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  1. Maybe when I have the forty minutes to listen to his stuttering, sophomoric delivery (a la Porky Pig- “w-w-w-wh-what I-i-i-m s-s-saying, is…etc.) I might find some merit in it- Nate, as a college professor, take a Public Speaking class, PLEASE!

    The columns (written) on the F&H site, otoh, have much merit; but, like AmRen, when they feel their precious “Reformed” heritage cannot withstand an assault, they trash comments with which they disagree.

    Which, in irenic terms, isn’t an example of Christian Charity- putting it mildly. Because Reformed, (like all Protestants) cannot claim ultimate authority, because they did not give Christendom either: the Church, the Ecumenical Councils, the Bible, the sacraments, the priesthood (indeed, they all deny it, contrary to Heb. 13:10-!) or the pnevma, well, they don’t have a leg to stand on! They therefore resort to saying ‘We have the truth’ when they usually, don’t. And, if you question, or doubt it, they burn Servetus at the stake, (metaphorically speaking, you understand)

    Now, when they quote a Church father, and buttress it with Scripture, they are very good indeed. The WCF, like the Book of Concord in the Lutheran Tradition, is the high water mark of Reformed/Reformation theology. And, in the days of Little Geneva, and Spirit Water Blood, those two websites were HYSTERICAL in their ‘answering a fool according to his folly.’

    But this next generation of Calvinists are so darned SERIOUS, they’re as dry as dust.
    Which maybe explains Nate’s stuttering, I don’t know. Perhaps an edited version of the talk, with all the stutters removed, and/or a transcript, would serve us better.

  2. In the United States Methodism and Presbyterianism share a founder, George Whitfield.

    Robert Pinkerton would like Whitfield because he had a booming voice, and could be heard at a distance. Whitfield considered slavery a positive good both for the country, but, also for the African slave. We only have to look at modern Africa to understand where Whitfield was coming from…

    Another early Methodist Bishop, who I can’t even find a record of, or even his name, he’s been scrubbed from history, but, he was made a Bishop at the same time as the more well known Francis Asbury, he was a slave owner, who owned a plantation in the Carolinas. By all reports a good and moral man who had the same attitude as Whitfield. He was mentioned a few years ago in a Methodist publication, but, the poor man has become a non-person historically.

    Francis Asbury, although his feeling on slavery are debatable, was tough on the Indians and frontier outlaws, and he carried a gun to protect himself. Bishop Asbury rode a circuit from North Carolina, to western Virginia and into western Pennsylvania before turning around and starting all over again. I’m sure my ancestors saw and heard Asbury preach. Asbury also rode a circuit into Tennessee.

    John Wesley’s Arminism consisted of his belief that a Christian could “backslide” and reject Jesus Christ. Where strict Calvinism of the Reformed variety believes that once saved, you are always saved.

  3. Just curious, is Palmetto Patriot related to a 19th century Bishop of the Methodist Church in South Carolina? Back in the way back. Just noticed the surname in a biographical piece.

    You don’t have to go into any detail.

  4. I was there.

    The South was as is Christian.

    We need to do a little better job presenting a Christian, pro South, racial realist case.

    But, that said.

    Keep the faith.

  5. Reynauld, you clearly have a one mind track.

    I mentioned historical realities, that just ‘happen’ to be theological, and somehow, poof!? They’re ‘religious discussions’? I was addressing the speaker’s presuppositional premises (which happen to be religiously derived) as well as his oratorical skills, and all you can see is a ‘ religious discussion.’

    God help us. Howe sophomoric ‘smarter than a 5th grader’ DUMB do you guys need to be? EVERYTHING in life is religious. To pretend as though you (or I) don’t have a faith, is the nadir of infantilism.

    HW, I ask you. Does critiquing a speaker because he’s a Jew, OR a Calvinist now have to be verboten, simply because some HS dropout can’t be bothered with ‘religion’ on this forum. Even in analysis of a Weltanschauung?

