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  1. He’s right America is under attack, but he’s wrong about the time
    frame, since the Population War began decades ago. US Whites will be
    treated like Palestinians in 20-30 years, if they don’t wise up. But will they?

  2. http://www.barnhardt.biz/2014/07/22/deep-heaving-sigh/

    Do we really have to have ANY discussion over this anymore. Any- I repeat, ANY non-white does not BELONG in this nation. Any – I doubly repeat- ANY non-Christian should be IMMEDIATELY transported back to their nation of birth.
    Any my quoting Ann Barnhardt (a trad. RC) should even shut up folk like converso Dalton, who says he is a Christian [Rev. 2:9].

    John de Nugent has even teamed up with a Black Man who is (he says) ‘Aryan in spirit’ and who sees a certain tribal element from the Levant as THE problem with all of this ‘multiculturalism.’

    If Ann’s column, or Nugent’s new ‘friends’ don’t change your p.o.v., how about the case in ENGLAND, where a Muslim jihadi tried to CUT OFF A MAN’S HAND for simple theft?

    Oh, the ‘enriching’ that Hagarenes and Deicides have brought to Anglo America!

    No creo yo!

    • Fr. J., I’m afraid I don’t understand your animosity toward me. I have never gone out of my way to antagonize you. Granted, I certainly disagreed with you, like I disagreed with others on this blog, but I never went out of my way to start a flame war or vilify someone. And your latest slur “converso” is down right asinine. I never converted from Judaism. My previous religions I converted from were the Lutheran and Anglican churches. I was totally unaware of any Jewish ancestry until I’ve been a Catholic for a decade. And when I did find out , I thought it was interesting in understanding my families history, but I considered the Scot-Irish on my father’s side and the Saami on my mother’s side to be far more important than any Jewish heritage. I was never raised Jewish, I have no social or religious ties to any Jewish group or organization, and because Judaism is Anti-Christian, I have no desire to have them. Emotionally and spiritually, my ethnic ties are with the Scot-Irish and Saami because that’s what informed and shaped my conception of myself and the world as a child and an adult. Again, I don’t understand your animosity toward me. Judging by your previous post on various things, you seem to seek out reasons to dislike people or things. That’s a sour, bitter way to go through life. Lighten up, fella and put on a happy face!

      • If you deny your Deicide ancestors, repent of your past, and abjure yourself of any ‘chosenite’ status, then I apologize. But, you did bring it up on this forum, and it was bandied about. If, in following that thread, I gave it more importance than even you did, I apologize.

        But I have learned from hard experience, that many ‘Jews’ never, ever transcend their racial supremacism, no matter how pious they may appear, until (like the older baptismal formularies required) they covenantally repudiate that tainted past.

        If that is the case, mea culpa. Seriously.

        As to the charge of ‘disliking people or things,’ I loathe heresy and error. Sadly, heretical propositions lie dormant in books, and only come to life, when given utterance by sinful and perverse men. If a person utters heresy, he becomes the Incarnated representative of that Heresy, and is therefore, anathema to myself, a priest dedicated to stamping out that heresy. As an RC, you should understand that position. If you do not, perhaps reading Ann Barnhardt’s website will give you insights into what we RC’s prior to Vatican ‘Ewww’ used to hold as normative, and it might help you understand. Pax.

        • Fr. John, like I explained in my previous post, I didn’t even know I had Jewish ancestors until late in life. The closest I came to practicing the Jewish religion was when I was in the World Wide Church Of God cult founded by Herbert Armstrong. That group was a Judaizing sect. However, I repudiated all the teachings of the sect back in the early 80’s, and a few years after that, I discovered what the Jewish religion was really like, and I learned to abhor it. I’m grateful that I found out the truth about it, because I’ve noticed some folks will revert to the religion of their Jewish ancestors when they find out. Thankfully, I was inoculated by the truth a decade and a half before I found out, so I didn’t revert.
          I have no delusions of grandeur about “Jewish supremacy”. The history of Jews and Judaism since 33 AD is one of blunders, foul ups and tragedies. So, you don’t have to worry about that from me.
          Your “mea culpa” is graciously accepted by me. The only reason a brought that up in the first place is that I kept seeing certain wrong ideas about Jews being bandied about. The main one was that they’re behind everything that goes wrong in the world. While they’re certainly responsible for a lot of crap that goes down, they’re not the only players in the game. And this idea that they’re all powerful is ridiculous. They only have power and influence when the other nations in the world allow them to have it. Otherwise, they would only be rag pickers, and second hand merchants like most of their ancestors were.
          I understand where you’re coming from about loathing heresy and error and a person becoming an incarnated representative of that heresy. Many heresies are named after their founders. And I certainly loathe and detest Herbert Armstrong and his heresies. BTW, a lot of my attitudes are Pre-Vatican Ewwe already. I read and support blogs and apostolates that want the traditional faith restored and V II thrown into the ash heap of history.

