The Political Cesspool Conference & 10 Year Anniversary Celebration (Memphis, TN)

James Edwards hosted a private conference in Memphis, TN this weekend for friends, family, and supporters to come together to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Political Cesspool. The event was more than a year in the making.

For understandable reasons, this conference was never open to the public. When the League of the South publicized our demonstrations in Murfreesboro and Shelbyville, a group called the “TN Anti-Racist Network” succeeded twice in getting our hotel reservations cancelled. The same group harassed the Southern National Congress when it held its annual conference in Fall Creek Falls State Park. They have also protested and harassed the last two Amren conferences in Montgomery Bell State Park near Dickson, TN. Finally, a EURO conference was cancelled near Memphis in 2008.

If this conference had been publicized on the internet like the recent NPI conference in Hungary, the hotel would have been harassed by the usual coterie of “anti-fa” slacktivists who would have made phone calls, a small handful of whom would have probably showed up to provide us with some entertainment. Rather than invite unnecessary harassment, the decision was made to keep this conference in-house at a nice, upscale private location where we could relax and enjoy a weekend of fellowship and camaraderie without any last minute disruption of anyone’s travel plans.

The conference began on Friday evening and culminated on Sunday morning at the Nathan Bedford Forrest memorial in Forrest Park. Because Renee and I were so late leaving St. Louis, we missed the events on Friday, and we were too exhausted to do anything on Sunday. On Saturday, there were five speakers who addressed a range of topics which included Nathan Bedford Forrest and the myth of the Fort Pillow Massacre, Christianity, ethnonationalism, and race realism in America, the Jewish Question, the problem of Americanism, and practical tips for our people on how to safeguard their social and financial well being (their jobs, their house, their children) while living in the context of an anti-White society. This was followed by a banquet and a live broadcast of the The Political Cesspool in which we sung “Dixie” at the end.

Approximately 90 people were in attendance. There was a flurry of cancellations in the weeks before the conference, but the ballroom was packed for an event that was invite only. Had more people been privately invited, I have no doubt that many more people would have come, but we would have needed a larger venue. Plus, a scheduling conflict meant that lots of people who were at the League demonstration in Cartersville, GA couldn’t come to Memphis this weekend, and vice versa.

The crowd in Memphis was a mixture of The Political Cesspool supporters, CofCC members, OD readers, League of the South members, and Amren attendees. The attendees were predominantly Southerners, but there were also people from New York, California, Canada, Vermont and Illinois there. Unsurprisingly, there was no infighting on display anywhere this weekend, as most of us are already known to each other from previous events, and we continue to coalesce around common ground.

The dysfunction that is always on display on the internet (see Beefs 1, Beefs 2, Beefs 3, Beefs 4, and Beefs 5) is a product of low trust/low social capital within the sphere that we call the movement which itself is a symptom of anonymity and overreliance on the internet. Generally speaking, online relationships are more fragile than real world relationships. The internet is a paradise for trolls, cranks, misfits, and losers who don’t last long in real life. It is great communications and networking tool, but it is also a place where paranoia and misunderstandings tend to flourish.

Beyond education and outrage, we have to build networks of our people who share the same beliefs, and after that we have to organize them around a common purpose, and finally we have to inspire them to take collective action, not on the internet, but in real life to bring about the changes in society we desire. Some will say that these information sharing and community building exercises are a waste of time, but I have my wife, son, and some of my best friends in the movement to thank for them. On Saturday and Sunday, we ate lunch at Charles Vergos’ Rendezvous Charcoal Ribs and The Pig on Beale, and Saturday night we had a blast in Memphis. I regret that I missed out on the civil rights tour of the Lorraine Motel.

We need less infighting, less isolation, less negativity, less fear, less apathy, and less disorganization. We need more unity, stronger networks, stronger organizations, more money, more courage, more action, a positive attitude and a more wholesome image. The movement needs to look like it is worth joining, not running away from. And once people jettison their old ideas to adopt our perspective, they need to be able to move quickly into real world social networks that reinforce and cements their loyalty to the cause.

What sustained the Confederate war effort? It was something as simple as loyalty to comrades. Men aren’t comrades in an e-foxhole.


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  1. Question: Why hasn’t Obama stopped travel originating in west Africa?

    Answer: He doesn’t want to interfere with Kwanza.

  2. After President O’bama people should be made to promise that they will never vote for an Irishman again.

  3. A clip from the movie John Adams, wherein the fragility of the Union over such matters as a Central Bank are discussed. Mr. Jefferson did not want Southerners indebted to “New York stock-jobbers” who would be in turn indebted to banks in London.

