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  1. If the cardinals make the World Series, let’s meet in St. Louis to do LoS demo passing out thousands of these damning photo post cards.

  2. Strike a blow for the business owners in Shaw.

    Go to Sasha’s on Shaw.

    Also consider the shops around King’s Highway and the Botanical Gardens.

  3. I heard a mob was harassing another QT last night in south St. Louis.

    In hindsight, I wish I had gone to #Ferguson yesterday. Instead, I watched Mizzou, Auburn, and the Cards lose all their games! The Season 5 premiere of The Walking Dead comes on tonight.

  4. HW

    Back on August 10, the QT that was almost victimized last night (Vandeventer and Chouteau) was “touched.” Even though Vandeventer and Chouteau isn’t close to Ferguson.

  5. Choteau is next to a project sprawl and very close to Lafayette square which is pretty swanky. The Groids could burn things down at that sort of intersection and run back home. Ferguson is a bit different. I went to see the QT there a few weeks ago. It’s a really hostile area.

  6. Being a Southern Boy I’m used to using the term, though it may cause me to be dismissed from this website. But when my father came home from work years ago many days he came through the door with the pronouncement, “You will not believe what Nigger James did today.” (Note my capitalization of the term “Nigger.” It is sort of like Mr. James except Mr. James was white and Nigger James was black, well you know, a nigger.) At any rate it seems Nigger James did something real stupid one day and a Sheriff’s Deputy shot and killed him. I am told his thirty to forty children came to the funeral. And damn, what a missed opportunity.

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