#Ferguson Activists Plan Walmart Boycott

H/T Ferguson Scanner Updates

I’m not sure what boycotting the Super Walmart in Ferguson has to do with the Michael Brown case (or Plaza Frontenac, or the Hollywood Casino, etc.), but apparently the plan is to follow up on the success of the sack of Quik Trip and the “Weekend of Resistance” to further destroy commercial activity in Ferguson:


Update: Some douche called Umar on YouTube threatens to bring the #Ferguson shit over here to St. Charles County. For some reason, I doubt that will be well received.

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  1. The Walmart boycott is about instilling fear. By threatening to boycott Walmart that creates an impetus for the economic interests connected to that Walmart to place political pressure on the political leadership there. It’s extortion. They’re strong-arming Walmart to pressure the political establishment for the benefit of the rioters.

    Walmart should call their bluff. They’d probably find that a black boycott would cause an increase in business and a reduction in theft.

  2. The manager of the Fergie Walmart is descended from a plantation owning family from the Deep South. I kid you not.

  3. That video was embarrassing. Don’t Blacks get mad when Whites do impressions of them? Thought I was watching the Black and White Minstrel Show in 2014.

    I bet this idiot will try to rile up the Blacks and then disappear when the violence starts. That’s the way Marxist Professors from New York behave, so why not this Brettly??

  4. Can you point to an example of people who are claiming that looting and shooting police officers are Civil Rights or are you inferring?

  5. ‘Made in America’ Sam Walton’s strategy was to ‘destroy the competition’ in all White rural communities and White suburbs BEFORE invading dangerous urban and racially-diverse territories where K-Mart struggled.

    The Lamp wrote: ‘As far as Walmart goes, I would never even enter one…one is better off going to thrift shops than the hell hole that is Walmart. And if there is mayhem towards a Walmart, it really doesn’t irk me in the least’.

    I agree with your condemnation of Walmart (and I add: all the other traditional-White-community-destroying, monopolising global corporate ‘temples of greed’) and on the value of the ‘White culture based events’ you listed yesterday, and with your rule of abstinence from alcohol, etc. — all good thinking as far as it goes.

  6. Hunter, remember there was a time when the ‘police officers’ you seem to love didn’t exist. Our forefathers would never have allowed such a standing army in constant violation of our rights. The first police forces in the United States were created only in the largest cities (where every new evil seems to originate) in the late nineteenth century to control the invasion of lawless immigrants of diverse races, ethnicities and religions who were being invited or attracted here by you know who (and those who think like them) for cheap, slave labour! Before that, our rights were guarded well by local vigilantism.

  7. The earliest police forces were local, not federal — and did no investigative or surveillance work, only reacting to acts of theft and violence. Lincoln’s War did establish federal policing, to enforce the draft in the north and ‘the peace’ in the conquered southern states.

  8. Umar looks like a white mooslime convert based on his other video (child naming ceremony).

    So, he’s actually worse than a do nothing black. He’s a white traitor worshiping a false god, instigator communist. I doubt he even has a paying job. Someone in his AO needs to make an effort to collect info on him for use at the correct time later. I’m being intentionally vague here for obvious reasons, but this guy is the “enemy”.

  9. Mosin- I actually happen to love European culture, I have been to England several times and love it there. I go to Renn faires, Celtic fests, Scottish games and the like, my other half also happens to be Irish and I will cook Irish dishes for him on St. Patrick’s day.
    I don’t understand why being pro-white means hating everyone else? As I enjoy those events, I also go to festivals from other cultures as well and enjoy myself, like Chinese New Year, African American events, Middle eastern foods. I have a beautiful circle of friends from all backgrounds whose company I enjoy. I am not saying everyone has to do what I do, but I don’t understand why being proud of your own culture must mean being pitted against the rest of the world. Can’t one just enjoy life?

  10. Lamp, I want to enjoy life as much as you do, but it becomes quite difficult when my friends and I face an unending anti-white barrage from the government, media, educational institutions, and churches. And on top of that there is mass immigration which is inundating white homelands everywhere.

    As you, I truly respect other races and cultures, but not to the point of letting them dominate me. Just how, I wonder, can European culture exist as Europeans diminish toward the vanishing point? Inquiring minds on this website would like to know.

  11. Lamp, we’re very ‘narrow in our tastes’. We really DON’T enjoy any of those immigrant foods (including Mediterranean) or patronise their restaurants and festivals.

  12. Lusting for strange new foods, music and scenery leads to racial and ethnic mixing and kills us. No MacDonalds or KFC either. Rather eat the food we grow in our soil by sweat of our own brows like our ancestors.

