Billionaires Lament Failure of Comprehensive Immigration Reform


Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Sheldon Adelson have published a joint editorial in the New York Times lamenting the failure of the House to pass Marco Rubio’s comprehensive amnesty bill which is dead until the next session of Congress.

“AMERICAN citizens are paying 535 people to take care of the legislative needs of the country. We are getting shortchanged. …”

Imagine an unlimited supply of cheap labor coolies from places like India and China displacing even “high tech workers” in Silicon Valley:

“A “talented graduate” reform was included in a bill that the Senate approved last year by a 68-to-32 vote. It would remove the worldwide cap on the number of visas that could be awarded to legal immigrants who had earned a graduate degree in science, technology, engineering or mathematics from an accredited institution of higher education in the United States, provided they had an offer of employment.”

Mark Zuckerberg poured millions into media buys in Republican districts to push “comprehensive immigration reform.” George Soros has spent more than $100 million dollars on pro-amnesty front groups. Michael Bloomberg, who is worth $27 billion dollars, is a strong supporter of “comprehensive immigration reform.” Last month, Rupert Murdoch wrote an editorial in the Wall Street Journal called “Immigration Reform Can’t Wait,” and Sheldon Adelson wrote an editorial in Politico after Eric Cantor’s defeat in Virginia. The Koch Brothers have long supported amnesty for illegal aliens.

Whether Left or Right, Republican or Democrat, Jew or Gentile, the billionaires in this country – the “1 percent” who rule the American oligarchy – overwhelmingly support amnesty for illegal aliens. The GOP establishment, the Obama administration, the Left, the SPLC, and the “1 percent” are on the same side of this issue.

Are they are on your side?

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    • Money has always been a coward and a traitor. The big money boys are afraid of losing it, so they will only back what they consider the ‘winning side’.

  1. I’m just glad comprehensive immigration reform (amnesty) hasn’t passed yet. Don’t know how long that will last, but I’m happy right now.

  2. Their editorial was in a newspaper partially owned by Carlos Slim, $72 billion.

    Bloomberg couldn’t tag along this time because he was too busy snarking that Colorado Springs and Pueblo have no roads.

    One of the hobby horses that the billionaires for amnesty club (which can be for shorthand shortened to “billionaires not named Trump or Perot”) keep trotting out about legislation is that the Gang Bangers of Eight bill got 68 votes in the Senate. (And personally, it would have gotten more but for some Senators not wanting to be on record voting for it. From what I could tell, it easily could have racked up 80 votes.) As if that’s supposed to mean anything, other than billionaires and donors are especially keen on pouring money money money into Senate campaign coffers, because Senate campaigns are expensive and there are only 100 Senators, so it’s an easy path to bribing the Federal government if you’re in that business.

      • Which has worked out so well in Britain, whose immigration policies are so much more racially patriotic and designed to protect the native born white citizenry than ours.

        End sarcasm.

        But you’re still right in that this donor class mania has to stop. Just enacting pure public financing really won’t make anything better. As long as political campaigns are so insanely expensive, the plutocrats will find some way to weasel themselves into the process.

        Therefore, the solution is to create public offices and create a constitutional structure such that the average person can afford to run for public offices that matter. It means no Presidency, if there is a Senate its members are chosen by state legislatures, and the House of Representatives, where all the action really should be, is vastly expanded in terms of the number of members.

        And also…only white people and at that only certain kinds of white people get to vote.

  3. The anti-White underside of latter day capitalism: profits come before my people, White people. They look like us (except for Sheldon) but have no loyalty to us.

  4. Anti-Whitism is a mental perversion. This sickness dates back to the Middle
    Ages and further. Where people thought they were pure, if they hated
    themselves. Monks and Nuns whipped themselves with thorns and wore hair
    shirts, because they thought God likes it, when they hurt themselves.
    Sounds perverse, right? The Catholic Church seems to think so as well,
    since they banned the practice last century.

    Well that is the anti-White mentality to a T. Self hate and self harm makes one “pure”.

    Either way, these sick freaks and their descendents do not get to keep the money
    they made doing this to Whites. That’s what we have to make clear to our
    leaders now. Step 1. Get our White nation. Step 2. Hunt down and take
    everything from the rich, that made money destroying our former White

  5. Cheap labor does make sense, when you consider that most of these zillionaires have a pretty short time horizon, they only think a few years ahead, and while they did become rich not needing to do it off the backs of “the world’s dregs,” they think they’ll become even more rich if they can do that. That and look around you: A big chunk of the world’s dregs are already here, and people have already gotten rich off their backs.

  6. Big business and conservatism (i.e. the ones not bought and paid off) haven’t been allied for a long time.

    Who would love to “tax those assholes at 100%?” The assholes themselves. Because they’ll never pay 100% marginal rates. They’ll find some way out of it, but expect you to pay 100% of your $40,000 a year income.

  7. These photos should be on wanted posters. The billionaires are doing more to destroy our country than all the Blacks in Detroit simply because we have allowed them to gain so much power over our society. Once you possess more money than you need to buy the things you want, the only thing left to buy is power. These types will soon rule the world if we let them. Some might say that they already rule the world. I do not think so, not yet. Our people still have the ultimate power if we can only wake them out of the stupor that has been imposed on them. The fact that WE are awake proves that it can be done. Take heart, let’s get up off our asses and do it.

  8. Adelson is one of the “Big Four” in Las Vegas who keep Harry Reid in office. He’s a sleazy dual citizen Talmud. The Meyer Lansky of our time.

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