National Day of Action on Immigration

We have something new coming up this weekend:

Immigration Hurts Southern Workers Demonstration in Gainesville, GA

Secure The Border Rally in Greenville, SC

We have two organizations in two Southern states which will be protesting US immigration policy this weekend. It wasn’t planned this way, but why not do something like the “Make Them Listen” protests in July and have multiple events in different areas for more people can participate?

Note: This is still up in the air at the moment, but there might be a third demonstration in Knoxville, TN.

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  1. Think this way of organizing is a good step toward the future. Many of our people are suffering in the economic depression like everybody else. Sometimes it’s easier to get your people to show up at an event in close distance to their home instead of having to travel across the country to one event. Doing multiple rallies in the same day, organized by activists, in multiple locations is also a good way of spreading the wealth in terms of being seen and heard in lots of places on the same day.

  2. This movement is energetic, positive, and impossible to debate with in terms of fault lines that trap or paralyze whites. There’s no ‘race’ component to it that scares people; it’s simply illegal and morally wrong and totally unpopular with almost all whites. From this good things are coming, at least in containing Diversity’s hordes. I can’t say it’s naming the ‘Jooz,’ but at least whites can get together, bond, and work from there. I say partner with them and get things moving!

  3. Bravo. You show solidarity with Whites against the “Xenos” on a wide variety of issues, and sooner or later, Whites will come to see things from your point of view. The Jews have been posturing as righteous individuals for decades, from the founding of the NAACP on down, but they never for a MINUTE actually thought themselves the equal of the Darkie….

  4. 1.) Federal Building, 300 East Washington Street and Spring St. 1PM -4PM Saturday 23 Aug. 2014

    2.) Not sure, but I would dress nicely.

    3.) CofCC and William Carter. I don’t recall the name of his group.

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