Black Mob In Mississippi Nearly Beats White Man To Death In Retaliation For Michael Brown


Does the name Matt Owens ring a bell? Probably not.

Some of you may recall that Matt Owens was a White man in Mobile, AL who was viciously beaten by a Black Undertow mob in retaliation for the death of Trayvon Martin. The Mainstream Media, which was fomenting a lynch mob against George Zimmerman in 2012, swept the Matt Owens case and numerous other Trayvon Martin related black-on-white attacks under the rug.

Now it appears that the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO has provoked the first example (at least that has surfaced) of a retaliatory act of anti-White black mob violence:

“WEST POINT, Miss. — West Point police said a man received life-threatening injuries in what they are investigating as an aggravated assault at a restaurant.

Ralph Weems IV, who was injured early Saturday, was in fair condition Sunday at North Mississippi Medical Center, hospital spokeswoman Genie Causey said without elaborating. …

David Knighten of West Point told AP earlier by phone that he and Weems had gone to a Waffle House early Saturday. He said a man waved him over outside the restaurant and told him politely that people were upset by the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and it wasn’t a safe place for whites. …”

We are George Zimmerman. We are Matthew Owens. We are Darren Wilson. We are Ralph Weems IV.

Update: The West Point police have made an arrest and have backtracked on hate crime charges.

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  1. While you’re meditating on that, Brad, I’m wondering if you still think you know it all about the plots coming out of NYC, NJ. NYYankees screamed out in pain in Essex County and within less than a year an irish anglo celt was executed in the middle of it – for looking like her brother.

    Still think you know it all, huh. Or what TCP are all about…who are spinning madly with BS stories to cover for the truth she elucidated? This was revenge against ‘whitey’ for being white, not for some country in the middle east he couldn’t even locate on a map.

    Southerners and non-yankees need to learn their place in this country. Listen up loud and clear, Rogers. Keep lying for the Joos, don’t expect yankees to join you.

    • Brendan was executed Sunday, June 29th, which seems poetic, because the Edge’s rendition of the famous song came to mind:

      The embattled irish seem to sing not just for themselves, but for a race – the anglo celt people who cannot seem to unite, but who now cling to survival.

      • I can’t think of an Irish politician, Irish Roman Catholic politicians in particular, who are not deep throating blacks. Buchanan doesn’t count because he has never been elected to anything.

        • Earl, baby, can you think of one WASP politician who’s not deep throating the jews? Because even up my way there aren’t any, that I know of anyway.

      • Yeah, I’ve always liked “Bloody Sunday”. Never cared much for “Pride”. I never understood why U2 would sing a song that praises MLK and laments his loss.

        • This song was NOT written about freakin’ King. It’s about a massacre of the catholics in Ireland in 1972 by the british army:

          But don’t worry, you’re hardly the only wasp type who’s projected your own insular myopia onto my people (even though I’m one of those non-catholic irish catholic types). I actually suspect most americans assumed this was about *their* history. I remember being told by some snotty WASP who was playing it in highschool that it was about ‘Memphis.’

          I thought the struggle in Ireland echoes the one we fight here and now in many ways, anglo celt versus anglo celt, north versus south.

    • It’s obvious Jews are plotting stories, making up absolute lies, and pulling major hoaxes in NYC with blacks. We saw that with superjewess running down that black kid who “stole her cell” and held him for 30 mins, along with knockout game lies. DS did a story on that a few days ago.

      But Henry why all the hatred and disrespect? Folks here have no idea what’s going on besides what you say now and then, but we had no proof until now that it’s piling up. As far as I know everyone here treats you with respect and a nice tone….I’m sorry you have a few murders being hoaxed or covered up, do you realize the level of assaults, rapes and murders we are dealing with here on a daily basis?

      For your June 29th I could list off a litany of whites murdered/assaulted/raped so why should we be up in arms over this character and more importantly, why do YOU think we should care about them more than our own? When have Yankees come down here and helped us out with ANY problem at all? Everyone knows it’s been destruction of our people and culture.

      Why does Brenden Tevlins life matter more than over 100,000 innocent white women and children killed for fun by the Northerners….when not a single Jew was involved in the Yankee army? Why does it matter more than the thousands assaulted daily here?

      See Henry, I do agree with you. You were right the entire time about Jews and blacks hoaxing and staging media events, I have no problem admitting it. It was just hard to fathom as a WASP I suppose. But that’s y’all’s battle to fight….what can we do? George Wallace tried to explain to y’all the media will lie and hoax back in the 60s when the North was firing shots on black protestors but the Jews only printed about the Selma March being stopped non violently.

      If anyone is interested here is a two min clip from Wallace showing the a jewsmedia lies and bias and making the interviewer look like a fool:

  2. This reminds me of an older story, where 4 White college students entered a McDonald’s restaurant at 2 am, that was full of Blacks. You can imagine what happened next. PC indoctrination is fatal.

