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District of Corruption

The Roman emperor Caligula was probably joking when Incitatus was made a consul, but even Caligula’s horse could do a better job in office than either President Barack Obama or Secretary of State John Kerry:

1.) Yesterday, a transgender Episcopal priest delivered a sermon at Washington National Cathedral. The service was presided over by the first openly gay Episcopal bishop. The event was part of Obama’s designation of June as LGBT Pride Month in which he called on his fellow ‘Muricans to eliminate prejudice “everywhere it exists” as “progress spreads from State to State” by federal court orders.

2.) In a speech to a GLIFAA (formerly Gays and Lesbians in Foreign Affairs Agencies) Pride event in the Ben Franklin Room at the State Department, Secretary of State John Kerry said he is working hard to have lesbian, bisexual and transgender ambassadors to foreign countries. There are already five openly gay US ambassadors.

3.) The US Senate recently voted 98-0 to confirm the first openly gay black male federal judge to serve on a district court in Florida.

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  1. ‘Murica types will never accept homosexuality, because ‘Murica types are usually Southerners and Mid-Westerners, Christian, and conservative.

    They may be brainwashed to love Old Glory, but they’re not *that* brainwashed.

  2. I wash my hands of this filthy scum that have besmirched these United States in the feces of sodomite anal intercourse. They are all assholes. Literally.

    Anathema sit.


  3. Hi Hunter. Off topic: Been a reader for a while and was considering making a donation for your son and the time you put in here. But I’d like to know how you make sure that personal information doesn’t end up in fat, sweaty SPLC hands.

    Do you keep a record of names and addresses that could be compromised?

  4. The Queer Plague is everywhere. These sodomites, regardless of their ethnic, racial, or religious background, network with each other secretly and openly. The secrecy part is how they gained the power that they now have. The stuff Hunter is talking about in this post would have never happened unless the Lavender Gangsters have subverted our institutions from within first. Read about the Cambridge Apostles here Every member of this spy ring was a sodomite What these men did in British Intelligence has been done over and over again in our churches, political parties, governments, schools, and sadly in several white nationalist groups.

  5. Can you get any more superstitious Dalton? Alan Turing was a ‘sodomite’ and he broke the Engima code for the british people, among other outstanding achievements. He was scapegoated as a gay man for the Cambridge spy ring’s betrayal, but only a small fraction of the actual spies were gay to begin with (and I’m no fag-lover). Turing was never accused of spying and there is no doubt among anyone that he served his country with the highest devotion. While secret societies exist, the gays haven’t achieved their hegemony through secrecy. I’d say it’s not even *their* hegemony, but the zionists.’

    Radix recently featured an article in which (gay) Jack Donovan lectures white men on how to deal with white women sexually. I guess one might expect a pretty boy to take advice in such matters from a faggot. Same difference really.

  6. Mosin, there are plenty of sodomites out in the country as well. Queers love to fornicate in the woods as well as the cities. There’s a park close to were I live that has a road nick-named “Fairy Lane”. Hint: It’s not called that because Tinkerbelle and her girlfriends hang out there. Oh btw, I understand there’s a lot of beastility down on the farm too. Are those farms in urban areas?
    NYYankees, you’re naïve about how dangerous queers are. Why do you think security agencies have always (before the days of political correctness) banned or removed them from sensitive positions? And your remark that queers haven’t achieved their hegemony with secret societies or organizations shows an incredible ignorance of sodomite history. The very nature of their activities required secrecy in more decent normal times. It was the working of the sodomite underground that led to the open queer revolt we have today.

  7. Here’s another terrific (and probably purposeful) fun fact about America’s world cup soccer team.

    No less than 5 members of this team are the bastard offspring of Nigger “soldiers” running amok in Germany. This is the team that is supposed to represent us? Half-nigger half-German whore mulattos? I hope Germany crushes the shit out of this team.

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