White Couple Beaten In Springfield, MO



While we are on the subject of real violence (the sort that has made Montgomery, AL the second fastest shrinking city in America, and not a bullshit sob story like Ferguson), take a look at this surveillance video of a White couple being savagely assaulted by a mob of black thugs outside a club in Springfield, MO.

Have you heard about that incident from the SPLC? How about the racially motivated beating of Ralph Weems IV in West Point, MS? Has “Spelunker” written anything about the young White man who was GUTTED by four blacks in Baltimore the other day? What about the 1,400 English children who were gang raped by Pakistani sexual predators in Rotherham in the UK and who got away with it for 14 years because social workers and the police were afraid of being labeled, god forbid, “racist”?

The answer is “no.” Nothing but silence followed all of those hideous crimes. Like the real “Tsunami of Violence” in Montgomery, they reveal too much about the ugly reality of multiracialism which doesn’t the narrative.

Update: In Montgomery, the historic apartment of civil rights martyr Rosa Parks was recently ransacked and destroyed by copper thieves. The Cleveland Court housing project where her apartment is located has been renamed “Parks Place” in her honor. BTW in 1994, Rosa Parks herself was beaten in a strong arm robbery – no doubt by a “good boy” like Michael Brown – while living in Detroit.

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  1. Rosa Parks apartment wreaked eh? These animals have no respect for their own hero’s! It’s no wonder they’re never going to go anywhere in life.

  2. Consider how many murders the employees of the US government have commited in the last hundred, fifty, or even 6 years under Obama.

    That’s real violence, despite all the Christian and liberal posturing.

  3. the further wasps get from power, the more such vids we do see. Soon, maybe there really will be the “white ecumenism” the “wn” dreams of (“wn” really must go in quotes, since well..who are they working for? lol) —and then that dumbed down blob of white ecumenists can work even harder for their new masters and for the products of their labor to be siphoned off to foreign countries (rome, israel or whatever).

  4. Note too Springfield Missouri is a college town with only 4% black population. Not necessarily the type of place you’d expect, but I guess it’s not the quantity that counts.

  5. The longest bridge in the world is the Memphis-Arkansas bridge. It reaches from Arkansas to Africa! (Memphis joke.)

    However, this Kroger is not in a marginal neighborhood. I think it is a white liberal neighborhood. It is on Poplar, which is the main avenue through Memphis. It not far from the University of Memphis and the area is a place where whites from the white suburbs would come in to shop and dine. Maybe they don’t as much as they used to. Poplar has got rather blighted in recent years, like most other places.

    From a 2013 story about a the old store being revamped into a “new” store: In addition to locally produced products, the newest Kroger in Memphis offers natural foods, including vegan and gluten-free options, along with housewares such as donut makers and University of Memphis lawn chairs. There is a cooler of bottled beer that traverses an entire aisle (and offers Brooklyn, Ghost River, Goose Island, and Abita), a bakery with special-order cupcakes (the strawberry buttercream icing is divine), and all-natural gourmet dog treats to please even finicky eaters.

  6. That couple being attacked in Springfield showed real guts, especially the woman who bounced right up after taking a sucker punch in the face.

  7. Many ciies in Missouri are majority white..in fact,the only cities i know of that are mostly black ar Kansas City and the st.louis area..springfield area is almost completely white few blacks and even fewer hispanics..springfield,clever and Nixa are nearly all white..Many of my friends have moved to those areas for exactly that reason.Those areas won’t become inunndated with color any time soon.

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