        • Dear Logan,
          In the South, of my childhood, there were plenty with anti-Catholic sentiment. During that time, it sort of was mantra of dislike and distrust for ‘Commies’, ‘Negroes’, ‘Jews’, and ‘Papists’.
          (Italians and Hispanic were loathed by many, too, though they were, never, at the top of the list, in North Carolina)

          As we did not talk, in those days, about gays and transgenders, they were not on the list.

          In North Carolina, the KKK were in every other county, and, not far from us, on the outskirts of the town, Smithfield, was a huge and boldly red sign, with a hooded white knight upon it ; and, if memory serves, it said…

          The Knights of the KKK welcome you to Smithfield.
          Help fight Commies Jews, Negoes, and Papists.

          This was, of course, way before your time, but, many, particularly Southerners, outside of a few Catholic-rich areas like New Orleans, Mobile, and Charleston, in those days were so wary of Roman Catholics, that the 1960 election produced the largest electoral turnout, in modern history – 60%.

          A lot of that turnout was to vote against Kennedy – particularly in the South – though, the then Yankeee presidential candidate had repeatedly said, in press conferences and ashaking a million hands, that, ‘I am for the separation of powers and state.’

          Many, a sizeable minority, were convinced that The Pope was trying to get control of this country, and was a big threat – though, not nearly as big as ‘communism’.

          Anti-Catholic and anti-semitic sentiment have, both, become the exception, rather than the rule, but, it was not always like that.

          • Maybe it’s because most Yankees were Catholic; so hating Catholics was proxy for hating Yankees.

            I’ve seen a Military Channel documentary about the mafia help getting Kennedy elected, because he was a Catholic. How, during the Civil Rights era, Italian Mafia types were the ones who bussed blacks down to the South, and how some Mafia people killed and tortured KKK members.

            Kennedy must not have cared too much for the separation of powers and state for him to force laws on the South, that we did not want.

  3. Please adhere to OD’s comment guidelines that strictly for bits off topic hobby horse riding.

    This post has nothing to do with White vs White Christian denomination sectarian hatreds.

    If you are healthy, sane, pro Southern and a racial realist, that’s all good. We don’t care about what church you are from. The tops of almost all American Christian denominations are now corrupt, strongly anti Southern, anti White. The a president of the Southern Baptists is now Black African American he took Al Sharpton’s side in the Trayvon Martin hoax. The new Catholic Pope is a pro Muslim, pro Third World immigration to the West Liberation Theology liberal – all bad.

    We need to concentrate on good, productive activism, form new institutions and not live in the past.

    The American world of 1960 does not exist now, the divisions of 50 years ago between various White American look foolish or even insane, same as the US Cold War against our kinsmen the Russians.

    If you see or hear any Old Americans now going off about how we must now fight the Russians over Ukraine, simply have them committed to a retirement home or an insane asylum.

  4. LS, I’ll be 62 years old on July 28th. I left Herb&Co. 33 years ago, so yah, I’m old, but Herpes Armstrong and his cult are dead.
    My attitude about the South changed because when I started to do genealogical research on my family, it became apparent that most of the extended family was Southron. My branch of Clan Dalton is from Pittsylvania Co., Va. The more I studied the family history, the more I learned about the South. The more I learned about the South, the more I learned that a lot of things taught to me in school, in the newspapers, magazines about the South, weren’t true at all. Especially when at came to racial issues. The real racial history of the South, especially the Reconstruction period, was an eye opener for me. It explained to me why race relations were so poor over the years. The Yankee meddling , IMO, was the biggest factor in keeping the racial pot stirred up over the years. Their unrealistic ideas on racial equality that has been forced down the throats of all Americans has caused most of the racial problems in this country. Blacks and whites will always have troublesome relationships, but to force one race to believe in the equality of another, when all the evidence is to the contrary, is a sure fire way to insure ever worsening racial relationships. This is one of the biggest changes that took place in changing my outlook on the South.