  3. We have a white patron harassed at a public restaurant by an all black clientele. No doubt black employees calling police and blaming it on the white guy. A black mob of 20 people follow the guy and beat him within a inch of his life. And the black police captain claims it’s not a “hate crime.” If ever there was a case for the Department of Justice to get involved, here it is.

  4. Meanwhile, Joe Sixpack is in a conundrum. He cannot decide which T.V. show to watch after his long day at work, football which has his favorite black wife beater or a news channel, telling him what to believe.

    Sally Sockermom wants to be trendy, she is going to cheat on her husband with black thug she met while shopping. Her husband won’t mind, he’s not ”raycissssss”.

    I swear, as long as White Americans think like the two above, our situation will only get worse. Very few people I know actually know or care about the destruction of our race, very sad.

    • A solution or even short-term remedy isn’t built by the hands of those who don’t know or just don’t care; it is built by those very few who do know and do care. If we sit around and dwell too much on why Joe Sixpack or Sally Soccermom are apathetic zombies, then we might as well be apathetic zombies. Any White adult who passively accepts their own demise and displacement, and refuses to accept the realities of race deserves to have his or her ass robbed, assaulted, raped and/or killed by the very creatures they want to make excuses for and defend. Sympathy/empathy is nothing but wasted energy in these cases, because their destiny is already mapped out the second they claim to be an anti-racist. These White enablers of black crime would have no problem throwing the “racists” under the bus and driving right over them/us, so I see no reason to not give them the same treatment.

      The world needs more anti-racists to be sacrificed in order for an effective cleansing and rebirth. Maybe I’m too cynical, or maybe I’m just completely fed up and don’t care about people who don’t care about me, but the days of trying to save everyone(especially those who don’t want to save themselves) is over.

  5. Knighten now deserves a beating by 20 White men. The guy had a loaded, legal to carry .45 and he let those colored boys beat his friend into a moaning pile of mangled flesh. I don’t care which words he chooses or how he assembles them, his explanation will be bullshit.

  6. Here is is an excerpt from the CofCC posting that shows why you need to choose your friends wisely:

    “They left after an argument that brought police, Knighten said. He said he showed those officers his .45-caliber handgun and his concealed carry permit.”

  7. The only people who can be attacked based on race, without it being a “hate crime”, are whites.

    passive effort to show that our constitution affords EVERYONE (including Officer
    Darren Wilson) the right to due process, and that they are innocent until proven
    guilty, I am trading my normal sunglasses for my yellow shooting (safety)
    glasses until the Ferguson Grand Jury hands down their verdict. No riots, no
    violence, no uncivilized behavior…..just a pair of sunglasses to show where I
    stand. I invite anyone who stands with me to do the same.

    Pass this along…….show the world how the MAJORITY of AMERICANS feel on this issue.

  9. Let us not forget those vermin who justify every criminal act directed towards Whites and encourage MORE of the same.

    They will not rest until we are obliterated from the face of the earth.

    A Washington Post op-ed by Jewess Stosh Cotler gives great insight into the methods Jews use in destablizing White societies.

    Coltler, who is the head of a Jew organization called “Bend the Arc,” which lobbies for “social justice” – a catch-all term for the liberal program of mass invasion by non-Whites, homosexualism, feminism and the displacement of White people – claims that the Brown shooting, as well as the response to the riots, are a result of racism.

    There is a warzone in America’s heartland. Most of us are far from the armored police vehicles rolling down the streets of Ferguson, Missouri. But the battle there is being fought all over this country, and just because it is not the Jewish community under immediate attack doesn’t mean that we, as people of faith, don’t have a moral responsibility to stand with the residents of Ferguson. Indeed, all communities of faith have an obligation to speak up when we see injustices perpetrated against our fellow citizens.

    Let’s start with the hard truths. The police action in Ferguson is not about protecting small business owners from petty theft. It’s not about quelling chaos or keeping order. It’s about racism. It’s about the fact that, as a country, we have never truly grappled with the lasting effects of slavery and the multiple iterations of Jim Crow. As Ta-Nehisi Coates eloquently explains this in his recent article in The Atlantic, “What came before this was a long bloody war—enslavement—against black families, black communities and black bodies. What came after was a terrorist regime which ruled an entire swath of this country by fire and rope. That regime was not overthrown until an era well within the living memory of many Americans.”

    Simply put, there is an undeniable connection between the deep, unhealed scars of slavery and the fact that no one called an ambulance as Michael Brown lay dying in the street. It is the blasphemous and offensive philosophy that says some wounds matter more than others, and some wounds are best left ignored.

    She goes on to explain why Judaism is specifically prone to assisting Black people and protecting them from White racists. (snip)

    Through a complete distortion of reality, Jews are able to make our victimizers – the Blacks – into victims, while we Whites, who exist under a constant assault from the Black race, are the evil oppressors. This works because European society is geared toward altruism, and wants to be fair with people. When we are told we are not being fair, we want to fix things. If the Jew is able to get us to believe the Blacks are oppressed victims, we are then willing to hand over our society to them.

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