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  1. I’m sure we all have many disagreements, but we MUST set these aside. I oppose fascism and think Nazi and Klan groups are silly and counterproductive, but I will call no white nationalist my enemy until our people are secured in their future. All white nationalists have too much work to do.

  2. I am definitely on some lists.

    Covington made OD’s editor/writer Hunter Wallace the Lindsey Graham style bad guy, RINO, Neo Conservative queer President in his latest Northwest novel and Covington has flamed out on yours truly for not giving up,my job, life to move to the Pacific Northwest and agree to be his 24/7 unpaid slave assistant, with the carrot that I might “succeed” him some time in the future. I declined the offer and am smeared as spoiled rich, “playboy”.


    I’m also on rather poor terms with the web owner of White News Now a former pretty solid Stormfront mod who always had a weak spot for Ron Paul and Constitutionalist Libertarians. Well, the old guy is now simply bat s$&@ crazy, he’s still promoting the Ron Paul Revolution and in complete denial about American Renaissance White traitor of the year Rand Paul.

    This is another huge problem with American WN “movement” nobody ever seems to retire when they get old and out of it, they just go on and on, doing he same old, same old.

    Ron Paul and now Rand Paul have been running constantly for President of the United States non stop since 1988 without ever winning a single state primary. That’s 26 strait years of failure – but hey, these R&R Paul never say die cultists still get the thrill of seeing “their guy” on Lib-min-ZOG TV, agreeing with the likes of Wolf Blitzer and Rachel Maddow that America is terribly RACIST and blacks rioting and looting in and outside of St. Louis MO are noble, civil rights activists opposing Racist injustice.

  3. I don’t believe my politely disagreeing with gentlemen I greatly respect and admire over abstract strategic concerns counts as a “beef”. I didn’t even name anybody I’m disagreeing with in the post, for goodness sake.

    Furthermore, I identify as a “platypus” and not a White Nationalist. We platypuses stand above the petty WN fracas, smirking with derision and disdain from atop our lofty platypus perch at all these contemptible White Nationalists.

  4. None of those grand intellectuals you mention will even admit that there is a propaganda war being waged against whites. They are merely fighting for scraps.

    Here is the deal folks millions of people are desperate to be liberated from Political Correctness while you are writing and debating essays, so wake the heck up.

  5. While I agree with Mr. Cooper in general, I think we need some clarification on the non-liberal side of politics and to come together on some core. This involves a debate of ideas, not of men.

  6. When you speak, unless you are getting paid for it as a job, you only speak for yourself. You are speaking for what you are, as a person, as Sarte, and Popeye the Sailor said, I am, what I am, because I am.

  7. Nationalists should spend less energy fighting one another and more time saving the Country (securing the future) which means finding folks who are electable who implement policies we support, winning supporters among the people, or forming militias who are ready. I regard the fact that the Northern Army had many Germans in the Army in the War Between the States, and the South contributed mightily to US Army in WWI and WWII against Germany/Austria as tragic. The first step is to get folks to reject the premise that a State or Country has no interest in its demographic makeup. I applaud Hunter Wallace for his real name, but there are others who have very real security and employment concerns, and the government of course is watching, perhaps infiltrating to disrupt.

    • I’m not participating in any of the “beefs” above.

      There are lots of WNs who DON’T have “beefs” with each other: to name a few, Sam Dickson, James Edwards, Gordon Baum (my father-in-law), Don Black, Jared Taylor, Paul Fromm, etc. They know each other in real life and get along. The people who are constantly fighting with each other are almost always internet acquaintances who are strangers to each other in real life.

  8. I wouldn’t throw your father-in-law Gordon Baum in with Don Black. Your “Dad” Gordon Baum, has been at it for a long time, and everything he has done, that I’ve ever heard or read about, has been serious & rational. No invading foreign islands, or any other silly stuff. Black may mean well, but, he’s naïve at best. Also, I have the greatest respect for some of your father-in-law’s very estimable old colleagues, many of whom go back to George Wallace’s Presidential campaigns from what little I know about them.

  9. L. Jefferson Cooper
    “I oppose fascism and think Nazi and Klan groups are silly and counterproductive.”

    Fascism isn’t a group of circle jerking self satisfying intellectuals afraid to name its enemies & goals. Does it lack an intellectual core? Yes, but it is growing daily. Fascists are the most active street activists, that is just as valuable. Conference dwellers have no street presence and have no intentions of having one. That is a fatal flaw.

    The Klan isn’t supposed to be a group which opens up the American Mind to White in group bias. It was and should focus on its most valuable asset. White Economic Infrastructure. Need a lawyer? Call the Klan. Need a loan? Call the Klan. It is the only White Economic Infrastructure that White Americans have. It should be helped in that aspect, not attacked.

    This bickering is tedious. What awakens people from apathetic colourblind slumber is shock, not calming, soothing tones of soft casual conservative racialism. For example, as effective social propaganda, the A Wyatt Mann comics have achieved more today than any other set of standards and conservative conferences.

