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I’m sure that many of you have already heard the news that our friend Kievsky of Mindweapons in Ragnarok has been outed by One People’s Project:

“The husband of a Connecticut Democrat running for a probate judge seat caused a social media kerfluffle on Friday after it turned out he’s an enthusiastic backer of what looks a lot like white supremacy, much to the exasperation of his political wife, who faces the voters on Tuesday.

Robert Freeman made headlines on Friday after his blog Mindweapons of Ragnarok was exposed by One People’s Project, an organization devoted to monitoring hate groups….”

I heard about this the day before we traveled to Mississippi and now there are dozens of stories in the national liberal media which are clumsily trying to portray Rob as a cartoon Neo-Nazi.

I’ve known Rob Freeman for years and he is nothing of the sort. The Rob that I know has always been a kind, bright, outgoing man with a zest for life who is passionately devoted to the welfare of his people. He was considerate enough to buy Renee and I a wedding gift and sent our family a silver dollar to commemorate the birth of our newborn son in June.

In our conversations over the years, Rob’s main interests have been developing “White Nationalism 2.0,” the impending energy crisis, and organic gardening/sustainable agriculture. He’s also critical of American suburbia which has destroyed organic communities.

It’s easier to paint little devil horns on folks you disagree with, but Rob lacks the self righteous, holier-than-thou, persecuting mentality of the modern neo-Puritan who is outraged by the thought that someone might disagree with his own point of view. There are hundreds of these busybody types on Twitter hounding his wife to divorce him!

I’ve been asked many times by White Nationalists why I prefer to live in the Deep South in the blackest part of Alabama. The answer is that I don’t find most blacks nearly as disagreeable or unpleasant to live among as millions of White liberals in this country.

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  1. “kerfluffle” lol, what?

    It’s really sad what’s happening to this guy. I hope it doesn’t affect his family life too much. My prayers are with them, for sure.

      • Hunter Wallace:

        [i] Of all the people involved in WN, Kievsky is the about as far from the stereotypical Neo-Nazi as one can get. “Unorthodox” best sums up his work. [/i]

        Actually, that is not an accurate statement.

        In the WN scene there are a number of different factions of WN/Nazi types, and Freeman’s conspiracy based paranoid persona is not untypical.

        Freeman comes from the WN type we refer to as the “tinfoil hate” aka the racist conspiracy crowd. This is the Willis Carto and Texe Marrs types who see [i] Joo-space alien-repitle-chemtrail-floride-immigrant invaders-savage negro beasts [/i] under their beds and in their Rice Krispies.

        Freeman’s “Aryan Skynet”, which was a 1990’s geocity style web-ring of fellow tinfoil haters, was just a next gen version of the old ham radio racist conspiracy loons from back in the day.

          • Nobody, and I mean nobody is like Bill White.

            The closest I have seen to a Bill White type is maybe Heimbach, but then again, no, not really.

            The WN scene has a lot of different circles, some overlap some are very far apart.

            I really don’t think you are anything like Brian James, you are more like Matt Parrott in many ways.
            You would not be the type to be friends with Brian James, but, then again Matt Parrott is friends with him IRL even though I doubt you would be.

            Funny how that all works…

            Freeman is not like Bill White, but he is like Willis Carto and he is even like some of the NIMBusters (not all are WN but I don’t need to tell you about that).

            Freeman also reminds me a lot of Curt Maynard, who was also a tinfoil hater and used to rant on and on about one crazy conspiracy or another. He didn’t end well, I hope Freeman can get some help before he reaches that point.

          • I thought Heimbach might become the next Bill White when he started hanging out with the NSM and other WN groups, but that never materialized. The resemblance ends there. Matt is religious and outgoing. He’s always in a cheerful mood.

            Bill White is angry and bitter. Matt is more like Brian Pace in that he is pro-White, idealistic, and tries to work with all groups.

          • And to supplement my last post while Freeman is more like Carto than Bill White, Carto was one of White’s biggest funders and supporters. His publishing organization is also handling the fundraising for White’s legal bills.

            Again, funny how that all works…

          • To my knowledge, Willis Carto isn’t a Neo-Nazi.

