Marching Through Occupied Oxford


In response to the latest wave of political correctness run amok at Ole Miss, the Mid-South Flaggers held their “Marching Through Occupied Oxford” protest this afternoon in Oxford, MS. Approximately 50 flaggers participated in the event including about 15 League of the South members.

The Mid-South Flaggers used multiple versions of the Confederate Battle Flag and the Mississippi State Flag. League members carried the Black Cross, the Southern Rights flag, and several Confederate Battle Flags. Oxford was the first protest since the Uvalda, GA demonstrations a year ago in which the League used the Confederate Battle Flag. The march was an arduous trek from the Kroger grocery store to the Oxford town square to the Confederate monument on campus and back.

We were 15 minutes late arriving in Oxford, but when we got there Kroger had already called the police to have the Mid-South Flaggers evicted from their property. The demonstration relocated to the parking lot of a nearby bank and proceeded from there to the Ole Miss campus. Along the way, we were told multiple times by police that we weren’t allowed to stop and “gather,” even for a brief respite from the heat, in front of any private business.

I’ve participated in eight League demonstrations – Uvalda, Murfreesboro, Atlanta, Greenville, Tallahassee, Richmond, Montgomery, and Wetumpka – and have never seen such a negative reaction from the public. It quickly became obvious that commuters and pedestrians were reacting to the sight of the Confederate Battle Flag, not the message of the Mid-South Flaggers, which was displayed on several professionally made signs, and that most people were either strongly for or against the Confederate Battle Flag. There were people enthusiastically honking their horns, but also plenty of “Go Homes.” At any rate, we distributed lots of Free Magnolias to our supporters and ignored the catcalls.


Outwardly, this was the most moderate rally in which I have participated, yet it provoked the most opposition because of the massed Confederate Battle Flags. There were not one, but two black Confederates in Oxford, in addition to a mixed race family, who I presume were some relation to HK Edgerton, who headlined the event and delivered a brief speech at the soldier’s monument. Mississippi was burning in Oxford, but it was just the heat, which gave me a sunburn and nausea and forced us to cut short our trip and return to Tupelo.


During our march through Oxford, we were accompanied by the SPLC’s Keegan Hankes who was on assignment to write an article. We last saw Keegan in Uvalda, GA at the first Southern Demographic Displacement rally which targeted Mayor Paul Bridges. I noted the irony that this whole controversy was ignited by the noose that was hung around the neck of the James Meredith statue on campus. It was Meredith who integrated Ole Miss back in 1962.


Years later, James Meredith became a rightwing conservative and worked for Sen. Jesse Helms, who fired him because he was too extreme! Meredith supported David Duke’s gubernatorial campaign and came to detest the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. “Duke believes, and I do, too, that there are millions of whites in this country who have been denied their opportunity at the American dream,” Meredith said.

As Ole Miss moves to “explain” its heritage, I found myself wondering if this includes the James Meredith statue on campus, or what Meredith himself thinks of the millionaires the Civil Rights Movement created.

Note: The League will be holding our own demonstration in Oxford at some point in the future. We asked the police about that while we were here.

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Oxford Eagle, Natchez Democrat, Jackson Clarion Ledger, Reuters, WAPT, Mississippi Public Broadcasting, WREG

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        • I agree. Apathy is our biggest problem. I agree Ole Miss / Oxford is a great place for future activism. Nothing makes our enemies more angry than a coalition of Pro South organizations working together in street activism for a common goal.

          • They want us to splinter into a hundred different groups which are perpetually at each others throats. Their ideal is to have us engage in a circular firing squad for their own amusement which is why they are always demanding that we denounce this or that person in order to be “respectable” in their eyes and not be “linked” or “associated” with each other.

            The enemy also wants to keep us marginalized and bottled up on the internet under anonymous pseudonyms. They want us to be afraid of our own shadow. That’s why the “Far Right” has become a sideshow in the US.

            We’re slowly changing that in the South.

          • This is going on right now with the blogger Mindweapons in Ragnarok’s family. His wife is running for a position as a judge which led to his “outing”. Now certain people in the media are threatening his young daughter and demanding his wife divorce him.

            This particular site I am about to link to has commenters calling for him to be shot for writing a pro-White blog!


            They are trying very hard to censor his defenders (they have blocked my IP 4 times today) so I would very much like the help of any of ya’ll who can spare a few minutes. We don’t want to give them ammunition to justify their violent rhetoric, so I would ask that you all simply post using the following template:”Mary Frances Berry is the former Democrat chair of the US Commission on Civil Rights. She once stated “Civil rights laws were not passed to protect the rights of white men and do not apply to them.”

