EXCLUSIVE: SPLC Publishes Sensationalist Article on “The Indomitables”


The SPLC has published the dumbest, most unfounded, sensationalist article that I have ever seen on the Hatewatch and that’s saying something because I have been reading their blog on a daily basis for years now.

The core assertion of the article is that the League of the South has formed “a uniformed, paramilitary unit” called “The Indomitables” which is to be “stacked with white supremacists, former Klan members and neo-Nazis.” Michael Hill has allegedly referred to our top secret “militia” in leaked “internal Facebook posts.” This “uniformed paramilitary unit” is allegedly led by Eric Meadows whose role on the League’s national staff is “Training.” It includes people like Abe Monroe who is “representative of that new type of southern nationalist the League now seeks.”

Where to begin?

1.) First, I was present more than a year ago in Uvalda, GA at the scene where “The Indomitables” concept was created, as well as at nine other League demonstrations that have followed since then, including the one at SPLC headquarters in May, and the term “The Indomitables” has always referred to the League’s core group of activists who have organized our many peaceful, non-violent street demonstrations.

“Indomitables” are simply hardcore activists who participate in lots of League demonstrations – I’m an “Indomitable,” and I have the wristband to prove it, but I am sorry to report there isn’t any “uniformed militia.”

2.) Second, there are all kinds of ways to “fight” back and within the League this has taken the form of organizing street demonstrations and putting up SECEDE billboards, which we have been doing for some time now, and which the SPLC has largely ignored. There hasn’t been any violence at our street demonstrations – including three of them where Keegan Hankes and Ryan Lenz were present – or by anyone affiliated with us since the Uvalda and Vidalia, GA demonstrations.

3.) Third, the League of the South (and the CofCC, for the same reasons) has always declined to converse with the SPLC because their journalism lacks credibility. Why would anyone give an interview to a hostile, muckracking journalist who just wants to misrepresent your organization and smear you?

4.) Fourth, it’s true that Abe Monroe RECENTLY got a tasteless “white power” tattoo with a swastika and publicly posted it for the world to see on Facebook, but this proves nothing about the League. All it proves is that Americans are fond of getting stupid tattoos, posting selfies on Facebook, and that some people radicalize and move further to the right all the time (and back again, in the case of Matt Heimbach).

When Abe Monroe attended our demonstrations in Central Florida, he didn’t have the swastika tattoo, and he has never been to any of our events outside of Central Florida. There’s no reason to believe he is a League member, has ever met Eric Meadows, or that he is part of any secret militia called “The Indomitables.”

5.) Fifth, the job description “Training” refers to training new activists, physical fitness, survival skills, and marksmanship.  Like the vast majority of White Southerners, the League has always been pro-gun and pro-Second Amendment. For several years now, we have been “training” our members in skills that will help them prepare for America’s economic decline, which shows no signs of abating under Obama’s stewardship.

6.) Finally, Dr. Hill’s article in The Free Magnolia about “fourth generation warfare” was just a discussion of a mainstream military concept, not a call to action, although the article has been misrepresented and sensationalized by ignorant leftists to promote the preposterous idea that the League is forming “three-to-five man death squads.”

Personally, I’ve always enjoyed reading about warfare in the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages, but that doesn’t mean I am styling myself as a knight in shining armor! Reading and writing about the Enlightenment and French Revolution doesn’t imply you are about to decapitate aristocrats with a guillotine.

As for “violence,” the SPLC is located in Montgomery, AL which Bloomberg News has identified as the second fastest shrinking city in America. Because of the “Tsunami of Violence” in Montgomery, which The Montgomery Advertiser has laid at the doorstep of the black population, not the League of the SouthMontgomery is well on the way to becoming another Ferguson with all the crime, poverty, failing schools, declining property value and commercial activity its changing racial profile entails.

