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    • I’m considering shutting down the comment section because 1.) free speech is just a license for trolling, 2.) I am tired of babysitting the comment section, and 3.) for what seems like the millionth time whenever religion is brought up here it turns into a theological flame war that spirals out of control until I have to shut it down.

      I’m not blaming anyone but myself. I will cut it out for a short time, then I let the same people back in, and they will start the same shit all over again, and I will get tired of it and put a stop to it, and the cycle repeats itself whenever I start tolerating it again.

      Just recently, I shutdown the religion threads. People started to complain and I let the comments resume. As sure as night follows day, it ended up right back where it started.

  1. Hunter Wallace, you have a heck of a problem on your hands. I think the number one guide line to use in keeping or deleting a topic is: is the comment on topic and is the commentator trolling? Also get some help in monitoring the boxes. JR would probably like to help out, and perhaps your wife could help on occasions. I do hope you can fix this problem soon, for I would like to see more intelligent comments and less trolling and flaming.

    • You’re right.

      I’ve never been a good moderator. My problem is an inability to define a clear set of rules and stick to it. I oscillate between allowing people to have their say and cracking down on the comments when they spiral out of control. Free speech seems to invite nothing but trolling, flame wars, and thread hijacking.

  2. HW

    Instead of prohibiting certain people, you could allow only certain people. But I don’t know if WordPress based comment threads have the whitelist functionality on the backend.

  3. I’m more than happy to do moderation.

    I just go by Hunter’s comment guidelines.

    I also am more than happy to simply ban all comments by known trolls.

  4. Thanks Thomas!

    I have one loyal reader…

    Please google my “brilliant” Occidental Dissent articles:

    Jack Ryan Occidental Dissent

    Pass on the links. Maybe, I will get 2 or maybe even 3 loyal readers and then I will change the course of history – save White Western civilization from impending destruction…


    We all do what we can.

  5. You’ve done a good job Hunter. It would be tedious job having to approve every post, so I wouldn’t do it myself. I would direct the comments for each story, to threads on other forums on the internet, so people can fight it out there.

  6. Hunter, I don’t think there are too many people in the pro-White world that can honestly say they are a good moderator. And by good I mean an ability to turn comment sections into an asset where the production value doesn’t hinge on drama and negatives. White Nationalists are probably some of the worst delegators I’ve ever come across. It takes a certain personality type and maturity threshold to be able to effectively persuade and dissuade all of the conflicts and personality types and harness them into something positive before it all blows up in your face. Be very, very careful if you decide to ever have someone help you moderating.

  7. The grand jury is supposed to decide this month if the state will bring charges in the Michael Brown case against the officer involved in the shooting. From everything I have read about the incident, the FACTS in the case do not support bringing charges and further more, the officer was every bit justified in shooting this pos. All this inspite of countless eye witness accounts from blacks which were bias and just out right lies and the liberal media reporting the incident in the name of equal rights and progressive politics. We do not know all the FACTS of coarse, however, I am willing to wager and side with the civilized rather than the sub-human entitlement community, that there will be no charges filed.
    With that said, the issue that presents itself nationwide, is what to do about the thug mentality that presents itself in every inner-city in just about every state. The threat of violence, looting, and possibly more innocent people and officers injured or killed. First of all, just having to deal with the threat… again… is ridiculous that if the blacks don’t get their way they threaten violence and even more ridiculous that we accept that. It is entirely possible that the state will go through with a trial just to appease the blacks and placate the liberal bullshit media. In doing so, like with so many other cases with blacks, we are wasting tens of thousands of tax payer (mostly the white working class) money to fund this dog and pony show.

    The thinking by the civilized and in power needs to change. When the threat of utter and total kaos presents itself by blacks initiating the threat, I say LET IT PLAY OUT but control it. What I mean is, take some of that tax payer money and actually put it to work for us. Pay over time to police to contain the riots strictly to there neighborhoods (ghettos). Let them kill each other. Let them burn down their own homes and businesses. In other words let them live how they live and do what they do but spend the money to keep it away from the productive law abiding communities all over the country. All this works towards the common goal, which is……

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