Whites Beaten By Black Mob At Kroger In Memphis, TN


In recent weeks, OD has spotlighted real racially motivated mob violence by blacks in West Point, MS and Springfield, MO, violent crimes which in stark contrast to Ferguson have been met with deafening silence from the SPLC.

The latest incident happened last night at a Kroger in Memphis, TN. In the video below, you can hear a black female teenager laughing with glee and say, “Hold on, they got a white dude!” A rowdy group of black teenagers assaulted two White Kroger employees while screaming “Fam Mob,” an “up and coming gang,” and even attempted to cave their skulls in by dropping over 20 pound pumpkins on their heads.

It was apparently so funny that they filmed the incident and posted it on Facebook. With Eric “My People” Holder in charge of the US Justice Department, I doubt they have anything to worry about. According to the Mainstream Media, Trayvon Martin was the real victim when he was shot and killed by George Zimmerman in the course of bashing his skull into the pavement of his apartment complex, and Michael Brown was the real victim when he robbed a convenience store and violently attacked a police officer who had the audacity to tell him to get out of the middle of the street.

As long as Dixie is part of the United States, you can expect that Obama’s sons will have a license – or a “civil right,” as it is fashionably called today – to beat White people in our streets and get away with it. The Mainstream Media will even glorify them and the federal government will sic its minions on the cops.

Update: Dr. Michael Hill of the League of the South has weighed in on the Memphis beating with a common sense observation:

“White folks, this is why you need to be armed and ready when you go out, especially at night and in or near certain “hoods” where these feral “teens” tend to congregate. When will the media honestly report on the epidemic of black-on-white violent crime? Don’t hold your breath . . .”

Indeed, I have covered home invasions by the Black Undertow here before in Anderson, SC and Henderson, NC. It is better to be armed and ready in anticipation of a burglary or a robbery by feral black youths than to end up like Albert Jelks, an SCV Flagger who was beaten to death on a sidewalk in Macon, GA in 2012.

Second Update: The “youths” were reportedly playing a game called “Point ‘Em Out, Knock ‘Em Out” – the New York Times has labeled the game which is more commonly known as “Knockout King” an urban legend.

Get this: the US federal government is spending $148,885 on violent gang and gun violence reduction efforts in Memphis. Mayor AC Wharton had just addressed the rise of violence among the Black Undertow in Memphis, particularly Knockout King, in a Youth Violence Forum on Thursday.

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  1. Until Whites start to fight back, this will continue to happen. What happened to us? We used to be a force to be reckoned with. Now we allow our children to be brutalized by negros. Our President is a negro.

  2. Kroger is responsible for their attractive nuisance. Most large supermarkets today where you have significant black & mestizo populations, you have armed police.

    Even with cops and cameras, not everything can be controlled, so people will carry concealed or in their car, and Negroes will get shot, and there will be more riots. You can take that to the bank.

  3. Hell, I tried to repel two black would be car jackers with non-lethal pepper spray and I went to prison. Both of my assailants were on felony probation and drinking beer when they approached my car. Alas, if you’re white and try to defend yourself and your property from black thugs in the People’s Republic of Columbus, Georgia you’ll be the one the police throw into the infamous gulag.

  4. The road to freedom runs through the amygdala; folks have to have the hair standing on the back of the neck moment before the have the neuro-plasticity to see tha America is a death trap.

    ps Scotland: yes! Yes! YES!

  5. The liberal media loves bringing up White on Black violence in the 1960s. The evil “White Racist People” attacking “innocent” Black People wanting their Civil Rights. They don’t report the facts that much of the violence in the 1960s was carried out by the FBI, Informants, or a hand full of Drunks who misrepresent the Southern People.

    Lets fast forward to modern times. Black on White violence is much larger in number and it’s ignored by the media. It’s not isolated events like what took place in the 60s. It’s literally a daily thing. You could say the roles are now reversed. The White Race is now the “minority” fighting for our Civil Rights while our Government is under the occupation of Communist Liberals, Black Supremacists, and “Conservatives” refuse to stand up for White Rights for feared of being called a RACIST.

    It’s time for our people to Wake Up. Join something and take a stand. Free The South 1

  6. speaking of 1960s violence, read Soul on Ice by Eldridge Cleaver. The New York Times Review of Books called it “brilliant and revealing”.

    And if you think that’s just one guy’s story, read Nathan McCall’s Makes Me Wanna Holler.

    Both of them were invited to write a second memoir. Writing two memoirs seems like a trend among Black intellectuals.

  7. Look, I don’t endorse the Klan or nothing, but why haven’t they been doing something? I mean, the Klan used to protect our streets back in the day. My mom told me a story about when she was a little girl a burning cross was put in front of a *white* wife beater’s house, who was a nasty drunk. A fellow was beating his wife, and the Klan were the ones who stopped that. Lynchings used to be done against blacks, but it was always blacks who were breaking the law. So, why isn’t the Klan doing something about this? What’s the point of them still being around, if they’re not even going to do anything?

