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For over a decade, I was involved in the White Nationalist movement.

Do you know what I remember most about those years? I remember waiting … patiently waiting for the day when “it” would happen, when America’s racial and cultural decline would get so bad that the US economy would collapse, or failing that White people would be pushed to their breaking point and would get so fed up with the system that the “movement” would catalyze and get its act together.

That day never came. It never came because White people and White Nationalists were afraid to stand up for themselves and their interests. Like the status conscious IT consultant in Alex Kurtagic’s dystopian novel Mister, democratic bourgeois man was cowed into submission by the soft oppression of the taboos that we live under. I’ve written stories about all kinds of horrific black-on-white crimes and I have had people contact me and plead with me to remove stories because they were afraid of violent retaliation from the “no snitchin'” black community, or they were afraid that someone might think they are “racist” for connecting the gruesome death of a loved one to the dysfunctional black thug culture that thrives in our cities. Such is the present state of White America which is more than willing to take such abuse.

In the UK, over 1,400 White little girls were gang raped in Rotherham for 14 years by Pakistani Muslim child sex predators. The police and social services knew about it and did nothing out of fear of being accused of “racism.” Now that the Rotherham atrocities have been brought to light, you would think this would be a watershed moment. This would be the “it,” the catalyst, that would finally bring down the entire unpopular edifice of diversity, multiculturalism and mass Third World immigration in Britain.

Like the US after the 9/11 attacks, it seems this “teachable moment” will pass and life will continue much as before in Britain, people will be shocked and outraged by the child abuse, they will talk about it with their friends over the water cooler and even if they draw the right conclusions, they will keep their thoughts to themselves. For democratic bourgeois man, the modern American, a person who combines the worst aspects of extreme individualism with extreme conformity, the perceived cost of speaking out and being thought a “racist” is just too great to bear. He’s free in the strictly legal sense of the word to do so, but he is deterred by the strong taboos of that fearsome dictator known as “public opinion” from exercising his right to assemble.

In a nutshell, that’s why education and outrage are insufficient to solve our problem. It doesn’t change the cost-benefit calculus of getting actively involved in the movement. For twenty years now, we’ve educated and outraged thousands upon thousands of White people over the internet – titillated them with shocking crimes, or impressed them with fancy Nietzsche essays, often both – and it hasn’t moved them to take action.

A few generations ago, just one rape by a Muslim immigrant would have been enough to incite a lynch mob in parts of the South. Then as now, previous generations were outraged by heinous crimes, but something like that would never happen in our own more “enlightened age.” It doesn’t happen because our Southern ancestors were moved by something their descendants have lost: an honor based moral code.

It is a primitive sense of honor and an accompanying sense of duty, not expertise in Plato or Nietzsche, that physically moves men into action. In the Confederacy, men marched off to war and risked their lives on a daily basis because death and defeat was preferable to the thought of being degraded to the level of equality with the free negro. In the words of William L. Harris, Mississippi’s secession commissioner to Georgia, “She had rather see the last of her race, men, women and children, immolated in one common funeral pile [pyre], than see them subjected to the degradation of civil, political and social equality with the negro race.”

It’s unimaginable to ever hear such sentiments being uttered by the modern democratic bourgeois American individualist who is content to flood the country with millions of Third World immigrants, and ruin it for countless future generations, so long as the price of a head of lettuce is a few cents cheaper at the nearest Super Walmart. Even plenty of our own people, who rightfully hold such despicable characters and sentiments in contempt, still haven’t fully broken with the mindset of Americanism.

If you are haunted by the thought of what “public opinion” will think when someone sees you breaking a taboo, and it deters you from action, you still have a ways to go in your journey. If you prefer death and defeat and doing your duty to enduring the status quo, you have arrived. Fortunately, we are not at the point yet where people have to die to build our movement. We’re not even close – as we have seen time and again, the actual consequences that follow from taking action are quite small.

I guess what I am trying to say here is that we got to do more than educate and outrage you. We got to convince you, somehow, that you don’t want to be a modern self absorbed democratic bourgeois American individualist. The challenge is to tap into the aristocratic qualities that are a part of our Southern heritage and summon them to kill off the modern American within ourselves. That’s how we will move forward.

Personally, that’s how I moved forward … after 10 years of waiting on the “movement.” I decided that I didn’t want to be a modern democratic bourgeois American individualist. I realized there wasn’t much that was attractive to me about that empty, unfulfilling lifestyle. I couldn’t in good conscience remain idle while my country was sinking around me beneath the waves. When I finally accepted that, I ceased to care about “public opinion” and observing its silly politically correct taboos. It was a liberating experience. That was the real catalyst for me, not the hundreds of books I read while in college, or the years of being outraged while surfing the internet.

