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  1. Very good selection, Hunter. We must all agree that ‘church’ is totally false and heretical.

    Women don’t belong in the pulpit area, either — if those televised ‘churches’ even have pulpits.

    Hunter, this is REAL preaching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkiGizxRo4A — ‘the kind that can cause churches to lose their tax-exempt status’! — which reminds me of a preacher in my locality MANY years ago (circa 1795) who advised his congregation from the pulpit that they should not pay ANY taxes to the new Federal government. After doing this for several weeks he was arrested on Sunday IN CHURCH, ‘for preaching sedition’. Friends stormed the local prison and set him free, but he was later re-captured by federal authorities and held in a more secure prison in Philadephia until he had paid a very stiff fine for his illegal ‘free’ speech. You see, the federal government was evil from the very beginning.

  2. Osteen LOVES the Pope https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j65tSPJZutQ — as do Kenny Copeland, Frankie Graham, and many other pop ‘Christian’ celebrities. Mr. Bergoglio has been reaching out to evangelicals and Pentecostal Protestants, flattering them as ‘the hope for the future of the Catholic Church’. As the ‘Cambria will not Yield’ blogger explains, ‘the smart church’ (as Cambria calls his denomination) ‘has everything that Protestants lack: sacraments, the best Mariology, the most prestigious theologians, Church fathers dating back to the beginning of Christianity, and an infallible pope’ — yet ‘the lunatic fringe of Protestantism has something that the Catholic Church needs’!

  3. It’s the fruits of protestantism. Once people decided that they were the final arbiters of their bibles, it was only a matter of time before they started being heretics. And unfortunately Roman Catholics are limping along behind them. This is why I wish to convert to the only real christian church remaining — the Orthodox church. I don’t think sola scriptura is true, because if it was, we wouldn’t be faced with heresy on every corner.

  4. There were attempts at bridging European a Christian sectarian divides (Eastern Orthodox, Catholic) in the final days/years of Constantinople as the dark, swarthy hordes of Islam came closer and closer to the gates of Constantinople. The reality of being slaughtered, raped, enslaved by nasty Turk, Paki, Arab, Somalian Muslims can even get our eternally squabbling sects of Judeo X’tians to consider burying the hatchet.

    I was hoping something like this would happen now, but it doesn’t seem to be happening.

  5. ‘I was hoping something like this would happen now, but it doesn’t seem to be’:

    Relax, Jack. Inter-denominational unification, like global inter-national unification, really is happening….

  6. Joel inherited the church from his late daddy, the founder. He and his wife live in a 10 million dollar mansion in River Oaks, the rich folks neighborhood in Houston, with an estimated net worth of 40 million. To paraphrase Chico Escuela, “religion been very, very good to him”.

  7. @ “…the reality of being slaughtered, raped, enslaved by nasty Turk, Paki, Arab, Somalian Muslims can even get our eternally squabbling sects of Judeo X’tians to consider burying the hatchet…”

    yes, that’s exactly why those things are being put forward…. to try to “unify” people (i.e., get rid of some of those branches of christianity for good) They’ve been working it hard in the protestant countries, obviously. Now the u.s. will be latin by forced migration (and they will be forced to say they are “unified” but never really).

    No one likes to live lies, though.

  8. But I haven’t even mentioned the Bible here (yet) John, and DixieGirl’s statement is very clear — and Hunter has often mentioned and NOT denigrated ‘the Bible Belt’, where the Bible is more often ‘thumped’.

    Just because the fatherland has gone atheist….

  9. Yeah..I thought Hunter was going to end these ridiculous theological rants…but apparently the anti-catholic crap of such luminaries as Dixie Girl and and mr. Russian rifle are ok…Only one side gets to attack HW?

  10. I kind of like Joel Osteen’s message, it is a very positive message. I don’t want to hear negativity, the Gospel is a very positive message of Salvation, a triumph over sin and death.

    I’ve pointed this out before, if you read the ante-bellum Protestants, the Southern preachers are very positive and up beat, where as the Northern preachers are all hell fire and damnation, and very negative. Totally different than the what you see on TV and in the movies.

    My guess is Osteen is of Italian ancestry. Not all Italians stayed in the big cities of the East, some went west.

  11. These churches are all about the $$$. That’s what it is all about. What is called mainstream Christianity in America is totally embarrassing to even the most remotely honest person.

  12. Earl, the name Osteen isn’t Italian. It’s a German name meaning ‘from the east’. Ost is were we get the name for Easter, the main holyday of the Christian calander.

