CNN Poll: Trust In Government At All Time Low

Check this out:

Just 13% of Americans say the government can be trusted to do what is right always or most of the time, with just over three-quarters saying only some of the time and one in 10 saying they never trust the government, according to the poll.

“The number who trust the government all or most of the time has sunk so low that it is hard to remember that there was ever a time when Americans routinely trusted the government,” CNN Polling Director Keating Holland said

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  1. And the only reason why this hasn’t translated into a much lower approval rating for Barack Obama is that he benefits from a celebrity factor helping his numbers with the low information undertow, and also the blacks will approve of him almost 100% no matter what he does.

    • I would rather say it is the Establishment GOP that is keeping the Dems afloat, and the fact that fiat money is keeping The Collapse at bay.

      On issues such as Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and so on, the GOP is consistently worse than Obama, who should be impeached for his undeclared war against Libya. That is how bad the GOP is.

      Every other day we are pelted with “is Mitt back?” articles. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

  2. People say it, but they aren’t yet at the point where they are acting like it, still we’ll get there.

  3. Till i see high ranking corrupt officicals arrested tried, and jailed i have lost all faith in this government. Hate to say it but i think it is time to clean the slate and start over. I cant say if there is anybody in Washington right now who should be there as reps, and leaders.

    • Jeff Sessions. Rep a Brooks in Alabama. rep. King in Iowa. Please stop being lazy and defeatist. Don’t just give up.

  4. I wouldn’t recommend promoting this mindset as we have solid folks in government, law enforcement, military on our side. This type of thinking leads to folks throwing up their hands and not voting, or worse falling down in to terrible anti government cults the worse being Libertarianism where we supposedly don’t need a border patrol or police in cities as the Black underclass can do”whatever they want . No.

    • I don’t think anyone reading this is going to react to it by dropping out of society and/or running to Guyana or worse, endorsing Rand Paul for President.

      I think HW’s point isn’t “government” versus “contra-government,” it’s Who-Whom.

      • Disagree. Rand Paul has a cult following of race denying anti Government White folks. This small anti Government a Rand Paul Cult will get pushed by the anti White media to spend all their time and money opposing government that supposedly oppresses Black people, things like police hassling, arresting Blacks for selling hard drugs. They’ll rant and rave that Government schools are the reason urban Blacks don’t do well in academics and insist that poor Blacks should be given vouchers to attend predominately White Private Schools and the anti White Media will agree that poor Blacks should get to go to nice mostly White private schools. They will say even more – these mostly a White Private schools MUST accept poor Blacks (unless they are the lib schools secretary if Education Arnie Duncan attended.

        Nah, this anti government mindset is a very bad substitute for working for the legitimate rights of our people. Stop whining and complaining that “I hates da gubermint”. Start living life. Find something positive – some group or organization that does work for our people.

      • When can I call you? Skype you? I just need to converse with an intelligent, sane White man that has all his &$&@ together .

        • You know my number. But if you want to talk to me any time this evening, it really can’t be until after 10. I’m currently at the state fair, we lobbyist types have to hang around county fairs and the state fair because politicians and staffers and other important political types like to, in order to network and give and take from the all important gossip circuit.

    • Okay, there’s another factor. Because 13% say they can trust the government all or most of the time means that 87% provided an answer other than that. Does that mean you think that 87% of the people are going to drop out, join cults or vote for Rand Paul? Rand Paul’s not getting 87% of the vote in any election.

      Then there’s the inconvenient truth about what the poll actually said and the gradation of its results. Here’s the actual internals:

      Here’s the actual question:

      How much of the time do you think you can trust the government in Washington to do what is right just about always, most of the time, or only some of the time?

      Note that it’s a question about the Federal government, not all levels of government.

      Here are the results, properly broken down:

      Just about always: 1%
      Most of the time: 12%
      Only some of the time: 76%
      Never: 10%

      So the 13% that HW quotes involves adding “Just about always” and “Most of the time.” As you can see, three-quarters of those polled have what I think and what you probably think is the right, sensible answer, “only some of the time.” Does that sound like a group people ready to drop out of life or join an “anti-government cult” to you?

      CNN’s decision to glom onto the 13% while ignoring the accuracy of what most of the 87% actually answered is yellow journalism.

  5. I wonder what King George III’s ‘approval rating’ was before the War for Independence?
    As if it mattered- tyrants have no right to rule sovereign peoples.

  6. There’s more voters registered “unaffiliated” than Democrat or Republican, I found out to my great amusement as I helped my wife with her campaign for probate judge.

  7. That sounds about right. Just look at election results and see the low vote numbers. People lost faith in the American Empire and other New World Order governments around the World long ago. Just getting them off the couch and out in the streets protesting that’s the problem.

  8. Can’t stress this enough. Don’t spread the meme that all is lost, the government is all corrupt and against us. Whites through the GOP control all the state houses in the South. The key is to make this political power work more for us. Yeah the media, Obama admin, RINOs, nation Lib Dems are against us – that’s life. We live in rough times. Think how much rougher a Whites in a Russia and a Eastern Europe had it under Jewish Bolshevism. They didn’t give up.

    Also, though we White Gentiles are losing our majority status in the USA we are still going to be the largest individual group, more than triple Black Americans, we’ll be 20 times the numerical population of a Jews or homosexuals. We need to do what Jews and homosexuals do, get plugged in to local politics, local media, network, make our support count, punish those who insult or hurt us.

    I’ve lived in lots of places where Jews make the power felt. It’s not mostly negative power, just getting involved in local things.

    We had a huge breakthrough defeating Eric Cantor, but then, as usual our side didn’t follow up well to defeat Lindsey Graham and Lamar Alexander. Our people tend to get lazy, can’t do basic things to win elections.

    The League of the South is growing and doing things right, please follow their lead.

    And please folks, don’t spread defeatism, doom and despair.

    • Or enemies rely on a lot of projection of soft power, the creative use of the flashlights to make the cat look a lot bigger than it is, a lot of getting us to fear fear itself.

      Notice in Europe where the Muslims are running wild protesting Jews, saying things like “the Holocaust didn’t happen,” flying Nazi flags and shouting Nazi slogans. I thought Europe had laws against that…oh right, they’re only to be used against right wing white people in an anarcho-tyrannical manuever. Or maybe those that enforce the law are too scared of Mud-Slums because they fight back.

  9. Sedalia is a long way from any Bell Curve town. Just lots and lots of quality rural white people. No Obama rodeo clowns this year, unfortunately.

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