In such an environment, Whites in Montgomery might be forced to band together to defend their homes, families, and businesses in the event of another “Ferguson.” Undoubtedly, the SPLC will be cheering on the blacks who initiate the actual violence while simultaneously ignoring violent hate crimes committed by blacks against White people. While the League of the South currently doesn’t have a “militia,” it might be necessary to create one at some point in the future for self defense purposes.

For the record, we don’t see much to worry about from the opposition:


The SPLC is either credulous, willing to print anything, or the victim of a joke by someone trying to pass off nonsense as “insider information.”

Update: Apparently, I need to remind our excitable friend Spelunker that being a member of a Facebook group is not synonymous with being a dues paying member of the League of the South. Most of the people who are “members” of our public Facebook group, as well as some people who attend our demonstrations, are not members of the organization itself.

Note: It is worth noting here that the SPLC has already inspired a domestic terrorist attack on the Family Research Council. In an article in their Intelligence Report, they celebrated the Tinley Park 5, a group of “antifascists” who violently assaulted a group of White Nationalists in a Chicago restaurant, as  “a symbol of a good cause.”

The SPLC held a vigil in Montgomery for Michael Brown and said he was just another black teenager who died “for our freedom” when he was shot to death in the course of attacking a Ferguson police officer after committing a strong arm robbery. As usual, they had nothing to say about the night manager at Taco Bell on Atlanta Highway in Montgomery who was beaten to death with a tire iron in March, and whose name will not be appearing on their Civil Rights Memorial any time soon.

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  1. Even though this is slander from the SPLC, be very careful to distance LS of anything even remotely like paramilitary, revolutionary fantasy stuff.

    LS had, must have solid security, folks dressed appropriately. I thought LS security was well dressed, appropriately armed at LS protest at Tyson Food Middle TN demos last year. I was concerned that one participant showed me video of him shooting drums of 12 gauge and talked of burying lots and lots of Ak47s.

    Don’t tolerate anyone around you promoting SPLC propaganda of bad, hateful guys in masks and cameo with assault rifles.

  2. Agreed John. also Dr. hill and other LS leaders activists should strictly avoid publishing paramilitary revolutionary fantasies, gun fantasy stuff, speculating on future guerrilla war secession scenarios.

    Don’t talk this stuff. Don’t publish this stuff.


  3. “The Indomitables”, that sounds pretty corny. LOL.

    On a more serious note, Edgar Steele has died. Everyone seems to forget that Edgar Steel spent a couple of decades touting Idaho silver to anyone who would listen.

    If you had listened to Steel and bought Idaho silver at $5 dollars an ounce, you would have seen your investment pay a huge dividend of nearly 6 times your original investment.

    Sooner or later, and this always happens, someone will talk, and Edgar Steel will be vindicated!

  4. Indomitables? What?

    Eh, but going back to the article Dr. Hill wrote; I knew it was going to be taken out of context and spun. It had its point, but it was unnecessary. There shouldn’t be something like that published in the near future, not until we have a large enough movement, and even then with a grain of salt. HW, you should know this better than anyone, being a propagandist.

  5. I still support Dr. Hill as President of the League, though I really have no say either way. I just think this needs to be a lesson learnt.

  6. The SPLC uses such attacks not to inform their limited and shrinking readership of like minded leftist sheeple but rather to scare the more timid in the ranks of a particular organization or group, in this case the League. As we see, in the likes of “John” and “Jack” this is working well on the more timid that may or may not be in the Cause. This type will whine on forums such as this, attack those taking an active and real stand on the frontlines or go running if they are actually involved in said organization out of fear. I have been active in the Cause for over twenty years and have been in the sights of the SPLC dozens of times over those twenty years, yet here I am, still standing strong, still fighting for our Folk and not backing down. Those in the League are doing just that, taking a stand for a future of our Folk and for our White children. That scares the Marxist liberals that the SPLC bleed dry for their funding as well as an attempt to have them continue reading their failing publication. Those that are timid, those that are weak and lack the intestinal fortitude will act in just the manner that “John” and “Jack” are doing, wringing their hands in worry. Thankfully there are far more amongst the ranks of the League willing to take a stand…Hail Victory!

