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  1. I dont get it. Why is the media portraying this guy as a victim. I live in Atl and despite the autopsy report, protestors stopped traffic on a major interstate shouting f, the police. Black as a majority are a drain on society. Crime, entitlement, ghettos. The only industry that profits from blacks is the prison industry. We have to stop portraying these people as productive members of society. I feel bad for the 5 maybe 10 percent of blacks that actually contribute and act civilized. As for the other 90 percent, there is no hope. They are just a few generations removed from Apes. It seems the more they reproduce, the worse it gets. Where ever there is a concentrated group of black people you will find crime, poverty, drugs, ghettos etc. This is not the fault of whites. Liberal whites have been handing out entitlements and equal rights for several generations now. Look at africa where they come from. The only civilized areas of that continent are where the british (white ppl) have settled. Every where else is a diseased poverty stricken war zone. They bring that same lack of regard for life and civility the States. There is no hope for blacks. The best we can hope for is that they will kill eachother off. Chicago is on that path.. go chicago!!!

  2. I have so much hate in my heart for the black race. I am uncomfortable with that because I am a caring compasionate person. I am not just saying this. I truly am. Sometimes I actually feel pity for the less fortunate and uniteligent because maybe they do not know better. However,,, living among blacks everyday watching how they treat people .. from the smallest things like not tipping or parking in a hadicapped space or riding around in an electric cart at the grocery store and paying with food stamps.. on up to the big stuff like shooting infants dealing drugs raping assaulting etc.. my hate for them grows and grows. I cant ignore it. Its in my face every single day. On the street at work on the news etc. Nothing good or positive comes from the black community.

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