The Cost of the Union: Federal Judge Strikes Down Colorado Gay Marriage Ban

I’ve already explained at length why the average citizen no longer has any “voice” under the American system of government. The system that exists is anti-White, anti-Southern, anti-Christian, and anti-conservative. There is a logic to the way it unfolds that is purely destructive to everything we value.

You can’t be pro-American and pro-White, pro-South, pro-Christian, and pro-conservative without a conflict of interest. As long as the American system of government holds sway, the only fate awaiting people like us is certain doom.

Americanism has poisoned our culture.

Note: See the previous posts on Utah, Oklahoma, Texas, Idaho, Oregon, Kentucky, Virginia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

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  1. reading a column over at RT, it was noted that 130 TONS of pot are consumed annually, based on their insane law legalizing the ‘opiate of the masses.’

    It’s all part of a plot to keep White America addicted: to consumerism, to advocating sodomy, marijuana, illegal scum’s under-age spawn, or the ‘kindler, gentler’ area of electronic devices, (pods, pads, readers- well, the last not so much, as you actually have to THINK to read…) rather thanm actually building communities of faith, working toward obedience to God’s Law, living moral moderated lives, and kicking the Regime in the heinie where it deserves it.

    Over at VDare, they’re actually talking about (Gasp!?) ‘impeachment’….

    Hell, I was there two weeks BEFORE the Obamanation’s inauguration… his FIRST TERM.

    Where I am at right now, is utter, complete, total, irrevocable SECESSION.

    Deo Volente.

    End of story.

    God is SOOOO Done with this sorry-ass nation. Actually, close to damning it… or has He, already?

    Ann Barnhardt thinks ‘mais oui.’

    “The Marxist-satanic Obama regime is proceeding exactly according to plan. The last fifty years have seen the chessboard cleared of most of the defensive pieces. The King is heavily exposed, and is now in check.”


    And so do I.

  2. Yep, this country is going insane at the highest levels of leadership. You can’t defy the sane moral laws that build and preserve a civilization without destroying yourself. To paraphrase what the Apostle Peter said nearly 2000 years ago, “Save yourselves from this perverse nation”.

  3. Add one more State to the list that has fallen to Cultural Marxism. At least they’re not legalizing it, but I wonder how long that’s going to last.

    • It will be legalized in Colorado, over a hookah full of marijuana.
      Are there any gay bathhouses in Denver? BHO will need a place to celebrate.

  4. This issue of unelected Federal judges dictating homosexual marriage equality against the expressed wishes of the overwhelming majority of “our people” in the South and elsewhere – it’s political dynamite and should and must be used to bring us to real power. Nobody likes unelected Federal judges (lying lawyers!) . We would have to be fools not use, lead this issue.

    The League of the South and CoCC have been a bit slow on taking the lead here.

    My recommendation is:


    Like succession, nullification has strong appeal to Southerners, they did once before, do it again.

    State legislators in the South State governors vote to nullify Fed judges rulings, opinions on marriage laws in the South.

    Marriage laws in the South are determined by “We the People” in the South as represented by state legislators and governors in the South.

    There are so many populist, popular things we can do to inspire rebellion by Southerners to these wildly unpopular unelected federal judges. Pass laws that all Federal judges operating in the South must do two weeks of honest labor, picking up trash by the hi ways, harvesting crops, they should be taxed and fined and publicly insulted and humiliated. Have some fun with this. Rebellions are supposed to be fun.

    • Nullification is a waste of time:

      1.) Lots of states including Alabama have already “nullified” things like Obamacare and federal gun control laws.

      2.) It is nothing more than grandstanding in front of the conservative base, a type of token gesture, that sounds tough but which in reality has no teeth.

  5. I was having lunch the other day with a close friend of mine. Somehow the subject of 9/11 came up. He kinda chuckled about how close he was to joining the military back then. We agreed how patriotic we use to be. I didn’t expect him to agree with me, but I threw it out there, “How things have changed. Personally, I wouldn’t lift a finger to defend this country. My friends and family, yes, but not this Country” To my surprise, he got quiet, and said, “Yeah, you’re right. Neither would I.” I think a lot of people are becoming disillusioned with this country rather quickly. People are generally dissatisfied about its direction.

  6. I’m amazed it didn’t happen sooner. Colorado is nothing but the playground of the liberal yuppie SWPL refuse of America.

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