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Keegan Hankes has published his article on the Oxford protest.

I don’t have any objection to the content of the article. I will note, however, that we didn’t bring any signs to Oxford because we decided to go on the spur of the moment. I’m not sure who was using the “Anti-racism is the brainchild of racism” sign, but that person wasn’t affiliated with the League.

The SCV has a dilemma: on the one hand, they want to honor the memory of their Confederate ancestors, but on the other hand they want to embrace the racial and cultural values of the Black Republicans – the election of a “Black Republican” president, Abraham Lincoln, was the occasion of secession – which triumphed during the 20th century Civil Rights Movement. They want to be accepted as good modern Americans, but modern American values cannot coexist with Confederate heritage.

It’s interesting to watch this play out. The forces of “anti-racism” and “civil rights” are always clashing with “Southern heritage,” but the “Southern heritage” movement is for anti-racism and civil rights, although their affection for “that courageous Southerner Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” isn’t reciprocated. They recognize that the NAACP is their staunch political enemy, but at the same time they want to sit down in “brotherhood” with them.

Note: Real Confederates didn’t suffer from this dilemma.

With the exception of traitors like Gen. James Longstreet who became a Republican after the war and whose memory was loathed by generations of Southerners, most Confederates had very different racial and cultural views from their beleaguered descendants in the SCV.

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  1. One day the SCV will realize they are not welcomed to sit at the “cool kids'” table. Hopefully soon.

    • The SCV is down to about 35k members, if that? Whatever they are doing it’s obvious that it’s not working. One problem that I see today is that we are so far removed from the WBTS that a young fellow in his early 20’s is looking back to his great, great, great, great grandfather. Most people today are lucky if they know who their Dad is, let alone their gggg grandfather. LOL.

  2. breck agreed to interview you and said he wouldn’t fool around, calling you ‘fade’ so if you want to you can this saturday around 9 10 estern (don’t post)

  3. Well, Jesse James was in Northfield, MN (home of Carleton and St. Olaf Colleges) so maybe you DO have a ‘Yankee’ in your woodpile… so to speak. lol

  4. HW, the reason these ‘rainbow confeds’ are so darned confusing, is that they are WORSHIPING a foreign God, and a foreign ETHNOS, instead of Christ. Have you read Cambria will not yield’s weekly columns? He’s on your links sidebar. He’s got the pulse of EVERY LIBERAL AMERICAN with his ‘worshiping a new idol- the Nigger’ rhetoric. This is the antithesis of the Incarnation (for those who grasp theology)- an ‘Anti-Incarnation’ of the opposite of White (i.e., a Black ‘Messiah’). Remembering the halo ‘auras’ of Obummer in his first campaigns, it was clear that is EXACTLY what the Dems and the Godless Deicides were up to. ANOTHER GOD. ANOTHER SAVIOUR.

  5. What’s really odd is that the Ancestry.com records are public records that are reposted and controlled by the Mormons for profit. LOL.
    I feel kind of creepy looking deeply into these old relationships. Even though my interest is purely historical. People might question what do I want? That happens you know.

  6. Matt Heimbach is back on TradYouth. His newest article has this marvelous quote, which is both catholic, and Orthodox, and fully iterates the necessity of seeing ANOTHER RACE as the ‘Chosen People,’ since the pseudo’s…clearly…. aren’t.

    “As the blessed Saint Paisios of the Holy Mountain told a group of monks and clergy shortly before his death “The Zionists want to rule the world. To achieve their ends they use black magic and satanism. They regard satan-worship as a means to gain the strength they need to carry out their plans. They want to rule the earth using satanic power.”

    Now, Christ said such a race could not be of God, and called them, ‘Sons of their father, the Devil.’ [John 8:44] Which is something any cleric who is a REAL Chrisitan, should know -stone cold. Clearly though, neither the CofCC’s Lutherans, nor Dalton’s Novus Ordo Catholi-schism cult, nor any of the OTHER MODERNIST Jurisdictions, do… Just sayin’…. bless their hearts.

    Which is why I ‘will not cease from mental fight,Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:vTill we have built Jerusalem, In England’s green & pleasant Land.” Not the Jews’ counterfeit, but God’s Jerusalem. Not Metrosexual Mecca in Hyde park, nor SPLC-land in Mitchell’s Atlanta, but Christendom, free, white, noble, once more.

    And for which the marranos, the liberals, the race-genociders, and the merely mealy-mouthed, fear… for it exposes them for the cowards they are. [Lk. 9:62]

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