  13. Anybody have a good secure link to that British Mudslime beheading the two American journalists?

    All activists should have this video on hand, all the time to sit down know it all Liberals, Libertarians, race denying Conservatives who insist Muslim immigrants are natural family values Conservatives.

    If the video of the beheading doesn’t work with these types, hire some Indian. Hindu guy to tie up these idiots and start quoting passages from the Koran, shouting “God is Great”.

  14. Hunter, any thoughts on Russians’ right to secede from Globalist, Romano(Uniated)-Talmudic, ‘Ukraine’? Obama is conspiring now with NATO leaders to prevent the secession with increased force.

  15. Hunter, please turn on the comment moderation1 The usual suspects with their asinine foolishness are coming out of the woodwork again.

  16. The people of the Ukraine have suffered much at the hands of the Russians, especially during the 1930’s. If they don’t want Russians living in their country, why should they be condemned for wanting them out? The Estonians, the Latvians, the Lithuanians, and the Finns don’t want them either. I find it strange that a person who’s always bitching about how his nationality was oppressed by a foreign power is siding with the most oppressive power of the 20th century. But then again, his screen name is the name of a Russian rifle, so we shouldn’t be too surprised that he sides with them.

  17. Earl, why are you so anxious to say Osteen is Italian? A simple search on genealogical sites shows the name is German, not Italian.

  18. The Ukrainians have been oppressed by Jews for eons. Lasha Darkmoon did a terrific article on her site, on this topic.

    Ukrainians are still being looted, plundered, and slaughtered by Jews. Putin is the good guy. I hope he takes whatever he wants. He knows how to handle the Self Chosen. That’s why they HATE him

  19. ‘If they don’t want Russians living in their country, why should they be condemned for wanting them out’:

    My comment was about SECESSION, Dalton. No one is wanting the Russian people to leave the Ukraine. The Russians themselves want to leave it — to secede from it. MOST of the people of ‘Malo-Russia’ (or ‘Little Russia’ or ‘Ukraine’) ARE Russian — and while many have been Uniated and identify now as ‘Ukrainian’, yet many remain conscious of their Russian ethnicity.

    Again, my question in the preceding comment concerned their right to SECEDE from Romano-Talmudic, Globalist tyranny. We pray for their deliverance.

  20. Steve—I heard a couple of years ago, from a very good source, that Osteen was originally Ostini. The only time this source has been wrong before is on the background of former Solicitor General of the US Ted Olson.

  21. Re: ‘MOST of the people of ‘Malo-Russia’ (or ‘Little Russia’ or ‘Ukraine’) ARE Russian’:

    No. The southern (Ukrainian) Rus and the Carpathian (Ruthenian) Rus, and the Cossacks are not the same as ‘great’ northern Russians. They do have a common heritage in the medieval Kievan Rus and in Russian Orthodoxy, as do the western (‘Byelorussian’) Russians. But Little Russia has more Tatar and Khazaric Asiatic blood and was under the control and influence of Poland, Lithuania and Hungary for centuries, so the original common Russian (‘East Slavic’) language and religion were gradually changed, especially west of the Dnieper.

    Good point about their secession, Mosin. ‘Southern Rus’ who are conscious of their ethnicity and want to preserve their culture and religion and other rights should secede from the Globalist union at once.

  22. Earl, please watch around 31 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bjVcWCInn8 where Osteen tells the Black Talmudvision star that he thinks sodomy is just ‘A’ sin among many other sins, and that ‘it’s a hard thing’ (because he would rather deny it?) for him to say that ‘it is “shown” as “a” sin in the Scriptures’ — because he knows sodomites WILL ‘be accepted into heaven’ the same as others who aren’t ‘gay’. In another interview about ‘gay marriage rights’ he also covers himself with ‘although I don’t “see” that in Scripture’ before he states: ‘There are people (the sodomites) that love each other and I believe they should have those rights’.

    The righteous are bound to hate and resist the massive-scale Talmudistic corruption and robbery carried on in the name of Christ by this heretic preacher (who says he admires the Pope) and many others like him (too many to name here) both Protestant and ‘Catholic’ — while the few faithful pastors who DO preach the truth, and refuse tax exempt status, and actually visit and actually visit and care for their White flocks like shepherds instead of wolves tend to hold forth in poor small chapels, sometimes with drafty walls and leaking roofs — and they subsist mostly on the fruits of their own hand labour, which is as it should be.

