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  1. But Glenn Beck says we’re all cruel, hard hearted, bigoted and racist for protesting this invasion. He’s taking goodies down to the kiddie gangster dreamers. I hope he catches TB and dies.

    After a long time of trying to figure that goofball out, now I think I know the answer. It’s as simple as one word: Contrarian.

    • You do know that years ago Beck was talking about how he took a trip down South and was appalled at how backwards and racist we Southerners were? There’s nothing to figure out about this guy. He’s the living, breathing, walking epitome of attention whore.

      What’s Good for White America? It’s not feigning sympathy for illegal children while our legal children are slowly driven to third-world status. So apparently the answer to What’s Good for White America could never be Glenn Beck. Never was, never will be.

      • I don’t understand why media like Glenn Beck and Fox News can be so anti-Southern, when the people who watch their shows are Southrons.

        That’s why I like Alex Jones. He can sound crazy sometimes with his 9/11 and tap water views, but at least he calls out the powers that be and is pro-South (He’s a Texan, after all).

      • http://www.dailystormer.com/fake-patriot-jew-shill-talk-show-host-glenn-beck-to-bring-presents-and-meals-to-illegal-alien-invaders/

        ‘Fake patriot Jew shill talk show host and former drug abusing alcoholic Glenn Beck who has scammed millions of people into thinking he’s doing what’s best for America, now wants to give presents to the illegal alien invaders. Many of these so-called children as they call them are not really children. They’re invaders with some of them having affiliations to gangs and other nefarious organizations.

        I can’t comprehend why so many people follow this clown. Beck has one of the most annoying radio personalities on the fake Jew shill conservative talk radio circuit and his stances on many issues are often times hypocritically insane. He’s like some weird snake oil salesman who is getting his talking points from some Jew somewhere. If you watch his mannerisms there is even a good possibility that he’s a closet faggot.

        People should ask Beck why he isn’t using his resources to help out struggling White American children instead of these third world alien invaders. Beck is basically giving comfort and aid to enemy forces invading the country. For that he is a traitor.

        Beck is another controlled opposition pro-Jew, pro-Israel fraud who belongs in Tel Aviv not America.’

      • Beck is now living with the people he called “backwards and racist”. Beck lives in Bedford, a suburban city located in northeast Tarrant County, Texas, in the “Mid-Cities” area between Dallas and Fort Worth. It is a suburb of Fort Worth.

  2. Just shows to go you… there’s a businessman in China who will try to make money from any fad, and a brainless peasant somewhere who will oblige him. Every time.

  3. When I heard of Beck’s little stunt, I did a face palm. This cry baby moron only made the problem worse. His misguided charity will attract more border jumpers, and inspire other well meaning, but clueless idiots to bring down more aid that will aggravate an already dangerous crisis at our border.

  4. Beck has always been an antiwhite phony. Did anyone ever see that ridiculous series he had on the blacks who single-handedly won the Revotionary War?

  5. Yah know, I’d like to get a pair of Obama shoes. I’d put them on, sneak up on an illegal or an Obama supporter, and with a swift kick, insert both of them in their bum cheeks!

  6. Why don’t we start a campaign to have radio stations in the South take Glenn Beck off the air? It would not be hard for Wallace to create an email listing of such stations and encourage readers to demand his removal. We need to start fighting the enemy like they fight us – fight fire with even more fire and always strike first.

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