Gainesville and Greenville Protests

We’ve set a new highwater mark: at least 80 to 100 activists, probably more, protested immigration this weekend in Georgia and South Carolina.



Exactly a year after the inaugural Uvalda and Vidalia, GA demonstrations, the League of the South returned to Georgia with an “Immigration Hurts Southern Workers” demonstration in Oakwood near the entrance to the University of North Georgia-Gainesville campus.

As in Uvalda and Vidalia, the focus of this demonstration was Southern Demographic Displacement in the Gainesville metro area. In Gainesville, changing racial demographics has been driven by the insatiable demand for cheap labor in the North Georgia poultry industry and suburban sprawl in Metro Atlanta. Wayne Farms, which has flooded Alabama cities like Union Springs and Enterprise with illegal aliens, is based in Oakwood. This is a problem that the League has protested before in Shelbyville, TN.

32 League activists participated in the Gainesville demonstration. After a year of activism across the South, the League returned to Georgia with its veteran core of activists. The blistering Georgia sun is unchanged, but the League’s signature aesthetic – the Black Cross flag, black polo shirts and khaki pants, black and white banners, manufactured signs – has become a new standard and reflects the growth in discipline, organization, and message control over the past year. The League appears comfortable in its new identity and new members are conforming to established norms.

Compared to a year ago, there is a lot more going on across the South. Renee and I were absent in Gainesville, but we attended events the previous two weekends in Oxford, MS and Nashville, TN. Stephen Dalton, who was present in Uvalda and Vidalia, recently attended a League protest in Carrolton and Warsaw, KY and was with us in Nashville. Kyle Rogers, who was in Uvalda and Vidalia, was preoccupied with his own demonstration in Greenville, SC.

In September, the League will hold back-to-back demonstrations in Arkansas and Central Florida, which is another example of a trend: more is going on, more frequently, across a much wider geographic area. At this rate, I expect that our protests will have expanded into states like Missouri and Texas by this time in 2015.

Note: SNN has a comprehensive review of the Gainesville protest.

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In South Carolina, the Greenville protest was organized by William G. Carter of the South Carolina Conservative Action Council, a prolific organizer and foe of amnesty for illegal aliens who has organized multiple protests in Greenville and Columbia, SC over the years.

On July 26th, 2010, I attended a Confederate Flag Rally in Columbia, SC which was organized by William Carter. This was the first public rally, protest, or demonstration – at least in the movement – which I ever attended. It was also the first time that I met Michael Cushman and the first time the two of us participated in a rally with Kyle Rogers. None other than HK Edgerton was there that day to sing Dixie.

The local media reports that around 40 people attended the Greenville protest, but the event lasted three hours yesterday afternoon, and people come and go as they always do. I’ve never attended a protest, especially one in the summer heat, in which everyone who participated arrived at the same time and stayed through the entire event. Most people leave to use the restroom, get water at a convenience store, or call it a day after about an hour in the sun. Reports from participants indicate that at least 50 to 60 people participated in the Greenville demonstration and possibly even more than that.

Kyle Rogers briefly addressed the lone anti-racist counter-protester in the video below. CofCC members were present and held signs and banners which said “Stop Illegal Immigration.” At least two League members were at the Greenville protest along with several camouflaged members of a group that calls itself the “Upstate Arm Militia.”

A glance at the photos below is sufficient to reveal this wasn’t any ordinary anti-immigration protest. There are US flags and CBFs, the Third National Flag, and the Bonnie Blue Flag. There are signs which range from “Stop Illegal Immigration” to “Impeach Obama” to “God Save Dixie From DC.” In other words, the Greenville protest brought out an unusual mix of people who share common sentiments, but who are not normally seen together.

This was due to William Carter’s organizing methods which included multiple fliers which were put up around Greenville (some of these can be seen in the photos below), yard signs which advertised the event in the suburbs, 17 radio advertisements, and Kyle Rogers’ interview the previous day on WORD 106.3. Carter, who is less reliant on the internet, also reportedly snail mailed his list of several hundred conservatives in the Greenville area.

In Greenville, the public had more advanced notice that an anti-immigration protest was going to take place, and locals clearly turned out to participate. If the “Make Them Listen” protests in July are any measuring stick of anti-immigration activism in South Carolina, this protest seems to have drawn a larger crowd than any of those.

