October Surprise

In New York City …

Note: The Black Undertow is preparing for Negro-Geddon in #Ferguson over “the facts,” Ebola is searching for a beachhead in Texas and New York, ISIS terrorists are decapitating Americans in Syria and shooting up the Canadian parliament, Muslims are beheading people in Oklahoma, Camp of the Saints is unfolding on the border, homosexuals are marrying each other … such is the world we live in!

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  1. Re: Ebola: It is a rare tropical disease endemic in African tropical bats, and won’t spread in our stable, rural, White communities without extreme artificial measures, though it COULD create temporary hysteria by appearing in a few Amerikan cities and among the globe-trotting ‘upper class’ of rootless cosmopolitans, and their minions and servants, who frequent airports and institutions, cruiseliners, and other crowded, globally-multiracial spaces.

    Re: Ferguson Blacks and the Muslims: Two popular distractions (from the unpopular problem) that keep the unconstitutional standing army of mercenaries in our midst well-trained, fully employed and growing.

    Re: ‘Muslim’ ISIS: If ISIS didn’t exist it would be necessary for Them to invent it — but in fact, They DID invent it! ‘Always look behind the actor to find the instigator’ says an old teacher with perfect classroom discipline.

  2. Yes, that is the way it is.

    Most folks would prefer not to think or talk about these things, instead they want to watch…..

    Football – lots and lots of football..

  3. Ebola from Black Africans coming to the USA as health tourists….

    Islamic extremists all non White, trying to behead police officers in cosmopolitan US cities or shooting up the Canadian Parliament.

    These are perfect propaganda examples for our side. Even $&@&$ traitor of the year Rand Paul can’t make these types look “good for America”, so the traitors and liars have to change the subject.

    Our side just needs to organize locally to give some alternative to Ebola, head chopping Black, non White Muslims.

  4. I am disturbed by the blatant Ebolaphobia expressed on this site. These vibrant viruses are simply seeking a better life for themselves and the opportunity to do jobs that American viruses refuse to do. It’s been years since we’re had a decent plague in this country, and lazy American viruses are the reason.

    Now I know some of you will object that plagues kill human beings. But this simply reflects human-centric prejudice and human racism, the notion that the human race is somehow more entitled to live than viruses and germs. Such bigotry is a violation of the sacred principle of equality, one that all decent progressive people such as Lamp and Spelunker endorse.

    Besides, a good plague would be most helpful to the economy, greatly stimulating such sectors as the funeral industry. Hunter, please get over your hate and purge your heart of Ebolaphobia. Humans and viruses can live together in tolerance and harmony.

  5. Southron says:
    ‘Hunter, please get over your hate and purge your heart of Ebolaphobia.’

    Beautiful post.

    Looking back I have to wonder what naming the virus has done for the cause other than foster hate.

    After naming the virus … then what?

    Don’t even think about it!!

    Showing unconditional love to the virus is the answer.

  6. Sam: “After naming the virus … then what?”

    After naming the virus, you should link up with other people who are aware of the problem, who have been educated and outraged by it, build real world networks, and start organizing.

  7. Ebola the Hype is already straining the “union” I just read where the grandees in NY and NJ are already thinking quarantines where just a week ago the usual goofy idiots were calling that “racist” or something. So a couple of jewish looters are screening and monitoring their respective gooberment boondoggles to their peoples’ benefit and that is being overcome by events as they say. Pretty soon people just won’t believe the propaganda coming from the centers of power – what a shame.

  8. ‘a good plague would be most helpful to the economy, greatly stimulating such sectors as the funeral industry’:

    The ISIS and Ebola hysterias might spoil the ‘enjoyment’ of city life. Southron, are you a city slicker? I might also thin the crowds and reduce profits at the multiracial sports stadiums and Nascar races.

    ‘Shut up, enough already’:

    Captain John, what is it that disturbs you?

    Naming the Muslim here is INTENTIONALLY missing the target — and this WN Ebola hysteria reminds me of the false prophecies on WN sites that the BP oil spill would contaminate the Atlantic Ocean and bring on the collapse.

    But the collapse is at hand, and indeed is already occurring.

  9. Correction: ‘I might also thin the crowds and reduce profits’ should have been ‘It might also thin the crowds and reduce profits’.

  10. More unsurprising October surprises:

    Woman politician strongly deluded that race mixing is eugenic, increasing height and creating future beauty contest winners: ‘Native Irish need to make more children with immigrants because it makes children “better looking and taller”. Olivia Mitchell, Deputy for Dublin South, made this statement during a debate in reference to birth certificates in Ireland (…) “As a small island country we should be expanding our gene pool, not reducing it (…) Mobility of races is a good thing“: http://ingramdaily.com/2014/10/immigrants-make-us-better-looking-claims-the-deputy-of-dublin-south-in-ireland/

    ‘Christian minsters in Idaho are bracing themselves for a new law which came into being on October 15th, which will force some of them to either allow homosexuals to desecrate the wedding ceremony in their chapels or go to jail’: http://www.dailystormer.com/idaho-city-threatens-to-arrest-ministers-for-refusing-to-marry-homosexualists/ Bring it on!

  11. But the collapse is at hand… Except when it ain’t, in any specific case. You willfully misread the message. It isn’t that Ebola is going to Zombiefy the US or Europe it’s that Ebola is a nigger disease.

  12. “Shut up Mosin. Enough already.”

    Let him rant on. He is obviously getting so deranged that has become amusing. I find it deliciously ironic that he posts his crazy neo-rustic recommendations via the internet with his computer made of Chinese components running off power generated by nuclear fission. I think he has finally finished high school but apparently has yet to find gainful employment as evidenced by his incessant 24×7 posting schedule.

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