Murrieta Protesters Block Border Patrol Station Buses

If these people had been content to have their fate decided by the Democrat-controlled California state government, the Obama administration, or even worse, a US federal court, there is doubt they would have been stuck with these illegal aliens:

Update: RamZPaul has a funny new video on this … don’t tread on me, or I will wave your federal flag even harder!

Note: It’s unfortunate that the protesters chose to use the US flag which is the symbol of the government that is destroying their community, but their actions were correct and their sentiments are similar to our own.

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  1. If they had to use a USA flag, it should have been the 13 star flag. Come to think of it, the only two USA flags I own are one with 13 stars and one with 51 stars (southern Illinois statehood).

    • I am afraid the video I uploaded to Youtube has gone down.

      I also think it’s time to give up completely on Youtube as YT gets censored. It’s like talk radio in the early 1990s, there was some free speech for our side, now it’s closed.

      Criticism of Ron Paul and Rand Paul for saying insane, treasonous things on immigration qualifies as “hate speech”.

      Ron Paul and Rand Paul are presented as principled, responsible Conservatives and are given access to the Mainstream Media because they embraced Black Ruled America BRA.

    • Here’s the link to the God awful Ron Paul CSPAN interview from 1988 where a regular White guy caller from California called in to say that 3rd world immigration was destroying his state and he was seeing terrifying immigrants from India (Muslims) and Ron Paul proceeds to blow him off and pushes the Libertarian Party line that borders must not be controlled and any mass third world immigration is really good for America once his free market reforms are made (after Ron Paul is elected President on the Libertarian party ticket).

  2. My neighborhood is over-run with illegals already and they’re bringing in more. I had to really think about what RamZpaul was saying and yes, he is right.

  3. Dude, why did you put Discuss on? You just lost all of your commenters. A head’s up would have been nice.

    • Honestly, I was sick of reading the comment section, which had degenerated into boring hobby horse riding and sectarian religious feuds. By sticking with the old system while everyone else switched to Disqus, we were also ensuring that it would stay that way.

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