Wetumpka Southern Workers Demonstration

VDARE asks:

“That’s a lot of people speaking for immigration and against American workers. Who speaks against immigration and for American workers?”

Answer: The League of the South

After the 2014 League of the South national conference wrapped up on Saturday, the League held the first in a series of public demonstrations in Wetumpka, AL which highlighted how immigration is harming Southern workers.

Approximately 60 League members and supporters participated in this demonstration. We held signs that read “Immigration Hurts Southern Workers” and distributed The Free Magnolia and a Southern jobs flyer to the public. More literature was distributed at this event than at any of our previous demonstrations.

The response from the public was overwhelmingly positive. A camera crew from the BBC which is making a documentary about the rise of nationalism in Europe and North America was on hand and filmed the demonstration.

Note: The next two League demonstrations are a Stand for Coal demonstration in Pikeville and Prestonburg, KY on July 19 and an Immigration Hurts Southern Workers rally in Gainesville, GA on August 23.

Wetumpka Demonstration

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  1. Really great protest! LS does this the best.

    I have a very minor criticism ..

    No mention of the historic Vanderbilt Commodores NCAA baseball championship.

    This is what all the South is talking about.

  2. Wow, the League will be in a BBC Documentary? That’s amazing! Maybe they’ll try to contact y’all and have a true blue sit down interview. It’s great to see the LS being recognized enough to be lumped in with European Nationalist movements. That’s how you know you’re making progress.

    btw, OD is using Disqus now? That’s cool.

      • This is going to work out much better. It’s much easier to follow a conversation, and we’ll be able to see our own posts on our Disqus dashboards.

        I wonder why you even ditched Disqus after trying it the first time.

        The only difference for me is that I can no longer be “countenance” on OD, because for some reason I use “countenance” on non-Disqus blogs.

        • It was because so many people complained.

          In hindsight, I should have stuck with Disqus. The comment section degenerated again into sectarian religious squabbles that consumed every thread. Hopefully, that won’t be a problem here moving forward.

  3. Next time, let’s make sure we do the group picture first. Several had already gotten in their cars and nearly everyone was fatigued from the heat exposure. Speaking of which, maybe next year the demonstration should be the first thing on the agenda for the day. We’d burn through a lot less water and sunscreen at that time of day.

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