Democracy: The God That Failed

Judge Andrew Napolitano has written an interesting article called, “What If Democracy Is a Fraud?”

“What if you were allowed to vote only because it didn’t make a difference? What if no matter how you voted the elites always got their way? What if the concept of one person/one vote was just a fiction created by the government to induce your compliance? …”

Note: I’ve touched on many of the same themes here. There has been a revival of interest in the merits of monarchy vs. democracy.

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  1. Hoppe’s book ‘Democracy, the God that failed’ was the book I was reading on a bright September Day in 2001. yup. THAT DAY. And the scales fell from my eyes soon afterwards, and I was never the same again. Thanks Mr. Hoppe. Tausend Mal.

  2. Go watch Guns & Roses “Paradise City” video. Tens of thousands of Whites united in celebration. Now our teens worship & fuck niggers.

  3. 1. I’ve never seen a more un-libertarian economic philosopher like HHH be described as a libertarian in so many places. I wish he would demand that people quit referring to him with that word, and come up with a new word to describe his school of thought.

    2. I won’t want to start another republic versus monarchy argument. I will admit that the more I see being mindful of real world circumstances, the more I conclude that the various white peoples of the world are going to need at least a relatively brief period of patriotic nationalist strong men wielding pens and phones in order to save our civilization. It’s after that happens that the “where do we go from here” debate of republic versus monarchy becomes crucially important. It’s just not relevant right now.

    3. HHH brought up the concept of hereditarian ownership of a house. He was right in what he said, but he forgot a crucial element: The people that genuinely own their house (even if “ownership” is in the mortgage and equity accruing sense) don’t have just an interest in maintaining their house for their own distant future and for the future of the people that are destined to inherit it and future generations of their own gene line, they have a direct incentive to make sure the entire neighborhood remains quality and livable and pleasant. Extrapolating that to an entire country run by a patriotic nationalist hereditarian monarchy, the incumbent king or queen isn’t just invested in good government or good governance at the moment, he or she wants a consummately quality country. Just as the hereditarian homeowner wouldn’t want a black-filled Section 8 apartment complex to be built on an empty parcel over in the next block, the hereditarian governor wouldn’t want the cores of his or her cities to become a conga line of Bell Curve Cities.

    4. The delta between 20th century prosperity and 19th century property had very little to do with form of government and most everything to do with blossoming technology.

  4. Good Lord, even the Fox News people are starting to wake up. That’s a bad sign, a real bad sign, because when the good people stop believing in Democracy and The Constitution things are definitely falling apart.

    And yet people are pretty addicted to democracy. People want to feel somewhat free of restraint, and a democratic government does have less restraint. A high quality population can tolerate this, but not a lower-quality one. A white USA could tolerate democracy, because the population was well-behaved enough that a low level of restraint was not chaotic.

    As we are now seeing, Central America cannot tolerate democracy. The kind of hard hand necessary to rule such countries will not be acceptable to a population that needs it.

    • How are we seeing Central America can’t tolerate democracy? Except for where America-mania is barging in and ruining traditional ways (with Washington attempting to annex Panama in particular) Central America, indeed Latin America, seem to be in better shape than any other period this baby boomer can remember. Honduras is a hellhole, yes, but BZ other places seem very stable compared to the evil days of the 1980s etc.

      I’ve been to PA and CR, have studied others intensely in concert with people spending a lot of time down there, and IMHO you Americanization is the main curse on them. Sure, health care improves but the cost of living goes up up up and every country will get addicted to Coke and Eminem.

  5. What if you were allowed to vote only because it didn’t make a difference?

    Looks like someone just turned fifteen-and-a-half. Congratulations, “Judge.”

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