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  1. Can’t help but notice when public events and protests are done by Conservative / Pro White individuals the numbers are very small. I’m not talking about the actual attendance for this event. The numbers were great in my opinion. What I’m talking about is the people driving by the demonstration. Some will wave or something like that. However a non existent number of people will actually park their car and get out in support.

    I’m speaking from person experience in terms of public events across the board. Seems like it’s symbolic of our people as a whole. They ignore the issue, live in their own little worlds, and might raise their arm up enough to wave driving by. Sad disgrace for the public when they wont take personal responsibility to stand up for their rights.

    Now lets switch focus to the race riots going on in Ferguson, Missouri. Just look at the mass numbers of protests both peaceful and violent in the streets. The mass media exposure of the situation and everything else.

    You really want to know why our people are losing our rights, freedom, and security on Earth? It’s because our people are wasting their lives away driving by, going to the Football game, and ignoring the reality of the situation. Apathy is our worst enemy.

    Maybe we should focus more on protesting the Apathetic public more. That’s a joke but honestly it’s probably a good idea !

  2. No coverage of this demonstration by CNN or the rest of the lamestream media. I guess the contrasting demographics of the counter-rallies might awake more people to what’s really happening, and that can’t be allowed.

  3. Also there have already been two rallies for Darren Wilson over the weekend, one was in front of Channel 5’s studios because Channel 5 practically told the undertow how to get to Wilson’s house, and the other at the west entrance of the OCOR.

  4. I noticed Jack Ryan seems to be absent from the commentary as of late. Was he asked to cease writing articles and/or leaving comments?

  5. There is ample opportunity to make a difference if people would step up. I went to an anti-illegal immigration rally that had Jim Gilchrist speaking along with a bunch of other people. I told him I was a former marine like him and he ends up calling me up onstage while the crowd applauds. I felt like a total imposter but the point is that these resistance movements are dying for any and all white Americans to step up. So much so that the average person can be a real part of something even if it’s a last gap attempt to save our civilization. On the left, with mass media and government support, one person means nothing since it’s such a huge propped up industry. But on the right, and by right I mean far to the right of the GOP, every person that gets involved has an impact, a much larger impact than seeing one more angry black face in a crowd of looters. But apparently nearly everyone would rather spend their time cheering on black professional athletes than at least try to do something to save their dying civilization.

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