Scotland Inspires Secessionists Across The World

…. including here in Texas and Dixie.


Note: There’s nothing going on at the moment that we are following more closely than the upcoming historic vote for Scottish independence, but we are waiting to see the result of the vote before weighing in on the issue.

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  1. ‘let’s ship that Welsher Mosin back home’:

    You might send funds to make that possible, but probably too deeply rooted in the very rich soil of ‘New Wales’ (the original name and intention William Penn had for his colony). Note: Cymri often consider the term ‘Welsher’ insulting, like ‘Taffy’:

    Welsh people not demanding secession yet, but protesting the takeover of heretofore untouched areas of northern Wales by the wealthy ‘Globalists’:

    ‘Conservation not colonisation’: Some of the most thoroughly colonised people with ‘the most colonial mindset in the British Isles’ are waking up now to conserve what remains.

  2. While I’m a nationalist at heart, I see the Scottish independence vote as potentially causing problems for Anglos worldwide.

    First, mention has been made of Great Britain (if the nation would still be named as such after Scottish secession) losing its place on the UN security council. While this would likely act as a positive in thwarting the aims of neoconservative fifth-columnists, it would stand to diminish the number of European voices on the council and further shift the balance of power away from Western Europe.

    Second, the Falkland Islands are British-peopled and are under threat from Argentina. Great Britain surprised the world when it waged war with Argentina over over those islands in the early eighties. The common notion at the time was that Britain was “washed up” and unable and unwilling to defend its possessions. The loss of Scotland will again call into question Britain’s resolve and will likely result in a future conflict over the Falklands. The same goes for Gibralter and other British posessions throughout the world. In the same vein, the commonwealth countries, Australia and New Zealand particularly, could potentially be less bound to one-another if Britain is abolished, and consequently, more isolated. Renewed calls for unification of Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic may result in bloodshed.

    Third, Anglo (or British) Israelism and its offshoots, including Christian Identity, will likely be affected by the breakup of Britain. The control over major seaports and strategic locations (i.e. Gibralter) was seen as having fulfilled the prophecies of the Old Testament, thereby marking the British and their colonies as the lost tribe of Israel. Anglo Israelites will likely enter a period of intense revision to account for changing world conditions.

    Fourth, monarchy, long in decline, will further be tested if Britain and Scotland part ways. While the Queen may still remain sovereign over England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, as well as Scotland, an independant Scotland would be more likely to adopt a republic. Britain has long been seen as posessing a modern and relatively well-functioning monarchy. A change of fortune for British royals will put less powerful monarchies at risk of dissolution.

    Fifth, an independant Scotland would likely adopt the Euro. Scotland’s population is roughly five million, and much of the population lives in rural communities. If the Bank of England and Scotland do not compromise on the continued use of the pound, the small size of Scotland’s economy may make adopting the Euro tempting. However, the Euro comes with strings attached (e.g. the Schengen Agreement) and can lead to a much higher rate of immigration as well as a loss of effective sovereingty due to Brussels withholding outlays in order to shape EU member policy.

    Sixth, the United States, whether North or South, has traditionally been dominated by an Atlantic culture with ties to Great Britain. Whether Yankees in New England, or Cavaliers in Tidewater, England and America have enjoyed close, familial ties. With the fracturing of Britain, the perceived importance of America’s relation with Great Britain will be deminished. President Obama has sought an American realignment with non-Western powers. A weakened Great Britain will be seen as an excuse for America’s non-Anglo elite to cut the United State’s ties with the mother country.

    Seventh, the diminishing of Britain will be seen as a victory for papists. Up until a century ago the spread of the Reformation was still being spearheaded by the devout of Great Britain, the United States, and to some extent, the Netherlands. The breakup of Britain, coming as it does with heightened Islamic proselytizing in England, will likely lead to Catholic missionary activities. This certainly humiliate Anglicans (those still possessing any shame), but should also be seen as a defeat for American, and particularly Southern, Scots-Irish Protestants.