            The article is all about how evil Mindweapon is and how Whites are just “whining” and should be violently attacked for defending themselves, we want to show that there are legitimate reasons to write a pro-White blog and all we have to do is get that statement to stick in their comment section one time.

            It may also be a good idea to snark that illegal aliens have a racial political lobby in America and White American citizens don’t. We are simply trying to highlight contradictions and hypocrisy on their part.

            Thanks for your time.

          • Kievsky is one of the most kind hearted people who I have met online. He sent me a wedding present. It’s a shame what they are trying to do with him, but that’s how our enemies operate. They see us as evil doers wearing little devil horns.

          • At what point do you consider a different group to be enough alike to create an atmosphere where you aren’t at each other’s throat, and how accommodating and receptive are you to those different groups and their views?

            Solutions to problems tend to get buried in a pile of useless and irrelevant crap. The unfortunate reality of pro-White activism/politics is that most people don’t want to dig through the crap to find the solutions. They play it safe and pretend they already have all of the answers, while never bothering to ask questions themselves.

          • My attitude toward the “Heritage” crowd is that they ought to do their own thing and we will do ours. Occasionally, we ought to work together when our views intersect on things like political correctness run amok at Ole Miss, or Robert E. Lee’s grave being desecrated.

          • The White Nationalist movement is an instruction manual in what not to do. There are exceptions though. I’ve learned from my father-in-law, for example, the importance of not fighting with people.

          • I think the overwhelming majority of pro-White people can relate and empathize when you speak in general terms. It’s only when people or groups start to try and micromanage a general consensus that the rifts and splintering become fully evident and a real hindrance.

            You said something previously that made me think about another problem:

            If I can raise the money, I plan to go out to Arkansas for the same purpose.

            It seems to me that if your specific views and opinions are held by others, then there really shouldn’t be a problem with $$$$$$ keeping you from being a representative of those views in various capacities at select events. Someone might not be able to make trips to these types of events, but that shouldn’t mean that their voice isn’t heard. It seems like the logical progression of a true movement would be to find a way to fund representatives who can be the voice of people who can’t physically be part of something for one reason or another. We are already forced to pay taxes to fund faux representatives who spend their time and energy screwing us over, so why not spend a little money on better representation that is putting out a message that we want and approve of?

            There’s no denying that we, wether you consider yourself White Nationalist or Southern Nationalist or whatever, need Millions of White people getting behind the idea of nationalism and White autonomy. Unfortunately, getting millions or even thousands of people together to forcefully and unabashedly push for White autonomy at any capacity, while not splintering and imploding because of petty differences, is probably a pipe dream at this point in time. Having a few dozen or maybe a few hundred “representatives,” however, is certainly a goal that is within reach.

          • In the interim, we can focus on practical goals which will make things marginally better than they are now, which is the thrust of what we have been doing.

            – We can create small groups of people in each Southern state that are organized and active. Thus, whenever someone wants to “join the movement,” there will be some existing infrastructure in place that they can latch onto rather than just a wilderness of isolated, anonymous people who are connected vertically to each other through the internet.

            – By holding frequent events, we have created a new normal in the South. These demonstrations are now commonplace and other groups here are getting more active. We’ve shown that our opposition isn’t nearly as powerful as most WNs assume. A big problem is that lots of people who sympathize with us are held back by fear and doing these demonstrations shows them that there is nothing to it.

            – Most of our people find their way into the “movement” which is inherently an anonymous, low trust environment. We’ve created a real world movement that gives our people multiple opportunities to get to know each other, build trust, and work toward a common purpose. I spent the weekend with two friends who I didn’t know until Murfreesboro and Richmond. We use the internet to communicate with people we know very well in real life.

            – There’s nothing stopping us from organizing, recruiting, and expanding our network of activists. I’ve watched the League grow out of its core in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida into parts of the South that are further and further away like eastern Kentucky, northern Virginia, and most recently north Mississippi and north Arkansas.

  1. People in Oxford, Mississippi are against the Confederate flag? What is going on?

    I wonder if the League tagging along with the SCV/Flagger rallies is not a good idea after all. I see lack of a unified message, slovenly attire, and Rainbowism. The public won’t be able to distinguish the League from the overall demonstration. They will lump us together.

  2. Did none of the liberal Left Looney Professors/corporate wage slaves/entitlement drones even NOTICE you had two ‘darkies’ with you? Do they not know the history you mentioned? Where are plays, tv shows, musicals about Jesse Helms, James Meredith, and the honest truth, instead of the propaganda pieces, like ’12 years a Lincoln Ass-licker’?

    I ask you….