    The most effective form of politicised white racialism has been Fascism. Its willingness to take to the streets, its intellectual backing, its consistency, its inspiration of young White Males and its shock tactics do wonders for growth.

    ‘Softening’ the image of White Peoples is not effective. Nationalism is not about toning yourself down, it is about Strength, it is about toning yourself up. I don’t disagree with Intellectualism. It’s a core component but lack of street presence is a graveyard. ‘White Nationalists’ simply aren’t willing to get their hands dirty.

    The most successful campaign of WNs wasn’t a conference. It was White Mantra signs displayed across the white world. I’m not a big fan of the subtle victim complex of the WN Mantra, but as street presence, it was good, it was inspiring, it was shocking.

    The fear of being shocking makes no sense. The fear of being called a ‘racist’ makes no sense. The fear of being called an antisemite makes no sense. If you aren’t shocking or being called a ‘racist anti semite,’ you really aren’t doing your job right.

    3P response to ‘STORM IN A TEACUP’

  10. You’re right, Hunter, about the Internet “culture” wherein we just end up picking at each other endlessly. I mostly stay out of it.

  11. There’s a slogan used by the left that goes, “There are no enemies to the Left.” The idea is that they are all marching towards the same goals, whether as part of a United Front, or kowtowing before a Central Committee.

    Most of the debates between white nationalists and alternative rightists are trivial compared to what is really at stake. There should be no enemy on the right.

    Often, it is the vanguardists who make the mainstreamers look more acceptable to the public. At the same time, the extremists provide the “muscle” which opens public spaces for the moderates.

    Let’s stop fighting among ourselves, and concentrate on the common enemy.

  12. There are lots of WNs who DON’T have “beefs” with each other: to name a few, Sam Dickson, James Edwards, Gordon Baum (my father-in-law), Don Black, Jared Taylor, Paul Fromm, etc. M

    Yeah the phony politeness right? They all get together and smile and act like they all like each other. The big phony conservative way. It’s not real. People at each other throats is real politics. Conservatives have no passion and that is why it is easy for them to get along. It is just a job for them. They don’t really care if we win or not.

    • No, I know all the people above in real life, and they all seem to get along. Several of them have known each other for decades now. The vicious infighting and bickering is a symptom of anonymous people using the internet.

  13. Hungary just crushed their leftism.

    “”…Jobbik breakthrough in Sunday’s local elections
    Fidesz won landslide victory in Sunday’s municipal elections; the Jobbik party achieved a significant breakthrough and the fake socialist coalition (the atlanticists) disintegrated.
    Today’s electoral success confirmed that the Jobbik party is no longer a regional party as it won seats in all parts of the country. He added that 17 out of 19 county councils Jobbik captured the second place and increased the number of mayoral seats fourfold comparing to the 2010 results….””

    “”…Hungary’s governing Fidesz party won a resounding victory in nationwide municipal elections on Sunday, cementing prime minister Viktor Orbán’s position as the country’s most dominant political force since the collapse of Communism…””

    Probably this was the reason to throw out mr. Spencer and cancelling WN event. They did not wanted any surprise week before most important elections. Now the Left is ousted from everywhere and “western” nightmare may start

  14. Maybe…but doesn’t matter. Just crush The Left, grab your country back and don,t care anyone praises you or not.

  15. Kevin MacDonald quotes Lucy Dawidowicz (Separation and its Discontents, page 139) on German pre-Hitler anti-Semitism: “The Germans were in search of a mysterious wholeness that would restore them to primeval happiness.” This could equally apply to early Twenty-first Century American White Nationalism. “At this point, if we were all French or Austrian or English or Russian, I would utter a stirring call for the return of the Bourbons or the Habsburgs or the Stuarts or the Romanovs to the throne. But since we’re all Americans, I can’t do that. We have no common past. We have no royal family waiting in the wings. We have no established religion which can act as a source of order and identity. We have no racial identity. We have no common DNA. I am almost tempted to say that we have no we. We are a nation of nations, and that is all we have ever been.” — E. Michael Jones, http://www.culturewars.com/2007/Francis.htm (emphases supplied)

    “White Nationalism” is a subculture of ferment and turmoil, in search of a metaphorical “seed crystal,” like the hanging string in a super-saturated sugar solution around which precipitant coalesces as rock candy. Different political tendencies present different, sometimes violently contrastingly so, analyses and solutions; which makes for robust — sometimes hammer-and-tongs — debate. Aside from a small-majority shared tendency toward antipathy to the Jews — not by any means an across-the-board uniformity — it is “… sound and fury signifying nothing…(identification and correction of the Shakespeare quote[?] respectfully invited).

  16. No Ulfric,

    It’s not about being “conservative” and selling out. It’s about living in the real world. Learning basic social manners, having friends, even having girlfriends, wives, children, families or yeah, real jobs.

    Yes, the antis, Zionists, Libs, Neo Conservatives, cultural Marxists, SPLC, NAACP can and do make it difficult for folks on our side to get, keep real jobs, friends, families etc, but it can and must be done.