    The more things change?

  4. Congrats on having a nice weekend.

    We should be able to do that WHEREVER we want, WHENEVER we want, and NOT have the professional rabble class act like moral paragons of vitue…. which they are not.

  5. americafarm says:

    “I know they have a radio show, but what does the Cesspool do besides note the erosion of white rights year after year?”

    Jack replies:

    The political cesspool is an excellent radio show and promotes excellent books, authors, just promotes our people our culture in an effective, positive way.

    For millions of Americans in the South and rural areas, the Grand Ol Opry radio program coming out of Nashville was the most important, positive culture institution in their life.

    We have an important, alternative news community that has established loyal readers, listeners, places lie, Amren, Vdare, Occidental Dissent, the Political cesspool. We are breaking the anti white Mainstream Media MSM monopoly . That’s huge.

    Now, we still need political success, activism, organization in the real world, at the local level, state level . My suggestion is to support anyone who is talented and successful at something, anything, and not then try to make that person a “savior”.

  6. The Cesspool crew has had some real technical obstacles to clear.

    In the first years the Cesspool had at least four or more mp3 type audio broadcast programs. One was so obscure that I had to get an ex-military communications guy to figure it out for me. This was frustrating, because I would miss shows, until I cracked the obscure audio program the Cesspool was using. I’m sure they lost listeners, but, they hung in there.

    Then they were with the Republic Broadcasting network, that was a step up, and there may have been another broadcasting network they were involved with too.

    Finally, they hooked up with the gutsy, and estimable Sam Buschman, and his Liberty Broadcasting Network, the rest is history.

  7. Media and PR are paramount in our efforts. Idiots like Linder have totally blown their opportunity in regards to appealing to a less than radical mindset. Good PR turns average people radical with ease.
    The Jews have been shockingly effective in their ability to make commonsence ideas taboo through their media outlets. In fact, I am left in a state of awe just thinking about it. Race mixing, crime, drug abuse have been normalised through soft radicalism in the media.
    Long term, and unrelenting posturing has paid off well for them. Paid extremely well. The gravity of their success is breath taking. I could site a long list of examples, but I think we all understand.
    A measured approach needs to be taken. Yellin Heil Hiler is not the way to go.

  8. Hunter Wallace says:
    October 20, 2014 at 11:41 pm
    Jack was with us in Memphis.”

    Jack responds:

    I was physically there, but kept a rather low profile. This was a very, very Southern event and there is always the danger that frustrated Southerners will do a Scottish Nationalist Party styled, “false nationalism” and attack any lone Midwesterner “Yankee” being the worst name called – and that might very well have been me!

    I noted that the piano player did a great rendition of “Dixie” also played the French National Anthem and Deutschland ueber Alles, Scotland the Brave. Since there weren’t any pro Union, pro Yankee songs from the Civil War, I asked the piano player if he knew the World War 1 (another bad Jew war) song “over there” with the stirring chorus of “The Yanks are Coming, the Yanks are coming”…

    He said that he did not know this song.

  9. It will take monumental effort to reverse the current trend. But this is zero sum game. Do or die. The flood of foreigners will reach a tipping point within our lifetime.

  10. Nicely written article. Jack, I highly doubt you would have been treated like an outsider had everyone known where you were from 🙂 . Did Keith Alexander give you the Memphis tour? I referred a cute couple from NY to him also to show around. I like seeing people from outside the South at these events. Of course the respect has to go both ways. As long as we are not expected to change our traditions, we are accepting of our guests.

  11. After President O’bama people should be made to promise that they will never vote for an Irishman again.
    What the hell does that have to do with this post? Obama is an Irishman??? Major stupid

  12. Jack Ryan:

    “I asked the piano player if he knew the World War 1 (another bad Jew war) song “over there” with the stirring chorus of “The Yanks are Coming, the Yanks are coming”…”

    The song was not written by a Jew but by the Irish-American George M. Cohan (not Cohen). Most Irish Americans and German Americans opposed this effort by the English loving Woodrow Wilson to drag us into a war that turned out to be a disaster. Just think we need some historical accuracy in these posts here

  13. R –

    I know who wrote “over there” George M Cohan.

    The war was a terrible Jew war, not this song.

    The song has an inspiring chorus…

    Can’t think of anything close to it as fitting to sing along side Dixie.

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