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  1. Well, well well! I have a certain way of thinking. On seeing this video, all I could think was, “Those fine young antifa people need a good WN dealer selling them good smack at only a little above cost.”

    Now suppose WN are going to have a street rally one day, and we don’t want antifa to show up? Mr. WN smack dealer disappears a week before. The antifas spend their time scrambling, looking for drugs, rather than opposing WN rally.

  2. “Hard to believe they are White…”

    “They’re not!”

    ( John Wayne character in The Searchers on White captives rescued from Comanchees and they are acting and talking crazy Indian and the women have bee defiled)

  3. Is it a prerequisite to live dirty, act dirty, and be just a generally dirty and sloppy person to be an antifa toe-touching clown?

    Hold on a minute! I forget that I’ve been around these types of people many, many times throughout my life, so I have a good idea of what makes them tick. Many of them really are horrible, unstable and self-absorbed people who generally have a high degree of emotional retardation. Practically all of their empathy comes from an exaggerated self-opinion and an off-the-charts level of fear of having their beliefs and “facts” called into question.

  4. The liberal policies ANTIFA supports is the very same reason they dig in garbage cans and are hooked on Drugs. Liberalism and libertarianism is their problem. Nationalism based on Christian Moral Values is the solution to their problem. Deo Vindice !

  5. Genuine Fascists would beat the living daylights out of these jew lead marxist’s communist degenerates. George Soros is a Capitalist marxist Billionaire jew and he funds these filthy trash picking whores because they are white. He does this to belittle the White European race that he wants to destroy. The only way to win is to beat some sense into these morons and sent all the jews packing to the promised land. Ship them all to the GAZA coast and let them have a nice exodus walk through the waste land of Gaza before they get to a nice air-conditioned villa paid for by US. What ever happened to Benjamin Judea? He was Jefferson Davis financial genius and I think he ran off to the promised land with what ever US Confederate gold was left in 1865.

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