  13. This is the tyranny where Englishmen have NO rights: ‘The constitutionality of covert searches has been challenged in court several times in the modern era, and the searches were always upheld. In Dalia v. United States (1979), the U.S. Supreme Court called the 4th Amendment challenge “frivolous.” Modern courts have followed suit, holding that the tactics pose no Fourth Amendment concerns. And thus signaled the beginning of an era when “black bag” tactics became legitimate (…) police are allowed to secretly break into private property without first announcing themselves or presenting the subject of the search with a signed warrant (…) agents adopt the tactics of criminals in order to gain access to property: breaking and entering, sneaking around, stealing, and risking a surprise confrontation with an unsuspecting civilian (…) Often, the investigators leave the property undisturbed to avoid detection. After taking what they want and/or leaving wiretaps, cameras, or other planted devices, they exit quietly so as not to raise suspicions. Sometimes, however, the agents literally stage the scenes to resemble robberies — sneak and steal operations. In one 2010 case, federal investigators broke into an Cleveland apartment, collected evidence, and then “trashed the place to make it look like a burglary.” The feds have used similar tactics when searching vehicles (…) one agent “used a duplicate key to enter the vehicle and drive away while other agents spread broken glass in the parking space to create the impression that the vehicle had been stolen’: http://www.policestateusa.com/2014/sneak-and-peek-warrants/

  14. Mosin, that policestateusa is basically a cop hating site. If one were to focus on it all the time, like you seem to do, one would become extremely anti any authority. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the readers of this site have gotten into trouble with the law because of the antinomian attitudes promoted by this blog. I sincerely hope you won’t bye one of them.

  15. Don’t overestimate the popularity of the black racist imbeciles. Second the liberal media could reduce blacks to field hand status within a week

  16. Reynauld says:
    October 18, 2014 at 5:24 pm

    ““give this land back to natives”
    Most of us were born here so WE ARE THE NATIVES.”

    Where they’re demanding all White countries and only White countries be flooded with unending millions of non-Whites, they tell any Whites that objects, “Hey, we’re all from Africa! Kumbaya…”

    Then they tell us, Siberian Indians are “native” to America and have special rights to that land, while saying Whites have no right to the lands we occupy, even in Europe…

    You gotta laugh at the contradictions, because they’re always anti-White.

  17. Just out of curiosity, Spelunker and The Lamp, how much does the $PLC pay you guys to troll and post on white dissident websites?

  18. ‘If one were to focus on it all the time, like you seem to do, one would become extremely anti any authority. It wouldn’t surprise me’:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if you reacted with the same degree of ‘concern’ if I cite a blog that is PRO-‘authority’, or anything in between.

  19. ‘Most of us were born here so WE ARE THE NATIVES.’:

    If it wasn’t for the Romano-Talmudic tyranny and persecution in the fatherland, many of our ancestors would never have come here. But they had to leave, and now their places in Britain are being taken by other races.

  20. I just reviewed the ‘About’ section of that blog, where it says it does NOT ‘promote the idea that all police officers are devils. We do not use a broad brush and blindly bash (…) Our outrage is targeted specifically at individual people and individual policies that are responsible for corruption and abuse. We recognize police officers are only human and no more corruptible than anyone else (…) While we offer some stinging criticisms of the laws and individuals who are supporting the police state, we recognize that there are some honorable, compassionate police officers out there who themselves are fighting corruption from within the system. We value the role of true peace officers in society and we are happy to hear from current and former police officers who want to speak out against the transformation of their profession, and against the blue wall of silence that protects bad officers from being removed from their duties. Police State USA has enlisted the contributions of several former police officers for writing contributions. We support Oath Keepers who refuse to enforce oppressive, unconstitutional laws’. It isn’t cop-hating or ‘antinomian’ at all.

  21. Most of the people who came to what became the USA were divided into several categories. Some came here the establish huge plantations to grow staple crops like indigo, cotton, or tobacco. Others came here as indentured servants. Many immigrated to get away from religious conflicts at home. But to claim they were fleeing from” Romano-Judeo tyranny” is ridiculous. England was a Protestant country. The Virginia settlers were members of the Church of England, the established church. The Quakers and Puritans were religious dissidents from the established church. The Catholics who settled Maryland were also seeking relief from the established church. It was the English government church, not the conjured out of your own mind “Romano-Judaic tyranny” the dissidents were running away from.
    PoliceStateUSA may piously claim not to promote cop hating, but when one accesses the home page, what you see is cops as devils stories. The people who go to that site may read the introduction once, but they will be reading those stories all the time. And the attitude they will pick up from those stories will be a negative attitude against peace officers, something we don’t need in this country right now.

  22. My position again is the Ferguson protesters are partially RIGHT, although blindly so and quite by accident — and I have no problem with the free speech rights of blogs and books that are informing us about the growth of the standing army in our midst.

    Here’s one for which you can write a bad review: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1590799755/ref=dra_a_sm_hp_ho_it_P1004_100?tag=dradisplay-20&ascsubtag=4a251a2ef9bbf4ccc35f97aba2c9cbda

    As I remember, you’re not a fan of Snowden either. Releasing all that secret security information could help the Muslims….

