Ain’t That America: The Modern Woman: A Horror Story


This is actually from the UK, but this woman’s story could just as easily take place here in the United States. American modernity encourages us to forsake the things really matters in life – faith, family, and folk – in favor of glutting our lives with the “progress” of cheap thrills, empty materialism, and meaningless, superficial, libertine freedoms:

“Laughing and dancing with my fiance at our engagement party, I thought I might actually burst with happiness.

Surrounded by our family and friends, I looked at Matthew and felt certain I had met the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with.

Quite simply, he was my soulmate.
We were desperately in love and had our future life together mapped out.

First we would save to buy our own home, then would come a romantic wedding ceremony and children would follow.

It all seemed so simple to my naïve, 19-year-old self. I was, I smugly told myself, the girl who had it all.

So why, 20 years later, do I find myself single, childless and tormented by the fact that I have thrown away the only true chance of happiness I ever had?

Eight years after that wonderful engagement party in 1989, I walked away from dear, devoted, loyal Matthew, convinced that somewhere out there, a better, more exciting, more fulfilling life awaited me.Only there wasn’t.

Now I am 42 and have all the trappings of success – a high-flying career, financial security and a home in the heart of London’s trendy Notting Hill. But I don’t have the one thing I crave more than anything: a loving husband and family. …”

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  1. She sounds like half the women I have known during my younger days (Gen X here). There was a reason I told my parents in my 20?s that I would NEVER be married: Every man I worked with who was married was miserable. There was a common theme to all these ‘marriages from hell’; unrealistic expectations from the wife as to what life was supposed to be (i.e. career, money, husband).

    I have a theories as to why this situation developed. A few examples:

    1. Divorce culture. Too many woman being raised without a father, growing up without a clue of the proper virtues of ‘manliness’. Or contempt for such virtues as Mom made sure any relationship with Dad was poisoned. These women seemed to end up with thug boyfriends or gravitated to a polar opposite, wimpy guy ‘friends’ who were gay or sure seemed so.

    2. Cultural Marxism in higher education. There is no greater hell than being married to a feminist. The men I worked with had to censor themselves completely at home. They had to agree with whatever their wife believed, no matter how outrageous, or face an endless fight and emotional breakdown. A few of these guys liked being at work because they could talk openly about politics, difference between the sexes, money issues, etc. Cultural Marxism = Accept something as true, no matter how much the evidence points otherwise. Attack and destroy anyone who points out the fallacies of the Marxist’s “truths”. Never have I met so many women, with so much education, that know so little as those who graduate from the modern American university system.

    3. Delayed maturity via codling (helicopter parenting). I am a strong believer that people should have part time jobs in their teens and early 20s. Jobs give the young an opportunity to develop a realistic look at the working world, gain independence from mommy and daddy, develop the ability to manage money, and face the consequences of making bad decisions. The last item is best learned when young when you have plenty of time to recover. My wife (yes.. I did get married a decade ago) pulls her hair out with frustration with the recent college grads she gets coming in for interviews and new hires. These women have little in the way of education, work ethic, and the ability to handle stress. More than once, she had a interviewee request to have a moment to ‘call her mom’ for advice before answering a question posed by my wife.

    Anyway.. that is my $0.02 worth on the subject..

  2. “I still loved him, but I began to feel embarrassed by his blue-collar jobs, annoyed that, despite his intelligence, he didn’t have a career.” – Take it up with society.

  3. Simple comment………she made her bed……….now let her lay in it……..along with the rest of those disagreeable chicks out running around out there. Boo-hoo!

  4. It’s hardly news that many women have made poor life choices that have been disastrous for themselves and their families. What is noteworthy however is that the media is reporting on it.

  5. Pay close attention to what a young woman thinks of her father and brothers, and how she treats her father, with honour and obedience or with disrespect.

    Aristotle: ‘Take thee a young woman to wife, and teach her the ways of discretion’.

  6. “I still loved him, but I began to feel embarrassed by his blue-collar jobs, annoyed that, despite his intelligence, he didn’t have a career.”

    Oldest snare in the book and she represents many of the women of her age bracket. Blue collar husbands are the best ones. They are loyal, faithful, and make very good fathers. Men who work with their hands are usually not the ego maniacs you see in executive offices who do nothing but chase after skirts. money and power.

    Good honest men have a hard time rising in the ranks at an executive office job. The qualities needed to be a good father are not needed or wanted in a white collar job or “successful career” as she put it. She found out that all those high society men who makes lots of money will not stay faithful and are basic shitheads like she was to her husband. I’m actually glad that she did not have children because she spared them the misery of her constant lack of contentment.

    In the end, she got what she wanted. The empty materialistic life that over and over and over again has been proven to not make people happy. I give her credit for at least being honest and open about it. Maybe stories like these can spare the younger generations the same misery.