  23. Once again: Islam is NOT the basic problem but only a distracting, annoying symptom of it — and America is not run by BLACKS — and once again ‘Scot-Jew’ (as he calls himself) is misdirecting us toward one his favourite pro-Zionist co-distractors: ‘Shoe Bat’. But let’s look not at Shoe Bat’s ‘good stuff’ (his ‘unbeatable’ distraction catalogue of Muslim atrocities) — but at Mr. Shoe Bat HIMSELF.

  24. “America is not run by Blacks”. To the best of my knowledge, even though we use the acronym BRA here, the meaning of the term as Hunter and Kersey uses it means an America run for the benefit of the Blacks.

    “Islam is not the basic problem”. Uh, Mosin, Islam has been a basic problem for the Western world for 1400 years. Walid Shoebat is a former Muslim, and knows that cult from the inside out. And the information he gives is hardly “distracting”, it’s informing. The Muslims are attacking the west right now, so we need to be informed. It’s nonsense for people like you to claim being informed about Islam is a distraction. If your pumpkin head is ever cut off by one of these “distractions”, don’t come crying to me about it, you were warned!

  25. This is one of the reasons I am sometimes embarrassed to be a modern day Protestant. What is with the gaudiness and corniness, …..the large, arrogant, football stadium-like buildings, flashing lights, loud obnoxious music, men and women up on stage talking to you like you are six and using hand gestures for everything.

    Sometimes I would just like to escape and silently meditate in a large European cathedral. I have a great deal of respect for Protestantism in its original form, but not what modern day Americans have turned it into. And one of the commenters above was correct, in that, women shouldn’t be standing in front of a church like that, “preaching”.

  26. Courtney, your comment about “football stadium like buildings” is spot on. In Osteen’s case, he holds forth at the Compaq Center, which used to be the arena for the NBA Houston Rockets before they moved to a newer playpen.

  27. Great posting Courtney from Alabama!

    I’m certain that Christianity, in it’s purist form, is only attainable by honoring the methods of the past, something most clergy see as, ironically, heretical. New interpretations have all lead to the same crap, whether it is the Catholic Church (Vatican II) or the Protestant churches (for the past ~110 or so years).

    The sad aspect is how many Southern Whites probably don’t question what Mrs. Osteen is preaching, asking “wait, does that make any sense, glory myself and not God?”

  28. Some guy named after a Russian WW II era gun claims that:

    “Once again: Islam is NOT the basic problem but only a distracting, annoying symptom of it”

    Jack responds:

    Oh dear, looks like this Russian gun guy has sort of “lost his head” so to speak regarding the “Religion of Peace – Not”.

    Pakistani Muslim savages have now been confirmed gang raping thousands of White English girls in not so Merry Old England. These same misunderstood Paki and other assorted Mudslime scum have all but done full genocide on the Oldest continuous Christian communities in the Middle East. Tomorrow is the anniversary of an important even regarding Islam and White Americans – the West. Does this Russian gun named guy have some idea what that event might be?

    Beautiful French film star Bridget Bardot had the courage and just an intact brain to oppose these 8th century child raping, animal abusing scum, but for the confused conspiracy obsessed loners in the American drop out loner Right, they have other concerns/obsessions – blue collar White Catholics or Donny and Marie Osmond and the White Latter a Day Saints.

    Oh dear .

  29. ‘good’ excuse. I mistyped, really. But see if any of this makes it past moderation. A man can’t speak his case on OD?

  30. I don’t think it was trolling to state my position, in a simple one-sentence comment, that was in RESPONSE to JR’s question that was directed at ME. Deleting my response was like muzzling, or like tying a man’s hands behind his back. Thanks in advance for allowing this comment to appear — and if you wish and say so, I will cease commenting on your blog.

    JR’s question was:

    ‘Tomorrow is the anniversary of an important event regarding Islam and White Americans – the West. Does this Russian gun named guy have some idea what that event might be?’

    And this is what I wrote in response:

    Yes, it is the anniversary of a ‘good’ excuse for another unjust war on behalf of Israel and global oil interests.

  31. Religious conviction seems to be the ‘hobby horse’ in question. But this is a thread about religion, yet my very brief comment on evangelical ‘Christian’ Zionist propagandist Walid Shoebat was deleted. I only wanted to share a link: http://whtt.org/walid-shoebat-church-propagandist-for-evangelical-zionism-homeland-security-anti-terrorist-trainer/ Someone else brought up Shoebat here, and he is really not too distantly related to the post topic, and to JR’s reminder (above) of the ‘9/11’ anniversary tomorrow.

  32. Rather than dragging myself into a flame war with Mosin, I encourage the readers of OD to read the articles posted on http://shoebat.com/ and decide for themselves if Mr. Shoebat is telling the truth about the Muslims.

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