            Kievsky isn’t a Neo-Nazi. He’s an autodidact and nonconformist who has built his worldview from a wide range of sources. The “mindwar” stuff came from “From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory – Mark Dice.” The stuff about Peak Oil, suburbia, the collapse of civilization and organic gardening/sustainable agriculture comes from James Howard Kunstler.

            How many Neo-Nazis blog about “Aryan Skynet”? None that I know, and I have been watching their forums for 14 years. He’s built his own paradigm from a grab bag of sources, some of which are WN, while lots of others are not.

          • I think most of Kievsky’s admirers were part of the crackpot/conspiracy crowd. For me he was nothing more than a psychologically intense mediocrity who fancied himself a genius.

    • As was the case with Michael Peroutka and Jack Hunter, I don’t recommend running for public offices for this reason. You’re not going to change anything because there is no real power at the local level. It’s either going to change you or cause you more problems than it is worth.

      • I’m sure there are rural places out there, where no Liberal dares tread, that would make it less “controversial” to run for some office. Though, I do agree that the money could go to a better and more effective cause.

      • You never know how these things are going to work out. “Kievsky’s” politics just might work out for his wife’s campaign.

        • Unlike Peroutka, this fellow’s wife is running as a Democrat. I doubt Democrats are going to vote for a “racist’s” wife, but I suppose you never know.

          • Re: “I doubt Democrats are going to vote for a ‘racist’s wife,”

            I doubt Democrats would ADMIT they’d vote for or did vote for a ‘racist’s wife. It’s a good thing Americans still have semi-secret balloting. — “What!? She won? How’d that happen. I didn’t vote for her. Nobody I know would. I wonder how she won…”

          • LOL. Umm, didja look at who the Dems voted in for Prez, twice?
            If that’s not ‘racism’ writ large (over 90% of Blacks voted for Obummer, BECAUSE he was ‘black’), what is?

            Oh, I forgot. Only white folks can be racisss…. RIiiiiight.

  2. I don’t know Robert Freeman but, after reading about him, he seems to be the kind of man we need to help save our country, heritage and culture.

    A leader that cares for his people, concern of energy independence, promotion of hormone/genetically engineered-free foods and the rare insight to see the damage urbanization has had on our way of life.

  3. As one would expect he isn’t a Southern nationalist which is fine. He’s a Northerner. He has been critical of SN or at least he was from time to time when I checked his site. Brad if I remember correctly he has some less than complimentary things to say about you. I haven’t been there in a good while. But otherwise he often had good content there. I hope that being outed will not silence him but will instead make him more bold.

  4. The alternative to white supremacy (aside from having racially homogeneous states) is not meritocracy. As we’ve seen in the past and the present with the outrage at the dominance of whites and Asians in the tech industry; meritocracy is little more than de facto white supremacy in most sectors of the economy. Which is quite unacceptable to DWL and blacks. White supremacy of any kind whether de jure or de facto is evil in their eyes. The alternative to white supremacy is black supremacy through legal privileges. De jure black supremacy is the general rule in BRA.

  5. These types of attacks and attempts to ruin families does nothing but help strengthen my resolve to hit these anti-racists back where it counts. I’m not going to be content until they are bled dry, both financially and emotionally.

    We need more a more robust network. Protests and rallies are good and all, but we need a more personalized approach to helping people.

      • No doubt that they can be a means to connecting like-minded people in the real world. I do think, however, that there is simply no substitute for bonding and interpersonal relationships when it is done outside of strictly political venues that are mainly concerned with pushing politically-charged rhetoric. Maybe it’s the German in me, but I’m somewhat anal retentive when it comes to efficiency. I’m at a point where I need to see positive results and the effects it has on people in their everyday lives. And not only do I have to see it, I also need to know that it is being done at an effective level and as fast as possible. Like I said, anal retentive, I guess.

  6. I read some of his response. Although he’s saying some good things, he’s already lost, because he’s gone on the defensive. He’s allowed them to set the agenda. When he’s called a “white supremacist” he needs to emphatically deny it with outrage. You can never go on the defensive when it comes to the left. He needs to state their position as being a left wing radical agenda driven witch hunt, a last minute political stunt/hit job, that they’re misrepresenting his positions and are lying, and that they’re cowards in coming after his wife, that the author needs to stop cowering behind his desk, and that he expects the author to issue and apology and retraction, or face him personally in a debate on the issues either a formal debate or on television/radio.

