How about them ‘Dores?!


Jack Ryan’s alma mater, the Vanderbilt Commodores, just won the College Baseball World Series!

Yeah, we barely held on against another great Southern team, the University of Virginia. I also applied there.

Vanderbilt is arguably THE best Southern private university. We’re in with all those SEC giants like Hunter Wallace’s alma matet, Auburn University. Baseball is apparently a very White Southern sport.

So tonight, let’s honor the great Southern White guys at Vanderbilt University – our only other NCAA Vandy championship was in women’s bowling! And there were so many beautiful Southern women supporting both Southern teams…

I’m feeling very proud and very Southern this evening.


  1. So if a college like Vanderbilt can win the NCAA baseball championship and be the best college football team in the state of a Tennessee for two years straight, highly intelligent, highly motivated White (Southerners) can also win surprising (state and local) political, victories in Southern states.

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