    I could be wrong about any or all of these concerns, however, big changes bring big consequences. Please pray for Britain. Ask God to do his will.

  3. Your criminal with the ‘Taffy’ surname was noted for having VERY CURLY DARK HAIR, as well as an inborn talent for deception. No DNA testing required in that case.

  4. Mosin, don’t be ridiculous. Curly hair of all colors occurs in all white ethnic groups. A simple internet search would have revealed that to you. What you call “inborn deception” occurs in all ethnic groups. Have you ever been gypped, Jewed, or Welshed?

  5. ‘Lord’ Wigley, of Plaid Cymru and other multicultural control group connexions, may also be of that same evidently tainted, ‘curly’ bloodline.

    Good comment, Thora. But I don’t admire the ‘British’ (mixed with what?) monarchy and elite.

  6. Wigley doesn’t put it this way, but Wales will be overwhelmed in representation by the foreign population explosion in urbanised England, with or without the secession of Scotland:

    ‘After March 2016, the House of Commons would become much more England-dominated. The Celtic fringe, as it is sometimes disparagingly called, would reduce from about 16% to less than 8% of the UK population – and consequently have diminished political clout. Westminster would become much more London-centric and England-centric: the interests of Wales – and of Northern Ireland – would be peripheral’:

  7. If Scotland or the other ‘Celtic’ countries (Scotland has a lot of Viking blood as well as Saxon blood) secede, you can be sure that the London government will not send troops to invade or try to forcibly bring the Scots back as the D.C. government did to the South.

    FWIW I hope the Scots, the Welsh, et al do gain their independence, if only because the English will finally have more influence in their own government. The Celtic regions have their own parliaments, while the also have seats in the UK parliament, yet the English, the ethnic English, are marginalized, much as colonial-stock White Americans are. The Welsh can fly their flag, as can the Scots, but the English Cross of St. George flag is treated as the Confederate Battle Flag is here in the States.

    If the Celtic regions go independent, then the remaining UK will be less left-wing, as the Scots tendency is toward socialism and multiculturalism. They are pro-EU while England as a region is traditionally more conservative. There is a strong anti-EU sentiment in England. Let England be England. I disagree with those who make an idol out of the “Union” over there just as much as with those in this country who think the “Union” here is sacred. The people are what matters, not a political apparatus or an idea.

  8. I can’t wait to get a DNA test … I know that I have English, Welsh, Scots-Irish, and Irish ancestry, along with German.

    Be sure to post the results. These kind of tests shouldn’t be used to try and divide people, but should be used to help strengthen those bonds and ties of heritage that we all know are there. I took one simply because I was always interested in my lineage, and also to finally dispel those family stories that some great grandfather was part (blah blah blah) Indian. I really wouldn’t have cared one way or the other what would have come back; although, I was fairly certain the Indian thing wasn’t true, and it did somewhat help to further strengthen my resolve to push for race-based Nationalism.

  9. What a strange twist of fate that the memory of Great Britain will be primarily carried by its colonies (in whole or part).

    There’s nothing really inspirational about Scottish or the specter of Welsh independence, they want the freedom to follow their self-destructive narratives to the end of the line.
    I would say good riddance if it weren’t for setting sun on the United Kingdom’s glory.

  10. I’m going to get a DNA test for Christmas. From all I know, I’m only English with a great grandma who’s Cherokee. My grandma’s name was Crocker, though, so either I got some Norman in me too or my ancestors were English potters.

  11. Logan, go to for your testing. They have the largest data base. And for the best results in a yDNA test (that’s the paternal line, your daddy’s DNA) get a 25 marker test. That will give your yDNA haplotype. If you want to know your mother’s haplotype, you will have to get a mtDNA test.

  12. While the Y chromosome and the mitochondrial DNA show direct descent from male and female lines respectively, they show only a trivial amount of who you are.

    23 and Me gives you 1 million data points that each can be faithfully mapped to an ethnic back ground, all for about a hundred dollars.