    Learn to be successful or just survive without selling out.

    Learn some basic real world social skills! how to say “hello”, how to talk to young mothers, White Christian people, White Russian people, White French people. Maybe even learn to say “hello” in French and Russian.

    The alternative is very depressing, very common in WN American “movement” circles:

    Societal misfits
    Conspiracy obsessed , paranoid mental cases

    And my take on this is that these types would be mostly loners and losers under any system, even a very pro White system.

    • Jeff,

      Generally speaking, there are people who butt heads from time to time, but it is nothing like the WN movement. For example, Matt Heimbach was kicked out of the League, but that rift healed and it never turned into a beef.

  17. A previous comment quotes someone named E. Michael Jones, and his opinion that there is no ‘we’ among Americans. I am not familiar with Jones, other than what I just read on his Wikipedia entry, but he can speak for himself.

    Those of us who have colonist ancestry most certainly do share DNA. People who have some colonial-era ancestors do have a lot of DNA in common, especially in the South where there has traditionally not been much immigration over the centuries, until this latest immigrant wave. I have ‘met’ more than a few people on forums and blogs who turned out to be distant cousins of mine. Mr. E. Michael Jones, being from the Northeast, may be a product of the Ellis Island melting pot, but a good many of us are not. If we are truly just a random mix of unrelated people then there is no basis for ethnonationalism and we may as well give up and drop any activism online or IRL.
    I hope none of us believe that.

  18. Hunter, what’s your opinion of David Duke? he was sort of a hero to me when he ran for Senator in Louisiana in the early 90s..his website now is totally obsessed with jews…I think he ran off the rails

  19. From the Daily Stormer link posted above:

    ‘What rallied the masses in the sixties, when liberalism began its conquest of the West, was seduction. They offered free sex, drugs and a general lack of any personal responsibility. Plus a lot of really good music. But the people now have all of these things. So what would you then rally them behind? Just “we need rid of these foreigners and Blacks”? It cannot work. Yes, of course people are fed up with foreigners and Blacks, but that idea alone cannot maintain a new Zeitgeist. It cannot stir the youth to revolution. What can stir the youth to revolution is a critique of the entire system of the Jews, and the way it has affected all of us on a personal level’.

    Some think full recognition of the enemy is the best ‘rallying point’, others that revival of blood-and-soil ethnic identity is the best rallying point, yet others that the revival of ethnic C———-y is the foremost requirement, which would also involve the awakening of blood-and-soil ethnic awareness and identification and the full recognition of the nature of the enemy.

  20. @HW

    Do you believe that ethnonationalism is less prone to these fights that White Nationalism? The reason why I ask is because it is my hypothesis that since people who share an ethnicity (race, language, religion, culture, folkways, etc.) have much more in common with each other than White nationalist, which can consist of many ethnicities, that they are less prone to these internal fights. For example, many of the arguments here among many White Nationalist revolves around religion (please don’t delete my post – I’m not trying to have a religious debate just pointing out that religion is a major point of contention amongst WN). I just hope that Southern Nationalism will be more effective than White Nationalism.

    • Re: Jeff

      I have no doubt that sharing a common culture and ethnicity is a major deterrent to infighting. I’m also convinced that knowing other people in real life and working with them on a regular basis is equally important.

  21. Wouldn’t the closest thing to a Southern Nationalist beef be the whole mess between “Hertiage” folks and the League of the South? I’ve talked to secessionists who don’t want nothing to do with LS before, and I see insults thrown back and forth every once in a while. It’s not really as public as what’s going on with the WN’s, but it’s there.

  22. I don’t think that debates or arguments are a bad thing.

    Sometimes it is necessary, to clarify positions.


    I understand that the Southen Nationalist movement is more “tightly knit”: there are always the same 20 something people on the photos.

    Also: The White Nationalists are arguing, because -now listen everybody – we actually have definite positions to argue about.

    As far as I understand, Souhern Natonalism has
    no party,
    no leadership,
    no program,
    and no vision about the future


    It is easy to make fun of other people’s (perceived or real) misery.
    Just be careful, because what goes around, comes around.
    In the future, someone may similarly poke fun at you.

    And you may not enjoy it.

  23. @ cactusflower

    E. Michael Jones says that America is not a nation: it is a propositional nation.

    David Hackett Fischer concurs.

    America is at least 4 distinct nations. The arguments for it can be found in the wiki-link, but also in the amazon rewievs.

    Dr. E. Michael Jones is therefore right.

  24. Interesting book citation, European Light. The author argues that ‘four distinct cultures still persist’ that were transplanted from four parts of Britain: From East Anglia the Puritans came to Massachusetts; from the North Midlands, the Friends to Pennsylvania (the author overlooks the more numerous Welsh Friends and Baptists); and from southern England the Cavaliers and their indentured servants, to Virginia and south; and the Borderlanders to the backcountry from Pennsylvania south.

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