  6. ‘EVERYTHING in life is religious’:

    Well said. The ALMIGHTY is omniscient, and His doctrine is absolute and obligatory for all. There is NO other sure foundation for any man, movement or nation to build upon.

  7. What would you of Robert E’ Lee Mosin?..weren’t all of your ancestors draft dodgers in the War of Northern Aggression?

  8. Draft ‘dodgers’ is incorrect, Reynauld. Draft refusers, or RESISTERS, is the accurate terminology. The rich, powerful and well-connected are the ones who dodge, but poor and ‘middle class’ draftees who choose not to participate in an unjust war are essential cannon fodder and they will be targeted for punishment — and they must FIGHT for their rights against the tyranny. The Buckshots did that: http://www.nytimes.com/2001/12/30/weekinreview/word-for-word-molly-maguires-american-gothic-terrorists-tribunals-civil-war-era.html

  9. Yup..I thought so..cowardly draft dodgers who were out to save their butts when our Southern Confederacy was fighting for our states. All of your spin can’t change it. There was no question about “resisting” when my “Romish” great grandfather joined up and spent 3 years with Lee’s army, to the point of being wounded. Frankly, you and your fellow crackpot Fr. John + have all the markings of trolls coming here to divide true southern patriots.. You have no right to invoke the sacred name of Robert E. Lee. He would have condemned your feckless ancestors,,unless they were Yankees., which they probably were

  10. Hunter, I hate to complain but why do have to keep putting up with religious insults from these 2 nutcases “Fr, John+” and mr. Russian rifle Mosin…these people have no interest in southern secession but only to further their mindless theological rants

  11. Oh Mosin..I forgot to add,,,,you’re in line with your ancestors..you’re the Dhimmi who thinks Islam is no threat..just a conspiracy right>

  12. ‘so our fight in 1861 was an unjust war? Nice to see you have finally admitted it’:

    I have often called it an unjust war, here and elsewhere, and have never thought otherwise.

    ‘you’re the Dhimmi who thinks Islam is no threat’:

    You’re a dummy if you want to begin by naming the Muslim.

    ‘I forgot to add…you’re in line with your ancestors’:

    And you’re in line with yours, Romish Reynauld.

    ‘You have no right to invoke the sacred name of Robert E. Lee’:

    That ‘butcher of the Confederacy’ who was in charge of Pickett’s charge? He also surrendered long before Johnston and others were ready to give up. He did say something very wise, and publicly, about ‘Romanism’ as he called it — after the war was over and your ancestor went home. Better rethink that ‘sacredness’, looking at it from your heretical standpoint.

    ‘these people have no interest in southern secession’:

    To the contrary, I find it interesting and I favour it. And not for the southeastern states only. We all have the right and good reason to secede.

    ‘all the markings of trolls’:

    The bard said something like: ‘EVERYONE’S a “troll”. Save mee and thee. And sometimes methinks thee a little trollish’.

    Anyone who doesn’t applaud the blog party line, who isn’t a yes man all the time, who asks hard questions and differs vocally sometimes, is cleary a TROLL!

  13. One comment about the perspicacity of thelogical discussion, and Reynaud goes full-bore Abolitionist Unitarian ballistic.

    Actually, sir, I DO care about the South. and the North, and the Midwest, and the West. I care about America. If our continued existence on this planet means that the South awakens (or the Midwest, or the Idaho ‘Redoubt, even!) I’m all for it. And would gladly pledge my life and my ‘sacred honor’ toward its defense.

    But I don’t see why ad hominem attacks serve either the South, or your cause (whatever that may be, except for Christophobia) any service. I mean, hasn’t HW already pointed out on this board, that the South was ‘inherently MORE religious’ than the other parts of the Union? So, how can you be for the South, if you are against Christianity?


    Now, I may disagree that Southern Baptistic adherents ARE Christians, but that’s merely splitting hairs. You seem to prefer the Pagan scalping mode, and that’s where I wonder who is the ‘troll’ and who is the ‘FBI informant’ on this board?

    Pot calling kettle, come in kettle.

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