Obama’s War on Coal Comes To Alabama


It’s not enough to open the borders and give millions of illegal aliens work permits to compete for Southern jobs in a depressed economy … Obama also has to kill the coal industry in Alabama with his executive orders:

“BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Alabama Power announced Friday that federal environmental mandates are forcing them to close two of the state’s coal-fired units and transition two others from coal to natural gas, resulting in a reduction in workforce that the company hopes to avoid by transferring employees to other locations.

Because of rules tied to federal environmental regulations, Alabama Power will close two smaller coal units at Plant Gorgas in Walker County. Two more units at Plant Barry, in Mobile County, will cease using coal but will remain available on a limited basis using natural gas. A third coal unit at Barry will begin using gas, but its capability will not be impacted as significantly as the other two units, according to a release by Alabama Power. …”

Note: The South is experiencing record cold temperatures this summer. We’re also having an unusually mild hurricane season.

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  1. Look how “green” everything is next to that plant. We live in the most retarded nation in the world ruled by complete and total morons. Of course, what more could you expect from a nation that puts someone like Obama as their president.

    • The technology to burn coal with little particulate NOx and SOx emissions has existed for over 25 years. Advanced coal plant designs have thermal efficiency breaking the 50% mark (natural gas tops out in the low 60% range). Natural gas really shouldn’t be used for the majority of our power generation as natural gas is an important chemical base stock and is a convenient home heating fuel. The technology has improved that natural gas can now be cost effectively turned into light fuel oils and gasoline. Lower grade fuels such as bituminous coal, lignite, and petroleum coke should be relied on more for our non-nuclear base-load power.

  2. Hunter, I feel for you folks in Bama. We’re having a real cold summer here in Illinois too. Our temperatures during the night drop to the low 60’s or high 50’s. At least we have a lot of insulation in our houses up here to offset the cost of heating fuel. You folks in the South however, never needed all that much in your homes to stay cool or warm. Now thanks to the madman we have in the White House, you’re going to have record prices for heating fuel and electricity. And since wages and salaries are not as high as they are in the North, that’s going to hurt a lot of low income folks big time. And the illegal immigrants that will be coming in will be in competition with them for those jobs. And sadly, the government will give the illegals all kinds of aid so they can get those jobs and subsidies for their housing and gas and electric bills, but none for the hard working whites who built and have maintained this country!

  3. This is a real mess. Our friend Richie Trumka is like a monster coal truck stuck in the mud spinning his wheels and going nowhere. Richie who is a former President of the UMWA, and current President of the AFLCIO continues to support the leftoid Obama cabal, and the Jewish/socialist/communist faction in the AFLCIO. Even though Obama has done little or nothing for the AFLCIO where, and when it counts. A John L. Lewis or a Phil Murray would have been chopping heads with a chainsaw in the ranks of the AFLCIO by now. Richie should also consider why every Roman Catholic bastard in Latino America has become our White Protestant problem? I realize Richie is a Polish-Italian Catholic, but, his forefathers benefited from the immigration cut off of the 1920’s. Why import poverty, then or now. Can you imagine how bad the Great Depression would have been with unlimited immigration.

  4. You can also add in a ‘war on wood’. The new EPA regulation will effectively ban most new wood stove installations. This is especially odious for the Northeast which is facing blackouts due to retirement of coal and nuclear plants while having not expanded its gas pipeline capacity. There isn’t enough capacity to keep gas fired power plants going as well as supply heating fuel. People will need a secondary heat source if / when the power goes out. The Regime is making sure that will no longer be an alternative.

  5. Alabama workers know all about it. We have members in northwest Alabama who tell this story like a story out of the Great Depression. This is the reason why you don’t want Big Government running your lives. States’ Rights is still around….seems like state elected officials don’t care about the 10th Amendment because they like that federal money for their special programs way to much. Just another reason why Alabama and the rest of the South should be an independent nation focused on the working class not the American Empire and United Nations. Free The South !

  6. My simple question is this? Why does everyone treat these tyrannical, illegal executive orders as though they have the force of law? When will Southerners finally admit that they are held captive by a lawless regime, that they suffer by the association, and finally piss on that damned striped yankee flag and the rogue government it represents and DEMAND their independence from it??

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