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Greenville Online, FITS News, FOX Carolina

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  1. First of all, I want to give my condolences to you and your kin, Hunter.

    Secondly, I just came back from the protest, and it went very well from my perspective. There was like 50 or so of us. Most if not all of the whites driving by honked their horns, gave rebel yells, and a thumbs up. There were even a few blacks who cheered us on, because obviously the Mexicans are taking their jobs away too.

    The only negative reaction we got was from the Mexicans driving by, who all flicked us off. Also, there were quite a few people filming us and taking pictures with their phones while they were driving by too (don’t know why, guess that’s just the thing to do nowadays), but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There was also one nerdy little Liberal who held a sign amongst us that read “Jesus was a refugee”. I’m assuming he was referencing Jesus’ escape to Egypt when he was a baby, though Egypt wasn’t suffering from an invasion of Illegal Isrealites who were demographically displacing the Egyptians. Later, a couple of pretty yuppy girls showed up to support the nerdy Liberal, and they went over to the other side of the street. A few of “our” guys walked over there and held Confederate Naval Jacks next to them lol. Their signs were really hard to read too.

    All in all, great protest. I was glad for it to be my first 🙂

    • I’m not sure what time you got there. Most of the people who arrived before 1:00 PM started leaving around 2:00 PM, and completely different people were showing up around 2:00 PM. We decided at the end that it should have been scheduled for an hour shorter, then the crowd would have been bigger the whole time.

      I actually protested amnesty in Mount Pleasant in 2006 and we had more black people honking and waving at us than white people. A lot of whites in that area are from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, CT, NYC, ect. Some of them were yelling obscenities and really showing their ass. If people have Confederate flags, fewer blacks will wave though, There was one black motorist who actually drove by real slow holding a Confederate flag license plate out of his window at us.

      The one that really fired everyone up was when a Bi-Lo semi truck rolled by and honked his horn. At times there was non-stop honking and waving.

      There was a car with bumper stickers all over the back that attempted to chuck a coke can at us early in the day, like 12:40. Only a few of us were there. They failed horribly. We just heard the coke can slam against the inside of their car super hard and plop out into the road and then the car spend away fast.

      Turns out the weenie that was calling everyone a “racist” is an aging 30 year old college student. One of those “professional student” types who lives in a clueless bubble. People tried to debate him and his answer to everything was “your racist.”

      Two young girls, finally showed up to join him at the very end. The Greenville paper says he used a line in the Torah to claim Gods wants us to accept illegal aliens. I wish I would have known that at the time. I would have asked the three of them if the two girls sleep outside in a barn when they are menstruating. Because the Torah commands that! Moses demanded it. So if something Moses said means God wants us to accept illegal aliens, why are they disobeying a direct order by Moses to sleep outside while they are menstruating.

    • Just whose jobs are being taken away? Are you going to bus tables or do dishes? Are you going to landscape or mow lawns or manicure a golf course in 100+ degree weather. Are you going to work in the chicken plant? If so, kudos to you. You should know that if you make $50,000 a year you pay $36 towards food stamps, $169 in welfare, $6 for social safety net, (unemployment benefits) and $6000 towards corporate subsidies with $870 of that going towards direct subsidies, giving those CEO’s etc their bonuses whether or not their companies are profitable. So methinks you are protesting the wrong thing. Not to mention the biggest burden on the welfare system is and always has been white folks, namely unwed white mothers.

      On another note during the time of Christ both emigration and immigration where extremely common in both central Asia and the middle east. Many countries had a high degree of racial integration.

      • Here in Alabama, there are White working class people who work in chicken plants, who work in construction, who work in landscaping, fast food restaurants, etc. I know White people who have worked at golf courses, even people who work at Wal-Mart, Waffle House, and Piggly Wiggly. Did you know that White people worked in coal mines?

      • “On another note during the time of Christ both emigration and
        immigration where extremely common in both central Asia and the middle east.”

        Nonsense. Asia is full of Asians, Africa is full of Blacks. Only Whites are being genocided in all of our countries, using massive immigration and forced integration against us.

        As for the Middle East… You mean Islam taking over countries and making the inhabitants oppressed minorities? Yeah, I’m sure the Christian Copts love becoming a minority in Egypt (sarcasm).

