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  1. Am I the only one creeped out by the skull on the shelf?

    You are creeped out by a guy with a keen interest in IQ, genetics, and racial differences(this would include osteology) having a skull in his study?

    How old are you?

  2. I’m about 6’0, 200 pounds, not much fat to be found, fairly active, so I’m no cow. I live in a house in a pretty upscale area, no trailer park within 5 miles of here. I do sweep from time to time, though.

    Now that you’ve been informed properly, why does it creep you out that man who might be interested in osteology have a skull in his home? How old are you? Do direct question scare you?

  3. Armor says:

    ‘Whose skull is it?’

    I’m thinking it’s the skull of an altruistic, compassionate, Christian missionary whose kindness was repaid by being slaughtered. After which his/her body was roasted over a pit like a pig then consumed by savage sub-human Africans.

    The skull prominently displayed on his shelf serves as a tragic warning to those of us afflicted with the most deadly virus on this planet – ‘White man’s guilt.’

  4. Celestial Time- Yes of course skulls creep me out, especially in someone’s library. I have a much different approach to home decor. If it is a real human skull I find that repulsive. Although I do like Wedgwood piece on the top left shelf. His color choice for the back wall interesting sort of like a burnt salmon. It works well with the three pieces on the top right shelf.

    And no, I am not going to tell you my age, what kind of oaf demands that a lady tell him her age?

  5. Lamp,lamp

    Ever heard of Phillipe De Champaigne? Damien Hirst? Gerhart Richter? Hans Holbein?

  6. And no, I am not going to tell you my age, what kind of oaf demands that a lady tell him her age?

    Maybe the same kind of oaf who made you run from your own shadow? I don’t know really. Okay, I give up. Tell me what kind of oaf demands that a wretched yenta tell him her age.

  7. The Lamp says:

    ‘And no, I am not going to tell you my age, what kind of oaf demands that a lady tell him her age?’

    Lamp is female? I haven’t followed the threads that closely.

    If so, rational thinking, hard facts and statistics are not going to dissuade her in the slightest. Most, if not all women are left brain challenged, right brain dominant.

  8. Capt John: Damien Hirst is garbage, a repulsive exploitation of conceptualism and a piss on Duchamp’s legacy. We can have a far more in depth discussion about him, but as far as I am concerned his crap is about on par with Jeff Koons and his obnoxious balloon animal “sculptures”. Okay, now having got through that rant, we can talk about actual art.

    I am very familiar with the use of the skull in fine art. The depressed Dutch painters using the imagery for the quest of the inner reflection of their own mortality put the skull on the table for centuries of still life subject matter.
    I appreciate the symbolism, and the skill involved in creating such imagery on the canvas. I can break out my Gardner’s 13 edition on western perspective and we can have hours long talk on the use of skulls throughout art history in both portraiture and still life.
    Every Drawing 1 and 2 class has a unit on skull and skeleton sketching, I have had to plug through it myself. Although, I will admit it was not my favorite object to draw.

    I think there is a difference between a skull as an object in a work of art and a skull used as a piece on the shelf along with the imported decorative porcelain.

    Sorry, I don’t find it in good taste.

  9. Enough talk. The blacks are not behind their computer making comments, they are in the streets attacking us on a daily basis. We as whites must take a page out of their book and take to the streets. The squeaky wheel gets the most grease, not the well oiled one. We are losing this war any way you slice it. Staying on the defensive is not going to work . The media, Gov’t and the public fear the blacks, they don’t fear us because we are all talk. Every WN site I visit, its all talk. Nobody plans any counter protests in large numbers. We have no leadership and no one to represent us in every state. How much longer do we sit on the sidelines and wait? The way this movement is going, I’ll be an old man.

  10. Aside from comments on the skull and color scheme does Lamp have any specific objections to what J.T. has said in the video?

  11. I’m not “creeped out” by the skull, but the truth is having it there doesn’t help. Taylor needs to decide whether showing off his interests in physical anthropology is important enough to justify hampering his political effectiveness. Even if it doesn’t completely derail his message, paying attention to such ‘trifling’ details ensures that one will maximize one’s reach.

  12. Northern born is right. All I am reading on this site is just a bunch of intelectual b.s. . A guarantee an organized protest by motivated intelligent white people will get a lot more done than a bunch of animals in the street looting assaulting vandalizing who scream out words that sound like english but not quite.

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