary which separates one’s own from those not one’s own, the boundary which separates one’s own People from all other Peoples of the world.)

    Morality and ethics, then, are about group survival both in then-and-there contention with other groups and/or nature, and transgenerationally into the future. They are behaviors emitted and behaviors omitted for the sake of adhesion to a particular group, be that group a nuclear family, an extended family, a non-consanguineous affinity group, all the way up to one’s country, possibly even beyond. Conversely, what is dead is neither moral, nor immoral, nor un-moral, nor amoral; it is merely dead, although its behavior admits of analysis as to what worked and what did not work, in the sense of withstanding pressures against survival.

    The “us versus them” connotations of their two favorite concepts, are something that humane universalists pass with averted eyes — and bury in silence with the de-emphasis of the study of classical languages in secondary schools. Such connotations are particularistic rather than universalistic, parochial/provincial rather than cosmopolitan (Greek: cosmos = universe; polis = city-state) — and unashamedly so, since those connotations arose from natural usage of their respective languages, by people who knew themselves superior to, and entitled to dominate, all the world outside their own Peoples. Salus Populi Suprema Lex.

    • I saw the flaming in the comments, but my goal for the last two days has just been to keep the site updated while I focus on my little boy. I left my laptop at home.

    • Abortion is a cultural problem.

      It is a type of learned behavior. I think homosexuality and suicide also fall into this category. It is the conscious part of the brain overriding instinct with rationalizations.

  23. Unless the ProLifeisProFilth ‘creature’ is a known entity, then I’d say it’s probably just some troll trying to broaden divisions, probably being paid by the jews.

  24. For our Christian beliefs, abortion is murder. You should not murder for the wrongs of his parents. It isn’t right, no matter how you look at it.

  25. It is an example of extreme individualism taken to its logical conclusion. There’s no bond closer than the one between a mother and her child. Even that bond has collapsed in modern America.

  26. I find this comment from ‘truth’-someone on Amren, under tonight’s thread about the Seattle woman who was brutally beaten and raped by an African, to be apropos:

    “The importance of tribalism that many in our movement have been talking about recently is clear here. If a White man had done this to a White woman, we might’ve been able to figure out what caused it. Maybe by studying the perpetrator’s background or mental state we could’ve discovered a reason such a horrific thing happened. By viewing this incident as an intra-tribal affair, we could’ve applied our knowledge of ourselves to it in order to piece the puzzle together and understand what, if anything, needed to be done to prevent such a thing from happening again.

    Instead, this was an inter-tribal affair. Because the Black mind is in a different realm than ours, we had no way of preventing it. This man couldn’t have been stopped by any appeal to cultural or ethnic commonality. He has no loyalty to any of us or even a shared moral code. It might as well have been an attack from a foreign invader. I believe Jack Donovan once said something to the effect of “you can’t play fair with someone who doesn’t care whether you’re annihilated.”

    This is why we need to separate. We can’t be expected to understand each tribe’s unique mentality or unique worldview. It takes enough effort to understand the various viewpoints within our own tribe. Say no to diversity, because this is what you end up with: Enemies within your midst.”

    Besides that it’s worth re-posting, I’d also just like to give a shout out to Dan Poole.

    “I am a woman of my tribe.”

    Who was it said that…? I sorta remember… Something about ‘my rhetoric…’

    Still laughing with the cool kids, Danny?

    And no, I’m not taking childishness seriously, but I am teaching you and whoever else needs it a lesson.

    Don’t fuck with me.

    And now for a music break:

  27. Healthy White people do not LIKE abortion. No healthy person of any race LIKES it. I would not cry if it were outlawed.

    But if opposition to abortion is MORE important to someone than securing the future of the White race and a future for OUR children, they should quit pro-White activity and go to work for Operation Rescue, or whatever they are called now.

    I have long believed that abortion was rare among healthy White people everywhere, except in the communist countries during Soviet rule. Blacks, mulattas, mestizas, Jewesses, orientals and white trashesses were ninety percent of the dollar volume for abortion providers when I had cause to observe their goings on (I worked for a real estate company that leased to Planned Parenthood once) and probably still are.

    The truly stupid and truly irresponsible should be sterilized and that would for all intents and purposes put an end to abortions, except for the tiny fraction I think are a blessing for all involved, where severe birth defect or retardation or, as Todd Akin malapropped, “legitimate rape” is provable.

  28. White survival means what? White law.

    White common law does not contain Constitutional abortion.

    Constitutional abortion equals whites living under foreign law equals white genocide.

    We protect our common law or we protect nothing. Everything that challenges our common law is anathema. Nothing that challenges our common law is legitimate.

    It’s that simple.

    That blacks can’t control themselves doesn’t mean we relinquish control of our common law. That WE can’t control ourselves doesn’t mean we relinquish control of our common law. Our common law is who we are. We are carriers of white common law. That’s the “jewel of the Nile,” the crown of Western Civilization, and that’s what they wish to destroy.

    Whites who are pro-abortion, pro-pornography, pro-no fault divorce or pro any other kind of bullshit experimental social nonsense are anathema. Period.

    We are protecting our ancient common law or we are protecting nothing.

  29. What’s worse is the jargon has become perverted too. Homosexual is “gay”, when in fact it’s probably impossible to be gay being perverted, and while the Bible prohibits is as an abomination, citing the act alongside of Bestiality. The administration knows this and, in fact, have it as their priority, as you see Holder meddling and promoting homosexual behavior in the army and in the Boy Scouts, no less. The homosexual “flag” of colors they hoisted during a gay parade alongside the American flag in Tel-Aviv. How sick is that, for a country to push?

  30. Have you guys ever heard of post-structuralism? Try studying media criticism before acting like you have, and I mean that in complete fairness — not in an offensive way. It doesn’t look good, and we all need more valid media criticism in our over-saturated lives.

    I’m gonna give you guys some REALNESS here.
    You can disagree with abortions all day long. You can pontificate situations where it MIGHT be okay in special cases like rape. You can cite every bible verse railing against things like abortion and homosexuality – I’m not equalizing those things, mind you.

    You can do whatever you want, really. But what you SHOULDN’T DO is waste your time debating and pretending to decide what our fellow HUMAN BEINGS should have the right to do / not do.

    So we have science, which believes that early term abortions are just fine as the fetus cannot live in dependent of the mother and does not count as something separate from her body.

    BUT WAIT, KEEP READING. YOU BELIEVE DIFFERENTLY. In this great country, you have the right to believe differently, just as women around this country can receive safe abortions if they deem it necessary in their lives.

    This movie is groundbreaking because it shows a realistic metropolitan woman going through the process of an abortion. Yeah, you don’t agree with it. Spoiler alert: Don’t want the movie. Don’t get an abortion.

    Get your head out of the sand and realize that there are things happening every day that don’t fit in with your beliefs all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of Syrian children who can exist without the nutrient support of a mother’s body and placenta are walking around and being displaced and I see no outrage from any of you god fearing people about those walking, talking kids who could have just as good of a chance of curing cancer as any of the babies you think you’re saving by shaming women into keeping children they don’t want.

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