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  1. The DISQUS system also functions as a tracker. I for one hope that DISQUS is not restored.

    Ghostery (a tracker/cookie blocker add-on for modern browsers) automatically blocks DISQUS.

    Why does a commenting platform need to track us?

  2. I find myself commenting less and less here with DISQUS on. The WordPress comments are easier to read.

    I’ve found the exact opposite to be true for websites where I’ve used Disqus. Unless you’ve done some custom work and CSS modifications, trying to follow conversational flow is a complete nightmare with the WordPress comment system. It’s ugly, clunky and disjointed, and there’s been no shortage of bugs and security issues with WordPress comments and the system as a whole. There are always pros and cons of any system, but most of the cons I’ve seen thrown out for Disqus were either unfounded or coming from people that either didn’t like change or just weren’t too tech-savvy with the form and function of Disqus.

  3. I prefer Disqus. You can keep up with your comments over different websites, and it’s easier to reply and show support for other comments.

  4. Thank you.

    As the earlier commenter noted – I have Disqus blocked specifically because of its attempts at tracking, controlling, and sometimes censoring discussion.

    I have never had any trouble following conversational flow in a simple format like the WordPress default.

  5. Great decision. And it looks like some of us who stopped commenting because of it are now ready to come back.

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