  7. Herr Linder did not take the desertion in stride:

    “OD is run by a mentally unstable Auburn graduate named Brad Griffin who changes his politics every few months. He’s dishonest, weak, and will disappoint those who rely on him.

    “What is needed in WN is clear notion of who we are, and who we fight as the enemy. VNN has this conception, alone in ‘the movement.’ The TOQ crowd is funneling white talent and effort back into the failure trap of conservatism because the nerds who lead it can’t get past their personal feelings to do what needs to be done, considered objectively.”

    Feel the brotherly White love.

      • What? Won’t he be testifying against his comrade, Frazier Glenn Miller?

        “The victims of the Jewish Community Center shooting were identified as Dr. William Lewis Corporon and his grandson, 14-year-old Reat Griffin Underwood. Both were United Methodist Christians. A 53-year-old woman, Terri LaManno, was killed at the parking lot of Village Shalom. LaManno was also a Christian who attended St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Kansas City, Missouri.”

        Well, they do hate Christians at VNN.

  8. Kievsky comes across as eccentric to those who aren’t familiar with all the sources from which he has derived his complex worldview. I’m sure he was involved in the NA, but that doesn’t mean much. He is “pro-White” and the NA was the organization to join back then. The same people like to say that Cushman is a Neo-Nazi which is ridiculous to anyone who knows him in real life.

    Nooge is suffering from a severe case of untreated schizophrenia.

  9. Wow, Willis Carto, the Spotlight, and I’ll add in one of my first awakening authors. Robert A. Larson, and his book, ‘For Fear of the Jews.’ Y’all may laugh at these guys, but it was they (oh, can I mention Lyndon LaRouche, too?) that woke many of us ‘oldsters’ up, back in the 1970’s.

    I find it most disingenuous to demean those who have had to ‘piecemeal’ their worldview, esp. in light of knowledge of the ‘First and Second Europe’ paradigm derived from Dr. Joseph Farrell’s ‘God, History, and Dialectic’ – a book that woke me up almost as much as Rushdoony’s ‘Institutes of Biblical Law.’ If you have an inquiring mind, (unlike some dolts-one I know in particular) you read as much as you can, from as many as you can, to get a nuanced understanding. Most of the under-40’s on this and other boards, who spent their college days on Atari and PS-2’s, are too ADHD to grasp that fact- a well-rounded man, is a well-read one.

    • White supremacist is a smear term.

      Would a white supremacist want us to learn anything from non-whites? Isn’t that kind of a contradiction? A white supremacist would say we have nothing to learn from other races.

  10. He’s White and his wife seems sane(even though she’s a Democrat) and he seems to care about his family. That’s more than enough reason to not attack him publicly.

  11. Sorry to hear about Kievsky getting outed. He left Rabbi Linder’s virtual colostomy bag when the gut-sick kikenweasel with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS insisted on calling Greg Johnson a faggot in order to get out of being called to account for pulling a Traitor-Glenn Miller and informing for the Prostitution on Kommandork Bitch-Tits Bill White at his Roanoke Sedition Trial on December 15, 2009.

    Then Roid-Rage Retard Jim Giles got a man-crush on Rabbi Linder and called you up to ambush you on Dec. 18th. Later I ambushed Jim Giles on July 3, 2014 and got him to back off of Edgar Steele, the Whigger-Whimperer.

    But being in the bowel Movement means that sooner or later you get “outed” by the bowel Movement retards or by Daryl Lemont Jenkins of the One Primate’s Project or the $outhern Poverty Law Center.

    I’ve been busy fighting with the Wandering Mamzers & jewboys of WikiPedia-Talksjew See-Eye Dentistry. I’ve found out that Bryan Reo / SwordMamzer was the Anti-Racist Activist inserted into this CI pretend rally back in June 2009 in which Rabbi Bill Finck was injected into See-Eye Dentistry. Now it seems that Rabbi Finck-el-sheenie is a Sixth Cousin of Mark Potok on itz yenta-mommy’s side, oy vey.

    Just another day in the bowel Movement.

    Did you get the silver dollar and silver-plated feeding spoon which was supposed to be delivered on June 25, 2014 by Amazon Prime?

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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