Live Thread: Scotland Votes On Independence


Will it be “Yes” or “No”?

Here are the reasons why I hope Scotland votes “Yes” for independence:

1.) First, I support Scotland’s independence for England’s sake. Scotland is a stronghold of the Labour Party and the existence of the Union with Scotland pulls the spectrum of British politics to the Left. Thus, I cheer on Scottish independence for the same reasons that I would heartily support the secession of the Northeast or the West Coast in the United States, and why I think its a good thing that Ireland was cut loose long ago, and why I would oppose the annexation of Canada here.

2.) Second, the loss of Scotland would be a crippling blow to the Labour Party in Britain. The Labour Party has been the driving force in Westminster behind the evils of political correctness, multiculturalism, and Third World immigration. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are two reasons why Scotland should go its own way.

3.) Third, David Frum has explained America’s stake in Scotland’s independence, and he’s right that it would deal a “shattering blow” to the US Empire and its adventures overseas, or as he calls its “Britain’s contribution to global security.” Scotland’s independence will hasten the collapse of the US-dominated international order which has existed since WW2. That’s why Bill Clinton and Obama are publicly opposing it.

4.) Fourth, Scotland’s independence would make it more likely that the rest of Britain will succeed in leaving the European Union. Without Scotland, Euroskepticism, populism, opposition to immigration and multiculturalism and so on will all have a greater voice in Westminster.

5.) Fifth, Scotland’s independence would be a huge boost to parallel secession movements here in the United States in Texas and Dixie, as well as in Europe in places like Flanders, Venice and Catalonia which are supporting on the “Yes” campaign for the same reason. Secession will go from being unthinkable to much more plausible in the United States.

Note: We’re under no illusions that we have much in common with the Scottish Nationalist Party which wants to secede from Britain in order to create a multiracial socialist utopia in Scotland along the lines of present day Sweden. Rather than block their path, the English should help these fools pack their bags. We’re not lucky enough to be bestowed with such a gift here in the United States.

One more thing: in light of what happened to Québec in the 1990s, I can’t get that worked up about referendums for independence, which is why I haven’t written much about it until now. There’s no “Scottish” electorate. The “Scots” really aren’t voting on independence. The current residents of the civic nationalist polity known as “Scotland” are voting for independence which excludes hundreds of thousands of real Scots while including hundreds of thousands of non-Scots.

Liberal democracy reduces nations to individuals which are “equal” and ultimately interchangeable with foreigners. Whatever the result of this referendum, it won’t be a clear snapshot of the national will of the Scottish people. By the end of the night, we should know if “democracy” has blocked the path to Scottish independence.

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  1. Just another “false Christ”.

    In this case, corrupt “Scotts” in name only SINO – mouthing off to gain independence from EVIL RACIST White English people, because….


    These SINO don’t want White English people as neighbors, they want, no DEMAND

    Pakistani Muslim and Nigerian neighbors!

    Any OD readers want to bet me these SINO aren’t also for homo marriage equality, EU hate speech, thought crime tribunals, also, really keep this quiet – these SINO love all things Hollywood Django Unchained and BRAVEHEART and, and…..

    False Christs. You still remaining real Christian Southerners , read the Bible New Testament.

    Mathew 23-24

    “…23″Then if anyone says to you, ‘Behold, here is the Christ,’ or ‘There He is,’ do not believe him. 24″For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect.

  2. Cap’n John: “What you want to find out is how the nigs voted.”

    Maybe they chose to remain with the UK handouts and special pet treatment, rather than risk relying on the SNP’s empty offers of greater freebies.

    But the point is that the SNP granted non-Scot and non-Brit residents of Scotland voting rights because they calculated that non-Scots would vote YES. SNP: Scummy Non-nationalist Pricks.

    Anyway, in the end the NO side won so overwhelmingly that the nigs and pakis and poles whoever couldn’t account for it.

    55.4% NO vs 44.6% YES, with only 2 small councils still to declare.

    Hopefully Brits will now get down to the serious business of taking control of their islands, instead of wasting more time with this nonsense.