  7. A father has to reprimand his daugher early on, not coddle her ‘princess tantrums,’ spank her every time it is needed, and verbally shame her (but gently) when she starts to dress provocatively, starts desiring make-up, pierced ears, etc. and look the part of a ‘slut in training’ as the Missus calls it, honestly. A daughter is a beautiful human being, but her greatest goal in life is to be the faithful, submissive, loving wife to a man worthy of her. Encourage their intelligence, but only so that you can see how smart her male progeny will be, as soon as you can get those grandchildren! And talking, training, and shaping a young girl’s mind toward that end, is the father’s primary task, as the icon/model of a godly man.

  8. A young man considering a woman should look at how she treats her father and brothers. A young woman interested in a man should look at how he treats his mother and sisters.

    I’ve been accused at church of being a misogynist because I have taken women to task for saying that they believe God is okay with them getting a divorce. Unless there is abuse or something horrible like child molestation going on, God is not okay with your divorce.

    I don’t blame the young men who either refuse to get married or marry Mestizos or Asians who value traditional marriage to a good man more than the pampered feminist princesses of their own race.

  9. Preston, we DO blame those who marry ‘traditional’ Asians and Mestizos, as well as those who ‘marry’ the feminist princesses. We teach against all marriage outside church and tribe, and allow no divorce at all, though engagement promises may be broken (with church counsel!) if evidence is discovered of prior common law marriage with a different partner.

  10. Today’s quote by Cam puts it into proper perspective:

    “…the feminists have repudiated Christian Europe. They hate chivalry, all the males who once practiced it, and the contemporary males who still practice it. You can’t have things both ways, at least you shouldn’t be allowed to have things both ways. The feminists want the rights that should only be given to those Christian women to whom the European poets wrote sonnets and the Victorians placed on domestic pedestals. Is it wrong to hit a woman? No, it is wrong to hit a lady. There is a huge difference between the two. A man of the old school might defend a feminist virago from an equally ferocious black barbarian, but he would do so because of noblesse oblige (another ethos that the modern world can’t stand) and not because of some law that compels him to do so. In terms of the law, a feminist should have no rights, because like Lady Macbeth she has placed herself outside the only law that counts: God’s law. Why should we care about the domestic abuse of feminists when white ladies, white men, and white children of both sexes are being slaughtered throughout the European world by the barbarians of color? Let the feminists who have asked the devil to unsex them face the consequences of their demonic rejection of the Christian, patriarchal society.” –

    I just came from a lunch with the family. We ate at a very nice soup/salad place, that usually has a majority of White Yuppies in the restaurant. Today (being the Muslim ‘Sunday’) the displacement of our kind was ubiquitous. I’ve never eaten at this restaurant on a Saturday before (primarily because I work six days a week per the commandment, and rarely have that ‘weekend’ everyone seems to think is the norm), and I never will again. Seeing these ‘goyim’ these FOREIGNERS occupying MY restaurant made my bile rise. Indeed, my disgust and visceral godly hatred [ Ps. 139:2] was so great at seeing these God-damned Xenos eating and feeding their numerous spawn, I was tempted (but not by the Devil) to get a gun, and enact a righteous jihad of my own! I say, not the Devil, because the genocide of my people, my land, MY country by these scum of the Desert (Somali Muslims, mostly) is not just a wrong, it is an accursed PLAGUE of EVIL in our land! And the rectification of that wrong is a godly act. Either that, or you have to tell me the entire history of the displacement of the goyim from Davidic Israel, was a mistake… and I don’t think anyone is THAT foolish, on this site!

    To paraphrase Cam, ‘…In terms of the law, a XENOS should have no rights.’ For they are…. XENOS. Just as I was sickened upon seeing Pakis and other flotsam and jetsam of the ‘thurd world’ (the ‘h’ is silent) in Scotland two years ago, on a family vacation, I read over at Daily Stormer that a godless Jew was behind this ‘Scottish non-independence’ independence vote, and that the FURRINERS were all for Scottish ‘independence,’ primarily because they could have infiltrated the land of Burns, Knox, Stevenson, and Carnegie, far easier, had the Yes vote, won!

    As Mosin put it: “We teach against all marriage outside church and tribe,” for a REASON. That the accursed Deicides mandate it themselves, while denying it for the so-called ‘goyim’ should be your first clue, who is behind our genocide, and the heresy of multiculturalism, feminism, and the sodomite fringe whacks… but that would be naming names…

    White, Christian men and women need to SUBMIT to the truth claims of Christ, and act as though being of that ‘chosen race, royal priesthood, and genetically unified ‘holy nation’ means something. To close with a Cam paraphrase: “Is it wrong to hit a woman? No, it is wrong to hit a lady.” Instead, one should start asking, “Is it wrong to kill a Xenos invader? No, it is wrong to kill your kin- and no one else.” We should start to act according to that law, accordingly precisely to prevent our own genocide. Or we might as well turn out the light, and engage in a scorched earth policy via atom bombs, to leave the accursed Hagarene nothing of our patrimony for them to steal.

    Misericordie, Domine.

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