  3. Many people in Oxford and Ole Miss support the Confederate Flag, Dixie, Colonel Reb, Confederate Drive, The South Will Rise Again, and other Southern symbolism at Ole Miss. However like everywhere else the liberal establishment wont let the people speak or vote on the issues. Instead they force their will on the people in classic Yankee / Communist fashion. Support is growing for our cause at Ole Miss. With the liberals at Ole Miss becoming even more extreme “PC” wanting to remove the name “Ole Miss” that support will increase. The liberal establishment wants to keep our people divided and censor our opinion. Like minded organizations must work together. Deo Vindice !

    • Agreed.

      I’m going to talk to Bill Lord at the CofCC national conference about hosting another demonstration at Ole Miss later in the fall. I hope we can get League and CofCC members in Mississippi active and organized out there. This trip was more of a scouting mission for us. I think what is happening at Ole Miss is something that a lot of different groups can coalesce to oppose.

      If I can raise the money, I plan to go out to Arkansas for the same purpose.

  4. Just to be clear it wasn’t Meredith who integrated Ole Miss, it was the US Supreme Court and finally US Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy that made it happen.

    • This is exactly what I was talking about. If even people who post here can’t distinguish us from the other participants, then the general public definitely won’t. We’ll be tainted by association. In the future, I think we need to be either very picky about non-LS groups we have with us or need to limit it entirely to League members and supporters.

      • The public was reacting to the CBF. That was obvious from the start. We’ve debated this question for a year now and Oxford settles it. Whenever the CBF is used at a demonstration, the rally will become a straw poll on the CBF, not the message of the event.

        • That’s incredibly heart breaking, because I love the CBF, and I’m sure there are still plenty of areas where you would get no second glance if you flew it. Especially where I live, it is still revered. Again, I ask you, are you sure it wasn’t just blacks who were showing ill will toward y’all?

          Touching on what you said above, I hate to see people wear it as under-garments. I feel it is incredibly disrespectful to see a banner that has been soaked in blood on the battle field, and flown in defence of our land, used to cover up a whore’s tits. I just don’t understand how we’ve gotten here, though I’m sure it had something to do with the late 50’s going through the 60’s. At the very least, it shows our people are not ashamed of it, even if some are white trash who don’t even know what it represents. It gives us a glimpse that there is still a Southron spirit within our people.

  5. A couple of things I always thought the nick name “Rebels” was silly, and the Battle Flag becoming a relic and seriously misused. I believe Ole Miss has tried to change their name to the “Bears” and if I am correct that is in reference to Faukner’s novel. I see nothing wrong with that name change, only the PC tyranny that enforces it.
    That bit of “liberalism” aside do we not realize that we traditionalist types hold the moral high ground here? Who wants Political Correctness? No one campaigns on it. In fact IMO a person could campaign against its tyranny. Isn’t that what the LoS is saying that they will relieve the Southern people of the tyranny of Political Correctness, and if this is not the case I think it should be.

    • I’m going to organize a rally in the fall in Oxford. The sole purpose of the demonstration will be to protest political correctness at Ole Miss.

      BTW, the nickname “Rebels,” Colonel Reb, the CBF, Dixie at football games, Confederate Drive, the Confederate memorial on camlus and so on is all part of the heritage of a university that was founded by Confederates.

  6. IMO, there’s no doubt the CBF has become firmly associated with negative stereotypes. What’s even worse is that a generation of Southerners who think positively of the CBF treat it as if it were a subcultural symbol.

  7. I just realized that black Confederate is waving the US flag upside down. Got to give props to him for that 🙂

  8. Can we ever focus on the positive? How many of us show the passion that H.K. shows?
    Think about all the time and effort he put into memorizing that long poem about the flag!
    For goodness sake, can’t we appreciate him for trying so hard? I think he is sincere.
    Maybe you don’t. I’m getting so sick of hearing that term “rainbow” thrown around. I
    think we are OVERUSING the term. There was nothing wrong with the L.S. folk being
    with the flaggers. They are southern folk…just like us……Maybe if we could be more
    positive, they’d want to copy us.

  9. Apparently we’ve turned into Canada, and it’s a crime to have different opinions and beliefs outside of Liberal academia.

  10. Although I’m from the Northeast, there seem to be more and more disaffected conservatives here who have realized they are not conserving anything, and that the Confederacy was right not only to secede, but with respect to her philosophy in general.
    Reading George Fitzhugh, it seems obvious that the Northern left-liberal plutocrats were no better during the Civil War than they are now, and that we are all Dixie. My congratulations on your having stood up for yourselves, for your families, and for your ancestors!

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