Pat Buchanan on Judicial Monarchy

I agree with the point Pat Buchanan is making here, but I dislike Pat’s characterization of the problem as a “judicial monarchy.”

To my knowledge, no monarch in human history, even the Neros and Caligulas (or even fictional caricatures like King Joffrey Baratheon), ever decreed anything as silly as “gay marriage.” It’s unfair to lay “gay marriage” at the doorstep of King George III. Rather, this is the bitter fruit of the proposition nation that the American Founders built on “self-evident truth” that “all men are created equal.”

Note: It’s no coincidence that all the Western countries which are in the throes of cultural decline and demographic suicide are liberal democracies. That’s the inevitable outcome of the republican form of government.

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    • There have been lots of fools, madmen, and homosexual kings throughout history, but generally speaking their particular vices have tended to remain their own vices which expired with their ignominious reign, and they have been far less successful in permanently damaging the traditional social fabric than modern liberal democracies.

  1. Whatever Amerika does, all the other White countries follow. They know what happens if they don’t.

    “The nations said to be part of the “Soviet Empire” were independent
    countries with separate governments that set their own policies, but
    those policies had to remain within certain limits decided by the Soviet
    Union. Failure to stay within the limits could result in military
    intervention by the Warsaw Pact.”

  2. Construing Thomas Jefferson words to mean racial and gender equality is a vast and egregious misrepresentation. Even he would have disagreed with that.

    • It doesn’t matter. The ideas that they (the founders) represented were worded in a way that they could be used by this current filth that rules over us to promote by force what they do and justify it by using the libertine principles of the founders. The founders failed. I agree they could not have known this was going to happen but ultimately, their libertine ideas have destroyed the West. Period. End of story.

      The pro-monarchy voices were correct and you do not have to do anything more than look around your own neighborhood to prove it

  3. We haven’t had a republic since at least 1913. We have had a plutocratic oligarchy masquerading as a pluralistic democracy.

  4. “Rome was one of the few republics in history and it wasn’t too bad (actually it was pretty hardcore). The Empire killed it.”

    That’s the point, though. Just like Rome and France, the US has turned from a Republic into an Empire. If Republics continue to change into Democracies and Empires, than it tells me that people in general can not sustain a Republic. We are to conclude, then, that a Republic is not a feasible form of government, because it only lasts a couple generations.

    What form of government *would* work, and last, I have no idea.

    • “What form of government *would* work, and last, I have no idea.”

      Not a serious answer, but I read a book where a man went into the far future and the government they had there, was an Artificial Intelligence. They programmed the Constitution into a computer at the start and it made all the laws.

      So no greedy capitalists buying votes and bringing in cheap labor, no leftist pressure groups, no foreigners subverting government, no RINOs, no low IQ voters putting fools in power.

      If only it were possible.

    • I don’t think any form of government can absolve us of the cycles of history. I just know that we need a separate territory for our people right now.

    • Adopt a genetic engineering program to create a naturally high-IQ, conservative population and the form of government would be irrelevant; they would all work. We already have the technology to begin doing this.

  5. I
    agree. I get sick of morons who always use the word “monarchy” in a negative context.
    It really is the sign of a libertine. The idea that more liberty can take us out
    of this mess is ludicrous. Unfortunately, “conservatives” who are almost all
    libertines for the most part never bother to think before flapping their gums.
    If they really sat down and thought about they things they say and do, it would
    be one huge display of contradictions. In reality, a monarchy is the only thing
    that can preserve the things they claim they want to preserve.

    cannot defeat the current monster of America while increasing your support
    and championing of liberty/freedom. It is why conservatives never win. They
    actually love the thing they claim they hate.

    is forever guilty of this despite his appeals to sanity.

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