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“The following picture was submitted to SNN recently. It was taken south of New Martinsville, West Virginia. It features a Southern nationalist husband and wife holding the Black Cross banner by a Mason-Dixon Line sign. The wife in the picture is expecting the couple’s first child. This is what the future of the Southern people looks like: happy, healthy couples with a strong national identity in our beautiful land.”


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  1. Well done Southern brothers and sisters.

    I really like the idea of the new flag, that respects the past, but looks to the future and is being flown in the here and now.

    We can not live in the past – the past is history. The present is a gift.

  2. Every now and then someone kicks up one of the original markers put up by the Mason-Dixon survey party. I’ve seen a number of them, and some of them are on private property, you can see them if you ask. Or if you are related. LOL.

    There was some sort of social banditry/post Civil War feud in Wetzel County. I’ve read bits & pieces about it, but, I’m generally skeptical of old time newspapers accounts because they generally would get things “bass ackwards”. You have probably seen that old cartoon, “Surrender Hell!”.

  3. How can that pic be the Mason-Dixon line if it is south of New Martinsville which itself is south of the line? The northern border of Wetzel County follows the line to the Ohio River.

  4. Close enough. The photo was probably taken either near the south western corner of the Mason Dixon Line, or over around the Mason Dixon Line Park near Mt. Morris – Dunkard Creek where the original survey was stopped by Indians.

  5. I sort of recall a WV Historical Marker north of New Martinsville on Route 2? I looked it up—it is on Route 2.

    Title: Mason-Dixon Line County: Wetzel

    Inscription: Made famous as line between free and slave states before War Between the States. The survey establishing Maryland-Pennsylvania boundary began, 1763; halted by Indian wars, 1767; continued to southwest corner, 1782; marked, 1784.

    Location: WV 2 at Marshall/Wetzel border

  6. All the more reason to include Maryland in your New Dixie. When I was younger Western Maryland and the Eastern Shore were stilled filled with Confederates-at-heart.

  7. Hagerstown, Maryland on old Route 40 was where the Blacks had to move to the back of the bus in the old days. LOL. Up into the mid to late 1950’s anyway. Clarksburg, West Virginia on Route 19 was where bus segregation started in WV. Before WWII it might actually have started in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, the last stop before the Mason-Dixon Line travelling either South East or South. This was in the days before high traffic commercial aviation, and inter-state highways.

  8. Would love to see a topic about the upcoming elections. As a White, I no longer vote in any elections as no candidate or party has my interests (to include race) represented.
    I’m considering voting Democrat just to bring on the inevitable collapse sooner rather than later.


  9. Scarlet Letter R says:

    ‘Would love to see a topic about the upcoming elections. As a White, I no longer vote in any elections as no candidate or party has my interests (to include race) represented.
    I’m considering voting Democrat just to bring on the inevitable collapse sooner rather than later.’

    Voting Democrat is definitely the way to go of you want to see the collapse sooner than later.

    The South is loaded with traitorous politicians like Mary Landrieux. In a few short years it will be indistinguishable from Yankeeland.

    Landrieu: South has race, gender issues


    Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., said Thursday that President Obama and his Democratic allies have had a tough go of it in the South during the 2014 midterm elections due to the region’s historical hostility toward African Americans and women.

    The incumbent senator’s remarks came after NBC News’ Chuck Todd asked her why Obama is having a hard time in Louisiana.

    “Let me be very, very honest with you,” Landrieu said. “The South has not always been the friendliest place for African-Americans. It’s been a difficult time for the president to present himself in a very positive light as a leader.”

    She added: “It has not always been a good place for women, to be able to present ourselves. It’s more of a conservative place. So we’ve had to work a little bit harder on that. But, you know, the people trust me, I believe. Really, they do.”

  10. The big election Tuesday in WV has Shelly “Moo” Capito, daughter of former Governor Arch Moore, vs. the estimable Natalie Tenant.

    Shelly “Moo” looks like the winner to me, because she is slightly better on our issues, and Natalie’s politics would be similar to my old acquaintance Dago Joe Manchin. Not that Dago Joe hasn’t gotten a little smarter as we approach next Tuesday’s election. (Some of my best friends are Italians).

    Natalie is from up around Fairmont, WV, Marion County, and she may well have some Confederate bona fides.

    The Moore’s were from around New Martinsville, and I will let someone else speak to their family history.

  11. Earl Butz, you couldn’t even stand in Jack’s shadow.
    What kind of real world activism have you established?

  12. The girl really should have been better dressed. She’s looks like a freaking hippie. It’s propaganda FFS, so it doesn’t matter if those are the clothes she’s “most comfortable in.” The husband at least has a good sense of classic style. He might try to nudge his wife in the same direction.

    Other than that, good work.

  13. I see nothing wrong with what the girl was wearing. She looks like she might have a personality, which is more than I can say for most of the stuffed shirt crowd.

  14. What’s Jack have to do with it? LOL. That’s a whole other ballgame in Illinois, the Land of Lincoln, and the Daley’s. I’ve played in that League.

    I was really tempted to go to the Political Cesspool, 10 year get together, I had been invited by both James and Sam. But, I’ve reached the point in my life where I have more dead old friends, than live old friends.

    I got paid for my politics, and paid well. I’m not an amateur or a dilettante, I’m also not a braggart. But, let me say this, I’m sure I was involved before you were born.

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