Updated: Mantra Billboard Goes Up Near Birmingham


Update: This is starting to get news coverage here, here, and here.

Given all the problems the League has had with their SECEDE billboard, I am not sure how they did it, but a huge new “Anti-Racist Is a Code Word for Anti-White” billboard has gone up on I-20 near Birmingham.

Note: I heard about this yesterday at the League national conference.

Alabamas13.com WVTM-TV Birmingham, AL

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  1. I agree.

    This is the best application of Whitaker’s Mantra to date and an advance over the overpass banners. The League needs to figure out how they got their billboard up.

    Virtually every billboard in Montgomery is owned by Lamar or a company like them. We’re having difficulty finding a company that will put our billboard back up.

    I’ve long said that the SECEDE billboard should go up in Birmingham as our fallback position.

  2. Jack Ryan,

    Because the people involved want to spread an idea, not a website. Ideas change the world. Websites can only comment on it.

  3. Damn fine billboard. And I have no idea who or how they got that done. I’m impressed. It looks good …..and twitter responses are comedy. This is not some major sign company though. That is about all I know.


    If you guys have not seen this ….take a look at the above article. You might find it interesting. Very well read financial publication on the Web.

  4. Why is the Alabama news site so Liberal? Is there not a conservative news site for a conservative State?

  5. All the power to those who put up the billboard. Shouting out the truth online is simply not enough. We must go to the streets, the schools and businesses as well.

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