Ain’t That America: Introducing Captain America

Captain America Falcon Marvel

Two years ago, D.C. comics announced that The Green Lantern is a homosexual. Two days ago, Marvel announced that Thor is now a tranny. But what can top that? Captain America himself is now a negro!

Tranny Thor and Negro Captain America … OD readers were so taken with the pairing that several of you wrote to me to point out that the couple belonged together in the Ain’t That America series as the perfect avatar of Americanism.

Update: I’m told that Spiderman is now black/Hispanic. I’ve never followed comic books, but this is still another cultural milestone in ‘Murika and the ideal it represents.

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  1. And we will find out that Superman is an alien just across the border, instead of being from outer space!

  2. Superman has already renounced his american citizenship, perhaps they are regretting that decision.

  3. So, apparently Captain America is drained of his powers, and becomes old. So, he gives his costume to another super hero (the black guy) who already has an identity as Falcon.

    Why couldn’t Falcon stay Falcon, and some other guy who’s like…oh I don’t know, a relative of Captain America become the new one? I mean, the black guy’s already a super hero, so why does he need to be Captain America? Robin has died, and was replaced; but Robin wasn’t replaced by another super hero’s sidekick, like Speedy; he was replaced by another boy who wasn’t already a sidekick.

    Why do they need to change already existing heroes? Why can’t they just make new ones, instead of ruining the classics?

    btw, the comic book industry has always been run by Liberals:

    • I actually have that issue (well, a reprint). The writer, Dennis O’Neil, was certainly one kooky little liberal. In that issue Green Arrow acts like a Ghost of Christmas Present, showing Green Lantern the insidious underbelly of a city built on the ‘order’ Green Lantern upholds. Green Lantern had earlier defended a fat white ‘slumlord’ against a negro mob (iirc) but Green Arrow opens Green Lantern’s eyes to the plight of the evicted tenants and the slumlord’s ‘wickedness.’ Since there’s nothing immoral about being a property owner, however, the slimy O’Neil had to invent a background for the slumlord as being involved in illegal activities, as though corruption were the only way to come into money. Hindsight demonstrates it was deplorably true that O’Neil could rely on his readers to ignore the logical conflation between property and corruption and instead indulge their emotional reactions to the ‘injustice.’

  4. Wasn’t Captain America invented to fight Nazis? Totally appropriate to make him a non-standard American.

    This much I agree with the leftists — they can have postwar American identity; we’ll take the pre-war White American identity.

  5. The only thing that matters is Partition. It is THE strategic imperative. The idea is spreading that we can no longer “take back America”.

  6. As I said, comics are the iconic definition of what it is to be of a certain people. If you ever needed any confirmation that Obummer and Eric ‘my people’ Holder are RE-DEFINING “AMERICAN,” here is your iconic proof.

    This is overt, and covert, GENOCIDE, ladies and gents. OF US – U.S.

    As the book says, “It’s Not the End of the World, It’s Just the End of You: The Great Extinction of the Nations.” Trouble is, even THIS book is written by a Jew, and his Judaized, satanic worldview (having tried to slog through this apologia for Jewishness sua, I speak from experience) suffuses all of his writings, even as he presumes to be White- like some on this blog…

    Aren’t you Dixie folk wanting to secede? What are y’all waiting for?

  7. Captain America died, didn’t he? He was shot by a sniper? (I’m not enough of a nerd to remember these things).

    I heard the new Fantastic Four will feature a negro “Johnny Storm”… How his sister can be the white “Sue Storm” is anyone’s guess…

  8. The black Captain America isn’t exactly coming out of nowhere. The Falcon has been a Black guy since the beginning and in the story original Capt America is getting too old so the Falcon is getting promoted to the Captain America position.

    Woman Thor is fraked up.

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