    Why don’t we have people defending us, since apparently the government won’t do it? How much more must we take, before our people stand up?

    • I’m pretty sure the Klan protested the renaming of the Confederate parks in Memphis. For their trouble, they were counter-protested by over 1,000 people and the SCV which publicly locked arms to sing kumbaya with the NAACP.

  8. The Klan was always something of a myth.

    3,500 or so lynchings, some 30% white fellows. That’s really nothing over a 100 year period. It must have been dwarfed by the black on white rapes and killings.

  9. When will the media honestly report on the epidemic of black-on-white violent crime? Don’t hold your breath . . .

    Of course they are not going to report it, they are the enemy of Whites and especially Southern Whites.

  10. We must pray to our God. We are being punished. Repent! Cry out for forgiveness and ask our Lord to destroy his enemies! Haters of the white race hate God and all his creation. Lets prepare our heart and soul to go the distance for our folk and for our families and our God! Praise Jesus Christ who would not lie and told the pharisees and antichrist jews He IS son of god. He is the head and we are his body! Lets be bold in bis name brethren.

  11. “Michael Weaver says:
    September 7, 2014 at 11:38 pm
    Hell, I tried to repel two black would be car jackers with non-lethal pepper spray and I went to prison. Both of my assailants were on felony probation and drinking beer when they approached my car. Alas, if you’re white and try to defend yourself and your property from black thugs in the People’s Republic of Columbus, Georgia you’ll be the one the police throw into the infamous gulag.”

    Jack Responds:

    Yours was indeed a terrible case of political persecution.

    We have to develope effective legal representation and not rely on public defenders. Also, we have to do a much better job of public relations, press relations so the MSM can’t get away with ignoring these blatant abuses of the rights of nationalists.

  12. It’s just a shame how some people are prejudiced against blacks. They are a peace loving, non-violent population who are never quick to blame others for their problems. Black culture strongly discourages gang activity, violence, having children out of wedlock, and dependence on government. When blacks move into a neighborhood, you know that property values will increase, criminal activity will plummet, and others will flock to the area to live amongst them. Just look at the marvelous civilizations they have built in Africa which are free of poverty, hunger, disease, and violence. Millions not of their race desire to immigrate to the nations that blacks have built. Any nation fortunate enough to have a large black population is almost certain to prosper.

  13. Lived near there until earlier this year. This was in a supposed “nice” area of Memphis, although the nice areas area always just a few blocks from the ghettos there. That city is a lost cause. From my experience, I’d estimate the crime rates are at least double the official statistics. Fortunately, I got out before being a victim. I don’t know how white people live in that city, although I have acquaintances who love it and wouldn’t dream of leaving it.

  14. I have acquaintances who love it and wouldn’t dream of leaving it

    The family that I have and people I know that still live there hate Memphis. Everyone is either moving further and further on the outskirts or moving away from that whole area. I can’t find a single person that will even pretend to like Memphis. I make sure everyone I know that still lives there knows that Middle TN is a paradise compared to Memphis and most of West TN. It used to be that parts of East Memphis, Cordova, Collierville, Germantown and even N. Mississippi were decent areas. But everyone who lives there or has lived there in the past knows that there are large swaths of land that are no-go zones for White people. In the 901 area code, you are cordoned off to tiny little areas of Whiteness where you can peacefully live. It gets progressively worse, no matter how much money they throw at it.

    I was born there and grew up there, but it wouldn’t phase me one bit if the ground opened up and swallowed Memphis whole.

  15. It is sad that you can’t go to Memphis being a white person without watching over your back.knowing nothing will happen to these thug give them a slap on wrist let go on there way. All I can say Memphis is keep a gun beside you at all times. It’s gonna have to be shoot first ask questions later you’re get in trouble either way it goes. We need to stick together as white people because the race card always gets thrown out there I’ve lived in Memphis all my life

  16. Whites must start using what blacks have been doing for a long time to enable other blacks to get off Scot Free when murdering whites. That is, they hang juries. It’s time for whites to return the favor through jury nullification, and simply not helping the police and courts convict other whites. We don’t have to aid and abet our own persecution.

  17. This is not right! Why did the Mayor AND the PC agree these beaing we’re not hate crimes?! They certainly were hate crimes! The victims family and friends should protest and scream until justice is done! And where is the Klan?! They should be out there day and night! Get with it!

  18. they must be so proud. thirty or more against one… that’s the way they work.. ngrs 30 to one. I’ve been in that situation. does anyone wonder why I have a deep distrust for jungle bunnies? I fought back but what could I do? I had multiple lacerations and internal injuries. they must feel so proud of themselves. fk u ngrs

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