    • Do you have any opinion on historical events that you lived through, and witnessed; ww2, civil rights, cold war, 90’s, turn of the century, and what you think the future will look like for the South?

      How much has the South changed throughout the 20th and early 21st century?

  5. Fr. John, I’m well aware that there were “erudite Anglicans” and Professional people who were British Israelites in the Anglo-American history of this movement. However, to the best of my knowledge, none of them were experts in the fields of ancient history, anthropology, archeology, linguistics, or biology. Most of them, if not all of them, just took scriptures out of context, and said, this is where the lost tribes went to. They never did any serious research in these other fields to prove their idea. No ancient Hebrew, Greek, or Roman historian ever mentioned a mass migration of ‘Lost Israelites’ to Northern or Central Europe. These folks were in a position to know who was where and who went where in the ancient world, and if they knew of any mass migration from the Middle East to Europe, they would have recorded it. Also, no DNA research has, to date, proven that the nations claimed to be of the lost 10 tribes, have any known Jewish haplotypes in their DNA in mass quantities. So to me, the BI/CI idea is a belief based on bad Biblical interpretation, and the shoehorning of that belief into legitimate history.

    • When all DNA studies have had as their presuppositions that only ‘Jews’ are Semites, of course they won’t ‘find the data.’ But then, neither did Lysenko, and he was believed in the last Jewish Bolshevik Empire, until wiser minds said, ‘This is propaganda.’ I’m waiting for that day, and rejoice to see the dismantling of the Jewish Lies.

      • Fr. John+, I believed in this stuff 40 years ago. I rejected it for these reasons. 1. Lack of cultural markers. There’s no trace of Hebrew customs such as circumcision, clean and unclean meats, religious holy days, annual festivals, Hebrew names for persons and things among the ancient people of Europe. 2. The ancient histories of Europe, as recorded by Hebrew, Greek, and Roman historians, show the people of Europe are largely the descendants of Noah’s son Japheth. If there were any traces of a series of migrations from the Middle East, these guys would have taken notice of it and mentioned it in their books. See http://www.imninalu.net/imininalu.htm and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sons_of_Noah#Table_of_nations for a more traditional view of the identity of the sons and descendants of Noah. 3. If you’re hoping for DNA conformation of the Hebrew descent of the Northern and Central European nations, I’m afraid you won’t ever have it. Jews and Gentiles have intermarried for centuries. So, you’re going to find known Jewish DNA haplotypes in Gentile families and vice versa. But, the majority of the European people will have distinctively European haplotypes, such as R1b, not Middle Eastern ones such as J or H. So, don’t waste your time on BI/CI Fr.John+,instead, start digging into some real history.

        • Mr Dalton, I know all this. And I know, too, that until one realizes that studies have NOT been done in areas because people didn’t NEED to posit the uniqueness of White, Adamic Man as distinct from all other hominids, the folly of thinking the Chinaman, Negro, or Hottentot my supposed ‘brother’ still is just that- an unmitigated, universalist, heretical folly. YHWH God created ONE people, ONE race, ONE covenant seed- through Adam 1(ha-adawm) and Adam 2 (Yeshua Ha-Mashiach). Only those who are of this seed, and who ‘keep themselves unspotted from the world,’ will inherit the kingdom. Moreover, of that ‘elect race,’ that ‘holy seed,’ only those who by faith and deeds,

          You know all this, but many don’t. And I have come to the conclusion that the greatest Heresy Rome has pontificated (besides her departure from conciliar Orthodoxy) is the utter blasphemy that the Nigger is my ‘brother.’ It is not. The Englishmen of the 19th Century knew more than you, or the modernist roman filioquist cult will ever know- there are ‘lesser races’ and to consider anyone but Adamic mankind the recipient of those blessings (which, coincidentally, only began to become [pseudo] ‘gospel,’ once Rome assumed ‘universal jurisdiction’ in the wake of her schism via Humbert.

        • Part 2 – Part 1 Below

          From the first paragraph (Sorry typing on a tablet in a foreign country-not easy, in other words) “…of that elect race, that ‘hold seed,’ only those who by faith and deeds show themselves to be faithful to the Law of God, while being of that Elect Seed, are the ‘True Ecumene.’ This solves the problem of the ‘one and many’ that confused both the specific, five-point, ‘only the Dutch, or the Scots, or the Ulster Irish Calvinists, and (on the other side) the universalists in Rome whose only claim for salvation, was mere submission to the pope – and that, from every turd worlder out there!