        Whites did the unskilled jobs right up until our borders were opened, without a vote or discussion allowed and Whites will do them again without your help. We didn’t need you then and we don’t need you now. You’re just here to take what the White man built.

        Hunter correctly points out, the corporate CEOs and the Left are the enemy of Whites. They sold us out long ago.

      • I’d like to knock that hockey mask off your stupid Charlie Brown head.
        You post numbers & stats with no source and if you take away welfare from any abled body adults, no matter the race, they will have no choice but to take those jobs stated above you BLOCKHEAD you….!

      • You shouldn’t quote stats that are not verifiable, especially when it comes to Biblical times. The Hebrew nation of Israel (Palestina in Latin) was ALREADY a corrupt, miscegenated, and foreign-ruled land at the time of Christ. The Last Hebrew King opened the floodgates with the admission of the Edomites (the modern jew) into the Commonwealth, contrary to Biblical Law and condemnation (Esau is Edom- Gen. 36:8, cf. also the entirety of Obadaiah)- much like the Celler 1965 Immigration Act in the US. In addition, the Roman controlled Judea/Palestine, along with the Edomitic/Idumean Herodian kings. So, while there may have been “a high degree of racial integration,” it was not the NORMATIVE or Biblically-sanctioned model for the CHosen People… then, OR now.

      • I worked as a bus boy in high school, a vendor at baseball games, and did carpentry in a boat yard.

        There is no shame in doing manual labor.

        Lot’s of the these extremely low wage food processing jobs were once done by a white union workers. The Green Bay Wisconsin football team is named after the “Meat Packers”.

        Exploiting huge numbers of low wage, slave wage non White workers never, NEVER works out well in the long run. I. The short run,some extremely selfish White Neo slave owners profit, they are traitors to our people and they must be identified and held up to public ridicule or even….

      • “Just whose jobs are being taken away? Are you going to bus tables or do
        dishes? Are you going to landscape or mow lawns or manicure a golf
        course in 100+ degree weather.”

        do wages in any of these industries substantiate a labor shortage? I think you know the answer to this question.

  2. I’d say 100+ people participated total.There was a lot of people who got there before or right at 1:00 PM and left around 2:00 PM, and a lot of new people that got there around 2:00 PM. It was decided that demonstrations wouldn’t be scheduled for three hours, because it spreads out the crowd to much.

  3. never cede on the R word. Throw it right back in their teeth with “anti-white bigot” qualifiers. “Cultural Imperialist” is another decent one to throw back at them

  4. I don’t know if anything is going on outside of the South (not much from what I see online), but the Right is not dead in Dixie. In fact, it seems to be growing and becoming better organised. I suggest that those in other regions take note and get active as well.

  5. I wasn’t expecting Fox to give so much attention to the *one* (later three) counter protestor. You’d think they’d be on our side.

    • I called Fox today and they said they’re only a Fox affiliate or some such buzzword, not actually a property or branch of Fox. News director said lots of people have the mistaken impression this station’s supposed to be conservative. They carry some popular Fox TV shows and this allows them to bear hte Fox label — go figure. Everybody, please call them at 864-213-2200, ask for the station manager, and ask why so much bias and so much focus on the opposition when you almost needed a microscope to find them Saturday. Leave a message if need be.

      Kyle’s speech was short (too short) but major — “GO ON THE OFFENSIVE”, especially with the “racism” bugaboo. By coincidence I had just viewed an early 1990s tape of the great Robert Faurisson addressing the IHR. After a nice long (and funny) talk on his saga, he urged us to TAKE THE OFFENSIVE, call liberal bedwetters what *they* are, call them on their clichĂ©s and sloppiness.

      I’ll have an article on the rally in the September or October First Freedom newspaper. Thanks to Logan and all who turned out.

  6. A couple of lessons learned made the trip much more enjoyable. First using earplugs makes it much easier to sleep. Which naturally makes the trip much more enjoyable.Second keeping cool during a demonstration is much easier when you have a hat and use something such as a wet frog tog around your neck but under your shirt. It was a great trip and it makes me look forward to the next one.

    Michael’s talk will be completed shortly and will be uploaded to YouTube by the morning. In the future when a meeting is being held in a location such as a restaurant the lectern needs to be placed opposite the entrance to the room.

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