  3. The lesson for us: Victory, even in defeat.

    Scotland’s “No” was sub-optimal but still moved the ball down the field some. It squeezed more federalism out of London, and not just for Scotland, but for Wales, Northern Ireland and England as well.

    It sets up an in/out referendum on EU membership which is surely to be “Out”.

    Catalonia has a strong chance to win Independence, and we gained evermore legitimacy for a Texas independence vote, or perhaps a “devo max” arrangement within America (in other words, the actual federal system the founders set up).

    Of note, the regions within Scotland with more pensioners (old people) were the weakest “yes” votes. They were afraid their welfare was going to get taken away, as it likely was.

  4. That’s what I was thinking, Afterthought. Even though Scotland is still apart of the UK, at least *all of the Kingdoms now have more autonomy, especially England.

  5. The Scots failed – among other things – because:

    They didnt have a sovereign monetary policy that would deal with usury (charging interest) and speculation; instead thay wanted to keep the pound and the Bank of England…

    They wanted to keep the Queen, they wanted to remain in NATO;

    …and others have pointed out the ultra-leftist agenda.

    Hunter Wallace

    “It’s important to remember that the Scots are striving to create an independent nation-state which is pretty much exactly the opposite of what we are shooting for here in Dixie.”

    Maybe that is why they were relatively succesful (40 something % of the vote), and maybe that is why Southern secessionism in its present form doesn’t attract masses.

    A quote from the article you linked:

    “A mere lifetime ago George Orwell could write of England having “a culture as individual as that of Spain.” Today’s England—and the rest of the British Isles is very little better—has a culture about as individual as that of an airport departure lounge.”

    I think that is something to be contemplated in regards to the South as well.

    The question is: what stems culture and national identity primarily?

  6. ‘these SINO love all things Hollywood (…) and BRAVEHEART and, and’:

    Something wrong with Braveheart, Jack?

  7. Lime Fizz: “Scots are used to living off the English tit, while constantly crying “more!” and pretending they are oppressed.”

    Scotland would be financially better off without the English. The richest countries in Europe are the smallest ones. In a bi-national state, the typical situation is that the dominant nation exploits the dominated nation while simultaneously giving it handouts and complaining that it is a dead weight.

    The BBC wants the English to worry that they are being stolen by the Scots and by the European Union. But if I was English, I couldn’t care less about that. My main objection would be to the English government who wants to race-replace me and give my daughters to Pakistani gang rapists.

    Lime Fizz: “Salmond, and Sturgeon, and Humza Yousaf (SNP Minister for External Affairs and the Scottish Diaspora) have all condemned the UK for being “xenophobic”, for having such low rates of immigration”

    Salmond said this and that. But the replacement of the UK population has actually been enforced by the Judeo-English government, even in Scotland.

    Omanko Mitai: “They’ve also disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of Scots resident outside Scotland”

    What are those Scots doing outside Scotland? If you ask a Scot who lives in England and is married to an English person if he supports Scottish independence, chances are he will say no. Why should he be asked for his opinion? I think he should stay in England and vote in English elections if he is allowed to do so.

    Omanko Mitai: “Some Nigerians who reside in Scotland said they voted “Yes” in the referendum because they were better off in an independent Scottish nation.”

    But I’m sure more of them voted AGAINST independence, just like the non-Whites in Quebec.

    Hunter Wallace: “It’s important to remember that the Scots are striving to create an independent nation-state which is pretty much exactly the opposite of what we are shooting for here in Dixie.”

    I don’t know the first thing about the secession movement in Dixie, but I’m sure the motivations are quite the same as in Scotland. Most people who support secession in the South of the USA do not do so because of Washington’s race replacement policy. In fact, they like to criticize the Yankees more than the Mexican invaders. I guess many of them are intellectuals who take refuge in history books and forget to speak against the Jewish-organized Mexican invasion. Meanwhile in Scotland, a huge majority of yesterday’s YES voters oppose race-replacement. I agree that Salmond is not the ideal person, but even so, the motivations for secession, both in Scotland and in the USA, have to do with people’s desire to protect their identity.