  7. Logan and others. I think it was a typical SPLC smear. But, still some public relations mistakes were made. Let’s encourage Dr. hill to correct them.

    Never get photographed brandishing scary guns. Never publish revolutionary violence, gun fantasies. That Christian militia in Indiana made the mistake of brandishing guns and making some revolutionary end times fantasy stuff. They got arrested and persecuted, eventually they were cleared. It was unnecessary. They just shouldn’t have brandished guns, published revolutionary fantasy.

    Dr. Hill’s piece was along the lines of “What if the Federal Government resorted to the worst oppression of Southerners, here’s how we would resist. ”

    Just need to do some damage control and be very careful regarding guns, revolutionary fantasies. This stuff attracts agent provocateurs, also real nut cases. Dr. hill and LS had excellent security at LS protests in Middle TN against Tyson Foods. No Skinhead Nazis in masks and cameo, with assault rifles. Security was properly dressed, appropriately prepared.

    Just be smart and prepared. Work to gain the respect and support of your neighbors. Let them know you, see that you are good folks, very much like them, not the types depicted in some Hollywood script as an evil, violent hater, gun nut, etc.

  8. Mike, Of course the SPLC smear piece was fabricated.

    Probably, 95% + fabrication .

    But, the 5% was a small LS published piece showing a gun, “what if” how would Southern revolutionaries fight an oppressive US military.

    That ‘s just not helpful, attracts bad attention, attracts smears, exaggeration, or real violent HATERS who will do stupid, counter productive stuff like invade the Us Holocaust Museum, shoot up some Jewish senior citizenship medical center and kill some White a catholic guy and his grandson.

    Again, I see this as a small PR mistake that is being used by the SPLC to seriously smear the LS.

    It’s a small PR problem that can be dealt with and should be dealt with.

    Be smart, it’s a rough world. Looks what is happening to that honest police,an in Ferguson MO.

  9. Jack,

    I’m sorry to publicly disagree with you here, but I don’t know anyone around here who wets their pants at the sight of firearms. Everybody, and I mean everybody, where I come from has some kind of gun, knife, or firearm.

    Most of my neighbors and family members in Alabama are NRA members. Earlier this summer, I had to help my uncle install a fireproof safe in his house where he stores all his firearms, not just hunting rifles, but hardcore assault weapons he had bought at gun shows. None of these people are League members.

    The Alabama state legislature has nullified federal gun control laws:


  10. Since I have been in the League, there hasn’t been so much as a fist fight at any of our events, or any violence period that I have seen from anyone, even privately. To insinuate that we are a violent organization is slanderous.

  11. I just received a nice note from Dr. hill, sounds like he has things in good order and can handle this SPLC smear.

    As for being photographed brandishing guns, posing in certain outfits etc, well different groups of Americans , Southerners have different standards, tastes etc.

    Understand some Antifa guy in Chicago can photoshop you and your good Ol Alabama buddies posing with your (legal) assault rifles, photoshop in a huge swastica banner and tatted skinheads sieg hi ing you, then you might get actual tattooed NS skinheads respond to the SPLC smear and actuAlly come over in hopes of getting photographed with you with your, their guns, their Swasticas etc.

    All I am saying is to practice sound PR, like at LS demos. Folks there are well dressed, look nice. Our enemies are cruel, mean and don’t fight fair.

    This SPLC smear should be responded to an effective, positive way. There will be many, many more smears like this in the future.

    Be prepared.

  12. Great response, Hunter. This is just another in a long line of shoddily-researched hit pieces from the SPLC against The League. I challenged them (and anyone else interested) a few days ago in an article posted on The League website to offer conclusive proof we were forming a militia or paramilitary organization and this is all they can muster? It is pitiful, really.

