Australian Woman Who Married a Bridge Celebrates One Year Anniversary


All you need is love:

‘I have struggled this year – coming back to Australia without him was tough, in particular the sense of displacement, from building a life on the other side of the world that I hoped we could live together,’ Ms Rose wrote.

‘To facing my family and friends with only a conceptual husband, who can’t leave the banks of his river home. Trying to figure out how – and indeed if – I can fit back into Australian culture, or if I will find my place in this country again. …”

The moral of the story: there are no limits to concepts like “equal rights” and “marriage equality” which demonizes and destroys the ability of any society to distinguish, or “discriminate,” between the normal and the absurd.

Note: On a more serious note, a judge in Australia has decided that incest should no longer be taboo, an academic conference in the UK has concluded that pedophilia is natural and normal for males, and a federal judge in Utah has weakened that state’s ban on polygamy. The Huffington Post thinks “polyamory” might be the answer to your dating woes.

In Canada, the Canadian Supreme Court recently legalized prostitution for violating the rights of prostitutes to free expression, and the New York Times published an article called “What It Takes To Legalize Sex Work.” In Denmark, the Danish parliament has passed a law that forces churches to conduct “gay marriages.”

In the long term, you can have either the restraint on the sex drive that exists under a traditional Christian moral order, which channels sex into natalism and heterosexual monogamy, or you can have an Americanized liberal democracy, which elevates the “liberty” and “equality” of the individual above all other values.

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  1. Like a bridge over troubled water, we’re headin’ toward, incest, polygamy,, pedophilia, legalized prostitution, and lets not forget beastility. Lock up your dogs Hunter, the weirdo’s must come a courtin’!

  2. She married a bridge.

    I wonder if they’ve consummated the relationship yet.

    Oh well, it looks like we can add Australia to the list of countries that Putin needs to invade stat.

  3. Incest has actually been apart of Australian culture for a very long time, so that’s not that huge of a surprise. They even had scientific studies to prove that marrying cousins will not affect their child’s development.

    • LS, I just did a web search on incest in Oz, and sadly enough, you’re right about this repugnant subject.

  4. @When God Created America
    Amurricans are God’s special little people, self chosen and raised above all others. Where have we heard that one before? lol

    Well done. 🙂

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