Ax-Wielding Negro Muslim In Queens Wanted White People “To Pay” For Slavery

Check this out:

The self-radicalized madman who attacked four rookie Queens cops with a hatchet had more than just ­jihad on his mind — he also wanted to kill white people.

“He wanted white people to pay for all that slavery and all that racism,” the father of slain hatchet loon Zale Thompson, 32, told The Post Saturday. “I think he committed suicide — and he was taking one of y’all with him,” his father, Ralph Thompson, said, speaking through the screen door of the two-story Queens Village house where his unhinged son also once lived.

Asked if “one of y’all” meant white people,” the father said, “Yeah.”

“He just said, ‘They have to pay for all their unfairness,’?” the father added. “Unfairness for the way they treat black people.”

Instant analysis: this IS NOT a hate crime.

Just like the beheading in Oklahoma says nothing about Islam, Ebola in Texas says nothing about open borders, and the 2-year-old and 4-year-old who were shot it St. Louis says nothing about thug culture in the black community, a racially motivated attack on a White person by definition CANNOT be a “hate crime.”

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  1. Don’t forget the Red Man who just shot up the school because he had been rejected by a girl. He had posted it on Facebook. he also had been suspended from the football team for “Racist comments”. He shot to of his cousins in the attack. One news report (Fox) says, on his Reservation “everyone is related to one another” Perhaps too much inbreeding and incest.

  2. “The self-radicalized madman had more than just ­jihad on his mind — he also wanted to kill white people.”

    That is to say: he had jewhad on his mind. He became radicalized in his anti-white views by watching too much jewsmedia. Let’s face it: the jewspapers are much more dangerous than the koran.

  3. “Pay for all that slavery”

    750,000 white lives, trillions in social spending, all that not counting turning civilization upside down for their benefit, the BRA system, wasn’t enough, I suppose.

  4. Armor, both Islam and Judaism are dangerous. But, when you look at history, Islam has been on the march as a military power for 1400 years against the Christian West. Jews are only dangerous when Christians, Europeans, and other religious groups allow them too much freedom in their societies or when they (the Jews) unite or cooperate with the Muslims, as they have done in the past.

  5. Guns don’t kill people. Persons with axes who have been inflamed over obsession with long gone slavery do.

  6. don’t know about the rest of you, but this eerily reminds me of denmark vesey. this has truly jogged my memory down a dark path.

  7. It was jews, arabs, and blacks that ran the slave trade. Blacks captured blacks and sold them to the Arabs, who sold them to the jews that transported them in jew owned slave ships to the various countries that used slaves.

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