  8. The leading so-called ‘Welsh nationalist’ party ‘Plaid Cymru’ is another liberal, Ivory-tower-led, Talmudic- and E.U.-oriented fake ethno-nationalist controlled-opposition group.

  9. Captain John, there is also controversy over whether they would have been using the Woad (blue) on their faces at that time.

  10. ‘Madrid insults us and threatens us with the Penal Code and with prison because we want to decide. The difference between the Scottish process on the one hand and the Catalan and Basque processes on the other is that Scotland is facing an opponent that is making an offer based on democracy, Catalonia and the Basque Country are denied the right even to speak, and not even allowed to be distinctive political communities’:

  11. Anon says:
    September 19, 2014 at 7:34 pm
    “Maybe they should have let Scots outside of Scotland vote after all.”

    Jack replies:

    Or maybe they should have let 100 million Pakistani Muslims vote on Scottish indepedence. I think they would vote “yes” with the stipulation that at least 30 million Paki Muslim men would be allowed to move to Scotland, set up cheap Kabob take out businesses and also sexually groom poor Scotish girls in to lives as Muslim prostitute sex slaves!

    Anyone in Scotland, Great Britain, the EU, Canada or White Americans who object would be branded a terrible “RACIST” and forced to appear before PC inquisitors in the European Union, United Nations, Canadian Human Rights Commision!

    It’s best to simply dismiss anti racist, fake nationalists. Treat them like 9-11 conspiracy mongering kooks.

  12. Scottish independence would lead to a situation where an Alan Shatter (Jewish AG in Ireland) begins race replacement.

    I’m sorry you can’t see that reality.

  13. @ Captain John Charity Spring MA,

    Quoting from your link: The Awaz FM poll showed 64% of listeners would vote Yes, while 32% were against the idea of breaking up the United Kingdom. (…) A spokesman for Awaz FM said those who participated in the survey were likely to be younger listeners, but cautioned that, like other web polls, it was not “truly indicative”.

    It doesn’t sound like a serious poll. They do not even say how many of the radio listeners who were polled are Indian and how many are European.

    Here is NDTV’s opinion (New Delhi Television):

    London: As the Scottish referendum becomes too close to call in the lead up to Thursday’s vote, the Asian immigrant choice could prove crucial.

    Indians are among the prominent immigrant groups in Scotland and together with Pakistanis and Bangladeshis make up 3 per cent of Scotland’s population which describes itself as Asian.

    While their views on a Scotland independent of the United Kingdom remain divided in line with the overall population, THE OVERWHELMING MAJORITY SEEM TO BACK THE ‘NO’ CAMPAIGN.

  14. Here is a February 2014 poll about how Scottish voters viewed the crazy race-replacement agenda of the SNP :

    The Scottish Government has proposed increasing immigration levels if Scotland becomes independent: does this affect how you will vote in the referendum?

    Much more likely to vote ‘Yes’ 6%
    Somewhat more likely to vote ‘Yes’ 6%
    Does not affect how I am likely to vote 51%
    Somewhat more likely to vote ‘No’ 16%
    Much more likely to vote ‘No’ 21%

    Only 12% of people said it made them more likely to vote Yes. But my guess is that most of those people, particularly the non-whites, actually voted NO !

    The Yes vote was not a vote for race-replacement.

  15. I was for independence hoping the Scots would then lease the bases to Russia.
    The Scottish Nationalist Party reference? I would like to read the exact planks
    which promote seriously multiracialism. I would hope, short of a “Celtic ethnic
    only” nationalism, it certainly would promote retaining a Celtic ruling elite and runaway majority core that enforced the prevailing culture, such as Putin’s Russia promotes ethnic Russian Slav (benevolent) supremacy in its Eurasian Union project.

  16. If you know about the deeper history of Scotland one wrinkle is that Gael/Lowland Anglo/Pict sort of split.

    I doubt Scotland with its sectarian/ethnic problems would remain united for long anyway.

  17. Logan, do yourself a favor. Don’t pay attention to anything Mosin says. He’s a troll who will take you down many rabbit trails that will lead you nowhere, and leave you totally confused.

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