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    • Do not joke about Boudicca. They will attempt to nigger her up. The reality is that Rome probably brought in darks.

      • I could see her becoming some sort of feminist, if she wasn’t already one.

        I guess the edgier thing would be to make her a *shudders* Lesbian.

  1. the utter Jewishness of depicting ANY White literary, historical, or iconic figure as a dumb-ass, ugly N*gger, is vulgar beyond belief. And will not be forgotten, come the Revolution.

    Two can play at that game. Never forget, and never forgive… until their carcasses lie at your feet. Like Puccini’s Tosca says of Scarpia, ‘NOW I forgive you!’

  2. It is not so good as an african Heimdall or black Merlin, but the BBC’s “neo-Musketeers” are quite interesting too:


    In this new series we discover that Porthos came from Puerto Rico:


    You can always dispossess euros of their cultures. They cannot oppose it: that would be racist.

    On the other hand, this push to extend euro-themes and euro-heroes to the rest of the world could be considered racism too. I will have to consult my nearest neocommie activist so that he clarifies this point.

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