  13. Fortunately, they haven’t learned about the Death Star that Eric and I are working on. They are either credulous or will print anything to scare little old Jewish ladies out of their money.

  14. Mr. Ryan has some good, level-headed advice. Unfortunately, the SPLC will twist anything they can regardless of what we actually do.

  15. Well written Hunter.

    How about including a nice photo of our nice young folks, without guns or White Power tats.

    Marshall and his girlfriend?

    Antifa, Leftist, Neo Con lies, smears to unfortunately have effect, particularly with old people who will believe most anything.

    South Carolina voters in the GOP presidential 2008 primary were polled and stated that Viet Nam war hero John McCain would be THE Best candidate to defent US borders from illegal immigration. Southern Conservative voters in South Carolnia believe that flaming queer Lindsey Graham is a great Christian Conservative. Millions of regular folks in the South believed lying Neo Conservative propaganda that Saddam Hussein was Hitler and he had weapons of mass destruction ready to destroy the entire FREE WORLD.

    Yeah, so our people will believe lies, if gone unchallenged.

    LS is getting very good at street demonstrations – our side looks and acts good. Let’s get really good at responding to these SPLC lying smears.

    Great job Hunter and Dr. Hill.

    Mea Culpa for expressing concerns.

  16. PS.

    Hunter your really look great flying the St. Andrew Cross LS flag – very handsome and very fit.

    Still, I think Marshall should be the face and jeans of the LS, OD etc. I was there in Murfreesboro, Shelbyville TN. Women were literally stopping their cars and trucks just to be with Marshall, accept whatever he was selling. If Marshall was pushing Greenpeace, they would buy. And, yeah, if Marshall was selling the SPLC’s campagin against HATE, many would also buy. Lot’s of regular folks will buy from a good looking salesman and Marshall is our best.


    We have to recognize and use our best talent.

  17. “Understand some Antifa guy in Chicago can photoshop you and your good Ol Alabama buddies posing with your (legal) assault rifles, photoshop in a huge swastica banner and tatted skinheads sieg hi ing you, then you might get actual tattooed NS skinheads respond to the SPLC smear and actuAlly come over in hopes of getting photographed with you with your, their guns, their Swasticas etc.”

    Yeah, and they can also take a picture of you in just your swimming trunks, then use photoshop to add a Nazi uniform and put an AK-47 slung on your shoulder.

    Better just to avoid being photographed altogether then, ain’t it, Jack?

  18. Can we PLEASE stop using the leftist term “assault” weapon, “assault” gun etc. It is an incorrect term for modern day sporting rifles that are semi-automatic.

    @HW, not to pick a nit, but your uncle most certainly did not buy “hardcore assault weapons” at gun shows.
    I know the difference as I was issued a true “assault” rifle while serving.

    Using the correct terms is as important as the message, or messenger. Just a pet peeve.

    Carry on…

  19. There is no depth to which the Marxist, mostly Jew vermin of the $PLC will not sink, no lie to scurrilous to spread, no smear too ugly nor broad.

    If the Edomite devils are attacking you, it simply means you are doing something very right. Good on ya!

  20. As an outside observer, I can only say you guys must be doing something right.

    The discipline and work ethic the League of the South has shown over the past year or so is an inspiration to nationalists, pro-white dissidents, anti-globalists, and freedom loving and free thinking folk all over the world. Your message is legitimate and you’ve communicated it with class and dignity.

    This is why the leftists over at that hedge-fund death star down in Montgomery have trotted out the propaganda technique that they always dredge up when they face true populists who they can’t control: the phantom threat of “right-wing violence.”

    There isn’t a lot you can do to stop their scare tactics except to persevere and keep speaking to your people through direct action. Take heart in knowing that they they’re freaked out by you. Take heart in knowing that even though they sit on top of a quarter of a billion dollars, they still can’t stop you from speaking and organizing. This drives them crazy. In a very real sense, their crazed lies are a direct measure of your success.

