Eric “My People” Holder Resigns

Wow, I missed the big news of the day … Eric “My People” Holder has resigned.

From the beginning until the end of his tenure, Eric “My People” Holder verified our already low expectations that the “first black Attorney General” of Black Run America would use his office like his counterparts in Africa and the Caribbean to promote the interests of his “people” at the expense of Whites.

I’m honestly going to miss his aggressive race-baiting. Aside from Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, few people have done more to discredit the whole concept of “civil rights” and stoke racial division than Eric “My People” Holder.

Note: I’ve heard rumors that Holder might be headed to the Supreme Court. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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  1. Black Supremacists in office are always good for our cause. We don’t have to talk about “Diversity” as meaning the Genocide of the White Race. We can just share the mainstream media’s news articles and people understand….The South Was Right. Secede !

  2. You have to give the man credit. He was always supporting his race, it didn’t matter if they were in the wrong or not.
    I will miss this asshole; he was the personification of BRA, and everything that goes along with it.
    Next stop for Holder: Supreme Court.
    Now that will be a wild ride!

  3. Very great news

    Thanks to everyone here and in the alternative right world that made this happen.

    Sometimes we win.

    God bless.

  4. Drudge has an article showing how the military is releasing white Americans who want to serve while bringing in illegals and other aliens.

    He has another article showing how Nashville’s schools are only 31% white. I envision the day when the Tennessee Volunteers will have to invest Nashville as part of Partition.

  5. You won’t miss his aggressive race baiting for long if Deval Patrick replaces him.

    Eric Holder is just cashing out.

  6. Sometimes we win.

    Jack, will you ever get something right? The point of this article was that his leaving is a loss. Having an obviously biased negro in a position of power is an eye-opener, according to OD.

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