VNN Commentator Exposed As Jewish Troll

This is interesting

“Let’s call the student Jason Beck. Common Dreams is not revealing his identity because, as a Jew who for years tricked Vanguard News Network, a major neo-Nazi website that has harbored people committed to violence, he could be put in danger by such a revelation. …”

Note: There’s no telling who else is running wild over at Linder’s online nuthouse.

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  1. This is an opportunity to get on my soapbox and once again stress the importance of building a real world, face-to-face political movement that uses the internet as a tool like a cell phone rather than as a purely anonymous fantasy world.

    • Unfortunately, not many “leaders” in the pro-White world have taken this position to heart since the invention of the Internet. Just don’t forget that a political movement trying to posture itself as a vehicle that can stand up to the status quo and affect change has to be more than just a political movement.

  2. As a Jew he has nothing to fear at all for his safety. If he wants to act like he is afraid of VNN coming to get him then he is either a bold liar or an extreme pussy.

    • Extreme Pussy obviously. All these online cranks that live in a fantasy world are extreme pussies. They have to act tough online behind fake identities and accuse everyone else of being a pussy.

  3. Online has its place, but it is not and can not be a substitute for personal activity in real time and space.

  4. I’m not surprised by that story at all. I’m of the opinion if people had to prove they are White, before posting on those websites, the subjects discussed and quality of posts would be very different.

  5. Another bit of Machiavellian intrigue one witnesses in bulletin boards are posts like the following:

    “I made X dollars working from home. Here’s how…”

    …these posts invariably turn up, repeated, in mainstream media threads when Jews and Israel are generally losing an argument. The purpose of these posts is to damage the credibility of the entire venue (the forum). As the Hasbara agent was unable to successfully shout down a poster or an idea that calls into question Jewish power, the entire thread is summarily nuked.

    Watch for it and you’ll notice.

  6. I think the byline that HW put up, is the key to understanding this “revelation.” The Jew is DIFFERENT, precisely because they have both: a) an inbred/genetic neurosis, that predisposes them to be psychopaths- they are (as Christ said of the race) ‘sons of their father, the Devil, and congenital liars as Satan is, precisely because 1) they are his sons/seed, and 2) have been so (and thus liars as well) ‘from the beginning.’ [St. John, Chapter 8]. Becuase the Jew does not have a meme to stop untruth from happening within them (and their Kol Nidrei oath every year, even gives them an ‘out’ from obedience- even to God’s Law! – if ‘it’s good for the Jews’) they find activities like this to be ‘right up their alley.’

    Whites, and Christian whites in particular, have long held themselves to the same Law of God, but seek grace, rather than self-justidication. White Men of old seek and strive to ‘tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth… so help me, God.’ That once was our oath in a court of law, and it summarized the White Man’s innate covenantal honesty in the face of His Creator. Jews, otoh: b) all believe (even if they deny it personally) that, because they are ‘G-d’s ‘chosen People’ – even when atheistic – they can do all manner of evil, lie, cheat, fornicate, blaspheme, and YET BE ACCOUNTED RIGHTEOUS because of this ‘blood’ connection- which is an outlandish oxymoron, if ever there was one. The Jews rely on a false genetic, broken covenant as it if were still in place, and act duplicitously with everyone around them. Jews and Chrisitans, Jews and Whites, are therefore, COMPLETELY OPPOSITE CREATIONS.

    Scripture and the praxis of 2000 years of Western history show, that it is the fruits one shows forth in one’s life, AFTER Justification, that is a mark of one’s predestination by YHWH God. Calvin and Luther, along with Augustine all taught that. And it denies the Jews’ blasphemous claim to anything approaching proximity to God…. forever.

  7. Last I checked, VNN wasn’t the only org that is overrun with hidden Jews but there is something that is even worse; orgs which welcome them with open arms and give open membership to Jews.

  8. The Hasbara/JIDF/Israel/ADL/AIPAC or some jew paid the forum $5,000.00 last year. They said that they wouldn’t pay it again this year if the anti-Semites were allowed to post. This is how Jews have moved censorship onto the internet. Cash donations followed by “requests”.

  9. And another one:
    The FBI arrested a 20-year-old
    American Jewish man for posing as an Islamic State extremist, calling
    for terrorist attacks, claiming to be planning attacks in Australia and
    the United States, and providing information on bomb construction to a
    second party. According to the Sydney Morning Herald,
    the same man, who it named as Florida resident Joshua Ryne Goldberg,
    also posed as a respected Australian lawyer in April to maliciously post
    a racist blog post on The Times of Israel.

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