    I would advise caution though. There are a lot of unstable leftist extremists who can’t discern the truth from the guilt by association games the $PLC routinely plays. We have already seen one terrorist attack directly attributable to the $PLC that almost resulted in a fatality. Who knows what other extremist leftist lone wolves will be “inspired” by this $PLC hit piece?

  21. I parked the Bird of Prey we are building on the Dark Side of the Moon right next to our hidden lair. But don’t worry it’s cloaked and the quantum singularity drive is producing very low emissions.

  22. I agree with Scarlet on the firearms point. Assault rifles are fully automatic. You cannot buy or either it is hard to buy fully automatic “assault” rifles. Most rifles that most people have, that the media calls “assault weapons”, are just semi-automatics.

  23. “Jack”, why do you keep saying “cameo”?
    You keep presenting yourself as an intelligent person, capable of giving advice to truly intelligent leaders in a community, and yet your advice is unasked for and the way you present it is filled with an interesting… shall we say… “trolling” style.

    And for the record, all weapons are assault weapons, as they are used to assault another. Just like riot shields are “defence equipment”.

  24. Luke,

    Because the SPLC smear featured a photo of one “Eric Meadows” in military camouflage and Black bad guy face mask, pointing a military style rifle. The SPLC charge was that this guy was part of a special bad guy, paramilitary terrorist organization developed by the League of the South to launch an IRA style terrorist revolution against the United States government , terrorize innocent men, women and children etc.

    The photo used in the SPLC smear doesn’t make the gun owner look like a nice, wholesome, responsible gun owner, Hunter, etc. he looks like a terrorist.

    Ok. It’s an image issue.

  25. Follow Jack’s lead. He is about the only person I have seen in the LoS, thus far, that understands the importance of good PR.
    Good work, Jack. Your efforts are deeply appreciated, and duly noted, sir.

  26. Thanks Thomas Paine.

    I do have solid, successful experience in PR, press relations. It’s not about deception or lying. Our enemies at places like the SPLC do that. It’s about putting our best face forward, about dressing right, having our best spokesmen speak for us. What kind of an image do we want to present to the regular Southern public that doesn’t know us?

    It’s not the image of an IRA style terrorist in camouflage military fatigues , a black face mask and military style rifle.

  27. Well said, Jack. We need to avoid negative images that conjure up negativity. We are against negativity. We want to be a positive force with a positive message. Our message is a good one. Skimasks and assault rifles are not a positive message.

  28. Thanks Thomas Paine. I ‘ve devoted the last 30 years of my life working to save our people, save our culture and civilization against the nefarious forces of evil…

    I have many powerful enemies…

    And also some loyal supporters…

    I can count them on my right hand.


    Take care brother.

    But, I have supporters.

  29. “Black bad guy face mask, pointing a military style rifle”. So are you saying SWAT teams are bad guys now? What about SEALS and other military special forces?

    the regular Southern public”? What pray tell do you think that is?

    If the man in these so called “leaked facebook pictures” was dressed in a Mossy Oak balaclava with a camo painted hunting rifle, would that make you happier about Public Image?

    You have to realize that if a group like the SPLC wants to discredit you, they will find the “Black Sheep” of the family and drag it out, presenting it as the face of your organization.

  30. I’d love to go to the SPLC website and comment on their little article, but I was blocked some time ago. What does it tell you about the credibility and nature of the SPLC when a couple of slyly worded comments(but all on point and very true, nonetheless) by a big bad “racist” were enough to make them hide, run for cover and lock the doors?

    Don’t apologize or try to be evasive about being a race-ist. Don’t make excuses for doing and being something and someone who strives to shine the light of truth onto a world of lies and deceit. Their world is the one full of distortions and lies, not yours, so be bold and unapologetic.