The greatest Alabamian who ever lived, William Lowndes Yancey, once said on the eve of the War Between the States that “even if disunion resulted in war,” rather than live under a government that violated the Constitution “and places me in a position inferior to the Northern free negro,” he would gather a corps of brave men who, “however few in number, would find a grave which the world would recognize, my countrymen, as a modern Thermopylae.” That’s the language and spirit of the Old South’s honor based culture.

It is the spirit we are going to take with us over the next two weeks when we travel to Little Rock, Arkansas and Apopka, Florida. We’re going to take the initiative and bring our flag into Arkansas and Central Florida. We’re not going to wait around for another decade hoping for a “movement” to spontaneously materialize on its own. We’re going to cheerfully do our duty and start building one in the South right now.

Yes, I know it won’t be the “Night of the Torchlight Parade,” but isn’t that our definition of a real “movement”? Tens of thousands of people marching in the streets? We can still work towards that day.

Note: If you are in the Little Rock or Orlando area, come out and join us over the next two weeks. Even if you can’t participate in the demonstrations, you can always meet up with us afterwards while we are in the area. Oh, and we will be doing something somewhere in Northwest Georgia in mid-October.

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  1. Well enough people are educated and outrage. What is severely lacking is real leadership. All the education and outrage among our people is useless and will dissipate and disappear if they see no legitimate means to channel it into affecting real positive change. Certainly none of the jokers that are calling themselves “Presidential candidates” for 2016 are providing that leadership, nowhere near it.

  2. HW, you are showing visionary traits.

    As a student of History I applaud you. As a blue collar, working White- I salute you.
    I will support you in your endeavors from the shadows for now.


  3. @Question Diversity

    Do you think that it will take a charismatic individual to rally the Southern people? I am particularly distrustful of charismatics but it would be unwise to ignore their effectiveness. Look at how charismatic preachers are able to attract millions of followers around the world.

    Dr Hill I believe is a great Southern statesmen. He is intelligent and very well spoken but I don’t see him as someone who can (through his speech) rally millions of Southerners to our cause. Rather than outrage and education, what I think the Southern Nationalist cause needs is a charismatic individual who can inspire Southerners to shake off their American identity and embrace their Southern identity.

  4. IMO, there’s no question that leadership is an issue. Hopefully, new leaders will emerge as the movement grows. In the meantime, we will do everything we can with the resources at our disposal.

  5. Jeff

    The effective leadership need not be charismatic, it just needs to be credible. And when I say “leadership,” I don’t just mean people running for public office under the current system, in fact, it might well mean anything but.

    That said, I have asked the same purely rhetorical question I’m about to ask here in two other blogs, my own and AR, and I have not yet gotten the discussion started that I had hoped for. So I’m going to try it here at OD:

    If everyone was able to vote in the affairs of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, would the quality of brain surgery in this country go up or down?

  6. Question Diversity: The effective leadership need not be charismatic, it just needs to be credible.

    I think that depends a lot on who our target audience is. If we’re at the point of trying to reach the masses, then I would definitely go the charismatic route. We would need a master speaker who can whip people into a near frenzy. We can look to Golden Dawn as an example. Their seas of flags, torch light parades, fiery speeches, and organised chants are all about charismatically trying to reach the Greek masses.

    However, if we are still trying to build up a dedicated and elite core before reaching out to a wider audience, then we would want a leader who is more credible than charismatic. The key here is not getting permanently stuck in this stage, like the white nationalists are.

    Better still, a leader who can combine both traits, depending on his audience at the time, would be ideal. I think Hunter is right that leadership will emerge as we continue to swell our ranks. Many leaders in the League today were not even members a few years ago.

  7. I think we should all examine ourselves.Whether we admit it or not we have all been contaminated by Liberal-Modernity.Te solution starts within by weaning yourself from the system. I quit watching spectator sports, especially football. I very seldom watch TV Despite what conservative think our model of tyranny is not 1984 but Brave New world where the system uses drugs, sex, and mindless entertainment to control us exactly like the World Controllers did in Brave New World. This is what Marxist theorist once called the Society of Spectacle.The idea was the revolutionary discontent of the working class was bought of by media representations. It is more apropos towards whites. The average white is bought of by media depiction of football, or his favorite TV show.The system entertainment to negate dissent and ensure conformity. Look at a typical Sunday NFL crowd. They are overwhelmingly white male but the people they cheer on is overwhelmingly black. The NFL pushes race mixing and acceptance of homosexuality. Compare their treatment of Tim Tebow to Michael Sanders.How can father tell their daughter not to race mix when said father virtually worship black male exploits every week as white cheerleaders scream in orgasmic glee every time a black male crosses the goalpost. You are being psychologically conditioned!

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