          No, salvation is through race (the Adamic) by Grace (Gal. 2:8,9) but never for all- for only a few be saved, and not all hominids are the ‘all men’ St. Paul talks about, but only those ‘faithful judeans you see in Acts 1, and the white Adamic “Gentiles” of the lost Ten Tribes.

          You would rather believe a sodomite-friendly fraud like Franky the Last, Jewish evolutionists who control all media, rather than the historic POSSIBILITY I might be right? You’ve gone too far to the opposite end of things. Seeking specific salvation by NOT being a Jew, you deny ANYONE ELSE THE POSSIBILITY OF BEING THE ‘Israel of God’! [Gal. 6:16] Stephen, I misjudged you. You are not a Jew, you are merely a racial mamzer- which is even worse.

          • Fr. John+, you’re not right. I’ve read the Sagas, some of the ancient historians on the early Europeans, and the latest DNA research on European genetics, and none of these sources confirm the BI/CI beliefs. I’m not the one denying the possibly of anyone else being what you call the Israel of God, the actual facts of history and DNA research deny the thesis of the European people being flesh and blood Israelites. Ethnic identity is important to me, but my Christian Identity is based on my faith in Christ, not my ethnic identity. To confuse the two leads to trouble. The Jews made that mistake, and neglected faith in God. Religion should not subvert ethnic identity, but neither should ethnic identity be confused with religious identity.

          • Really? Then why are we not having massive retractions of the ‘Out of Africa’ scenario, by every non-White, non-Khazar out there?


            It’s because they are NOT US! And we are the ‘first born from the dead,’ if you read your Bible. WE are the folk of Christendom, not the Nigger savage, or the Chink, or the Hottentot!

            It’s only because you have fallen for the ‘same BS, different day’ blather of Universalist Rome, as opposed to Universalist Americanism, or Universalist Talmudism, that I am so angry with you.

            If the White Man, the sons of Heber (For what is Iberia, Hibernia, and all the other allusions in White lands, to the folk of the Hebrews) are not the Sons of God, then WHO is?

            The Jews? Puh-leez. You are blind, because you think you have found ‘the truth’ in Rome. Sorry, been there, bought the kool-aid, took the Matrix pill, long before you did!

            Modern Evolutionary ‘science’ (see column above) is rife with AGENDAS. You cannot say you have objective, factual DNA proof, when even THIS bogus scenario has YET to be repudiated, of those whose IDEOLOGY still wants Whites to be genocided via the ‘One race, the human race’ BS!!!

            It doesn’t matter if it’s Carl Sagan, Stephen Jay Gould, or Ken Ham. I DON’T BELIEVE THEIR LIES.

            And I think, if you had a brain in your head, you’d see that a fellow sexagenarian shouldn’t fall for that baloney.

          • Fr. John+, childish tirades and insults will not convince me that you’re right. It might work on people in a religious cult who are spiritually, morally, and intellectually isolated from the outside world, but it doesn’t work on me. I’ve read widely since leaving my cult over 30 years ago, and I’m not impressed by someone who rants and raves at me to believe it or else. Only solid proof will sway me. You have not offered me anything but your cerititude that you are right. Sorry, but you will have to do better than that. Since I’m pretty sure you can’t do better than that, I’m ending this discussion before it because a flame war. Have a nice day!

  6. Fr. John+, I said I wasn’t going to continue a flame war, but I do have some questions for you. You have always made the claim that you’re an Orthodox priest. If that is so, please tell me the following. Your real name. The name of your parish church. The name of your bishop. The name of your synod. If you can’t submit any of these, I must assume your claim of being an Orthodox priest are unprovable. If I don’t have any evidence to examine, I can’t say yes or no about your claims of being a priest. And your belief in Christian Identity/British-Israelism makes your claim of being an Orthodox priest highly doubtful to me. As an Orthodox priest, you’re only authorized to teach the Orthodox faith, not the beliefs of the heretical groups that expound BI/CI. Somehow, I don’t think your bishop (if your actually have one), would be very pleased with you for teaching this from the pulpit or in private conversations.

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