    If “training” entails teaching people to become more self-sufficient, healthier, and more proficient with firearms and other forms of self-defense, then take that message and cram it down the throats of the SPLC and all of its double-digit-IQ minions. There is nothing dirty or wrong about making yourself a more formidable adversary for those who would — and often do — prey on your vulnerabilities. Only a sick POS would belittle you and try to make these acts of self-preservation into something bad and evil.

  31. Hey Luke. Please stop trolling, or else stop being a complete dumb as$.

    There is a huge difference between (White) Americans, White Southerners being official members of the United States Navy Seal teams, being pictured in combat uniforms, with official guns, weapons and..

    Regular citizens associated with our Southern Separatist, racial realist groups taking selfies, doing butt showing (posting to their own Facebook, My Space accounts) dressed up in the costumes of bad guy, IRA style paramilitary terrorists.

    If you are too stupid to see the difference, then please go say and do these stupid things somewhere else.

    The League of the South has had very effective street demos because leaders and activists have implemented common sense dress codes, codes of conduct that present a positive, safe, sane image, good looking, regular Southern folks that regular Southern folks are very receptive to, want to be a part of.

    If you feel the urge to dress up in strange costumes that scare and repel regular Southern people, consider forming a Village People style band of gay cowboys and motorcycle cops in Black leather, feel free to include a new costume character of a flaming queer Ernst Roehm style NAZI paramilitary terrorist in black leather boots, camouflage , bad guy black ski mask and Ak47 rifle.


  32. You know you won the argument when your opponent refuses to refute what you’ve said.

    I take it, Jack, that you’re an agent provocateur? With your many pseudonyms patting your main face?

    And to challenge what you last said, I’m not sure you know what “regular Southern people” are. They’re hard working, God-fearing, trusting-what’s-earned-trust.

    Your attacks on this Eric fella may be warrented, but using him to paint a wider canvas such as LotS is awfully telling. Remember, he chose to join them, not the other way ’round. Much like those copkilling crazies in Vegas who attempted to join the Bundy Ranch protests, yes?

    Now, having family that fled the rise of die Fuhrer, I have no love for Nazi symbolism, but if the man chooses to wear it, thats his choice, no skin off my back.

  33. Naw, I don’t think I’ll quit my advance upon an enemy force. And yes, I do believe that “Jack”, as well as several other pseudonyms here, are enemies of both LotS’ and myself.

    If belief in Liberty is trolling, I’d hate to see your views on both American and Southern beliefs.

    • Dr. Hill will confirm that Jack has been very supportive of the League. He’s participated in our demonstrations and helped us with PR in Montgomery and Gainesville.

      I know Eric and Jack in real life. Both are genuine nationalists. I don’t share Jack’s aversion to guns, but I agree that people post stupid things on their public Facebook timelines all the time, and that we ought to minimize that.

  34. Luke, you mention you had family that fled Hitler’s advance in Europe. You wouldn’t happen to be Jewish, would you?

  35. Nope, can’t say I’ve even met a Jew except while I was in basic training. My great grand parents were fleeing both the post-war recession of the Great War as well as the socialist overtures of the Nazis. The jew/commie/everything else hatred of tge National Socialist Party hadn’t developed into the wildfires we know from history until after my family had safely crossed into America. Here they learned English, my great grandmother began teaching math in a ome room school, and my great grandfather used what money he had to start cattle ranching. All Christians, each of us. Although my grandfather fell off the wagon, Korea and Vietnam were hard in his soul.

  36. And Mr Wallace, I approve of your vetting. I just disappreciate the number of Politically Correct Appeasers, these Quislings.

  37. Most Southrons aren’t aversive to guns, but all Southrons are a little different about their beliefs. Where one Southron is fine with a shotgun or 30.06, while at the same time doesn’t believe people should own a “military style assault weapon”, another may be dandy with a legal machine gun. Some might not even like guns altogether. That’s okay, though, people are different. The League ought to appeal to a wide variety of people, because there’s a wide variety of people who are Southrons. However, the League as a whole shouldn’t be accountable for one member’s or sympathizer’s beliefs.

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