  23. Never forget that if Africans had been allowed to remain in Africa instead of being kidnapped and forced to ‘create immense wealth’ for an elite (including the 45% of Jews in the South, where the majority of Jews lived until the 1870’s, who owned slaves and the 5% of white southerners who owned slaves — though all whites were taxed for slave law enforcement and some were drafted into service to help capture and punish escaped slaves) the Blacks and dark mulattoes of Ferguson would never be in the position of having to live out their jungle-adapted instincts within a technologically advanced civilisation.

  24. I forgot to add: I know true Golden Circle believers will respond with: ‘Never forget that if the owners of the ancestors of the Ferguson protesters had been allowed to KEEP their property, or if at least the immediate ancestors of the protesters had never been released from ‘Jim Crow’ — the Blacks and dark mulattoes of Ferguson would never be in the position of having to live out their jungle-adapted instincts within a technologically advanced civilisation’.

  25. Now if we can just get the Blacks to somehow expand their boycott from just Walmart to schools, shopping centers and everywhere else that would solve most of our problems.

  26. Mosin. I read a review of that book you linked to that was written by an ex-cop, and like I suspected, the author of the book doesn’t know a damn thing about police work. All Whitehead knows about is legal abstractions, not the real world a cop has to work in. That’s your problem too MN, you don’t understand the real world.

  27. Now I read some reviews. The dozen negative reviews including some by annoyed, embarrassed police or ex-police, are heavily outweighed by more than one hundred strong positive five-stars from reviewers including police who are Oathkeepers. Besides, this is just one book by one author and the cited blog just one of MANY covering the subject coming to the same conclusion. Now I won’t claim falsely that YOU ‘don’t understand the real world’ — that YOU don’t recognise the growing militarisation and loss of liberty under the enforcement arm of the Obama ‘nation’ (tyranny) — because you are intelligent enough to know. Rather I state you refuse to ADMIT it, whether for the sake of argument (the ‘joy of arguing’ — how Talmudic!) or because you are so authoritarian minded, anti-‘antinomian’ and not like Thomas Jefferson.

  28. ‘if we can just get the Blacks to somehow expand their boycott’:

    If they would just boycott all the welfare offices that would put millions of bureaucrats out of their fake-work careers, force the bureaucrats to try productive work.

  29. Speaking of welfare, I just learned that Alice Rosenbaum (Ayn Rand), the profiteer-promoter of radical capitalism, signed up and partook of welfare ‘safety net’ in her last years. Anabaptists I know who were forced to pay into social security and other welfare schemes for years refused to take their payments when they got old. If even all WHITE people cared for truth more than money, the lazy, labour-shunning, desk-sitting bureaucrats and their lawyers who administer all the welfare programmes would have no jobs.

  30. As you, I truly respect other races and cultures

    So do I. Except blacks. I do not like or respect blacks at all and I do not believe any non-blacks should like or respect them. Blacks are worthless pieces of monkeyshit and incursions by them are to be resisted at all costs. There is everything to gain and othing to lose from excluding blacks and everything to lose and nothing to gain by including them.

  31. Why, Silver? Have you not known even one good black person?
    I am looking forward to an African music performance this weekend. The Lamp is absolutely right that most white people have friends of other races. And that’s why any racialist movement is doomed to failure.

  32. It’s a question of numbers, PGRT. It’s not a question of whether I think this or that individual black is a decent person or not. Many of them are. But the issue is much bigger than that. The simple fact is that when we take into account the effect of numbers, the presence of niggers spells total devastation. No non-black group has the slightest thing to gain from exposing themselves to this devastation. On the contrary, there is everything to gain from excluding blacks.

    You are right that plenty of whites have non-white friends. White racialists will have no choice but to accommodate themselves to this reality and extend the hand of friendship to racial separatists among non-whites and in that way cooperate to secure each group’s racial rights – including the right to racial exclusivity (the most important use of which, I remind you, is to keep out blacks).

    Nitwits like you belong to the past. You will have to get out of the way or get your head stepped on. If you insist on getting your head stepped I would be only too happy to oblige.

  33. Those who open Dalton’s link, note the brilliant WN contributors (like Alan Keyes) and articles like ‘The Russian Roots of Terrorism’ and ‘How Russia is Using ISIS’!

    Oh yes, the police (I never use the disrespectful word ‘cops’) are not militarised at all! That’s just communist, anarchist and Russian (Russia is our worst enemy, say the Neocons and liberals) propaganda!

  34. Mosin. How about you take a break and stop posting. Will u ever arrive at a point. You make no sense most of the time snd your writings just drag on and on. We have many like thinkers in this group of posters and you seem like the odd one out. Just take a break, regroup and then come on beck with something that make sense or is atleast interesting. Thanks

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