  13. I’m having a hard time getting behind the movement for Scottish independence as it exists now. The ruling SNP has promised to flood an ‘independent’ Scotland with far more Third Worlders than the UK is doing. I put independent in quotes because the SNP wants Scotland to immediately surrender its independence to the EU.

    Besides, I don’t see a lot of parallels between Scotland and our situation. Scotland initiated the Union with England and unlike us, and did not get overrun by an invader who has attempted to stomp them out entirely. Scotland has been able to keep its flag, keep its borders, keep its national identity, and is even able to maintain its own parliament and political parties. Scotland actually has more freedoms than England does, which is why some English nationalists talk of seceding.

  14. LLD, let me put it this way. If New England was voting for secession from the U.S., would you support them or not?

    An independent New England would most likely pass draconian weapon laws, open borders, same sex “marriage”, abortion clinics on every street, all drugs legalized, etc., but none of their laws would be active in the South. Actually, the South would probably then be able to do what we want. We’d most likely do the complete opposite of what New England would be doing; loosening weapon laws, strict borders, Christian marriages, abortion outlawed, strict drug laws, etc. We’d be free of New England, we’d be free of the Yankees. So, whether New England seceded from us or we seceded from them, Dixie would still be independent.

    In the same sense, if Scotland secedes from the UK, all that does is free England from the Labour Party and any kind of Liberalism that came out of Scotland. It doesn’t matter who breaks ties from whom, because the ties are broken either way.

  15. ‘We’d be free of the Yankees’:

    Free of those evil ‘damnyankees’, main source of all your troubles, north-of-the-Line WHITE people, who are congenitally liberally-deranged….

    But you would NOT be free of all the Yankees who have already immigrated there, and of several million of wealthy Talmudists who have already moved south into comfortable mansions and Mcmansions since the advent of air conditioning, and of ‘good southern’ Talmudists, the likes of Judah Benjamin (the brains of the Confederacy, as some historians call him) and David Levy — and the ‘independent’ (but would it be independent of the Global Bankers?) new nation of ‘Dixie’ (not an Anglo-Celtic name like ‘New England’ BTW, but an African name!) would also still contain many millions of Latins (appropriate however for what was originally LA FLORIDA, founded by the Latins) — and still the largest and most dense population of the descendants (some pure but mostly mixed) of that ‘immense-wealth-creating’ Golden Circle ‘farm equipment’ imported from Africa:

    Whites south of the Line must break from more than just the northern Whites and the Federal Union. They must also break free from Global Banking….

    On the post topic of Scotland’s independence:

    Scotland also cannot become independent unless it breaks entirely from the E.U., the UN, and the Global Bankers. Otherwise, their ‘secession’ does nothing more than ADVANCE the E.U. programme of ‘regionalisation’ that is designed to DESTROY nationality.

  16. Logan,

    If New England secedes, we would still be forcibly attached to all the other non-Southern states whose collective population is much more than ours and we would still have millions of Yankees in our land.

    However, I do see potential for England in Scotland leaving the Union, though I don’t classify the Scots as being in the same category as New Englanders for that would be a grave insult to the Scots. Scottish departure will probably mean an increase in Anglo-Saxon identity in England, so that will be a good thing. But it will probably also mean a hastened demise of Scotland, so that will not be a good thing.

  17. Fellows, if New England secedes, then the South will be the author of her own destiny. You say “Ah, but there will still be Yankees here”, but we’ll be the ones writing the laws and commanding the armies. Is it really so difficult to deport or send to exile any and all unwanted occupiers?

  18. Logan: Fellows, if New England secedes, then the South will be the author of her own destiny.

    How so? New York is the leader of Yankeedom, not Boston.

    Logan: Is it really so difficult to deport or send to exile any and all unwanted occupiers?

    It won’t be difficult once we have control of our land. New England is only six states. We would still be forcibly connected to 27 non-Southern states. It might be a positive start, but it wouldn’t be the goal. Anyway, it’s all hypothetical.

  19. Massive demonstration of a people’s democratic will. About 1,800,000 counted in the street, almost 25% of the entire Catalan population of seven million.

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